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Tue May 16, 2023, 09:25 AM May 2023

A tweet from David Hogg to Sen. Chuck Schumer [View all]

For those that you don't know, David Hogg is one of the leaders against gun violence and is a Parkland mass shooting survivor.

Gen Z ain't messing around & young voters are now the largest voting bloc, keep that in mind. The future looks great I'd say!

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Young people are tired of excuses. MontanaMama May 2023 #1
Really, young people should learn how the governments works. Instead of attacking Schumer, he Demsrule86 May 2023 #16
'They were told to vote and that is how change happens and they did. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #24
Did he send a letter to Mitch McConnell? Republicans are standing in the way of gun control. emulatorloo May 2023 #32
Exactly. And David Hogg knows full well how government works. edisdead May 2023 #44
That's a waste of time. Our side needs to keep beating the drum! Pisces May 2023 #67
we are all worried about guns. edisdead May 2023 #147
This message was self-deleted by its author Alpeduez21 May 2023 #240
How exactly is that going to work? Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #128
And pushing the idea that voting didn't work IS going to help? edisdead May 2023 #151
+1 betsuni May 2023 #153
That won't help. McConnell knows that youth won't vote GQP either way - too many othe objections TeamProg May 2023 #117
I think continuous voting to end assault weapons might have a good effect for our country Maraya1969 May 2023 #144
Is Mitch MConnell Senate majority leader? progressoid May 2023 #149
Damn good question. BlackSkimmer May 2023 #206
"Establishment" sheshe2 May 2023 #238
Return home, find your family eaten and everything destroyed, see a tiger and a kittycat inside. betsuni May 2023 #252
Nobody should have to be told to go vote, I voted every time I'm exhausted Walleye May 2023 #42
Right, it is not just vote once and treestar May 2023 #102
Really, after all these years we have to fight for our reproductive rights again, we have no choice Walleye May 2023 #103
It's not like Hogg is a brand new Gen Z voter Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #129
Parkland was 5 years ago. bottomofthehill May 2023 #138
1789-1919 ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #163
Yes, but injustices aren't some pro sport. intheflow May 2023 #219
I'm assuming you aren't familiar with this person. They are a survivor of the Parkland shooting. ramen May 2023 #221
I have exactly ZERO respect, empathy, or concern for anyone who doesn't vote The Mouth May 2023 #197
AMEN! Unca Jim May 2023 #100
they said they would bring a bill over and over? treestar May 2023 #101
Politics is about service, isn't it? Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #130
No inthewind21 May 2023 #142
Yes Texaswitchy May 2023 #207
Is that any different than any adult? LakeArenal May 2023 #124
But they aren't getting what they want anyway? Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #131
Don't vote inthewind21 May 2023 #143
Exactly. Texaswitchy May 2023 #210
Well Madison UW students turned out 90%. LakeArenal May 2023 #155
They'll never get it if they'd rather piss and moan ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #165
He's getting inthewind21 May 2023 #208
How do we pass a bill without it passing the house and the senate? edisdead May 2023 #213
Other people voted too. And those other people elected Republicans in some places. BlueCheeseAgain May 2023 #172
Ummm, they are voting ... for Dems. KPN May 2023 #57
He's only stating the facts. Ignoring facts is a sure-fire way to help the GOP win. jaxexpat May 2023 #58
Maybe inthewind21 May 2023 #66
Which Democrats are ignoring gun control? I would like to contact them. emulatorloo May 2023 #77
Ignoring facts, ignoring voters, ignoring history? betsuni May 2023 #92
Their too spoiled and pampered arses, that's where ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #166
Well, his own parents are Republicans JI7 May 2023 #250
Exactly inthewind21 May 2023 #64
+1 betsuni May 2023 #91
Sorry, but politics as usual on the Democratic side just doesn't cut it anymore. lees1975 May 2023 #256
I'm a Boomer. Our version of being tired of excuses wnylib May 2023 #25
they are just part of the electorate treestar May 2023 #99
Of course they are there to be served. That's was politics is. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #135
So are we old people. calimary May 2023 #111
+1 betsuni May 2023 #113
Ask him if knows where the magic wand is. Happy Hoosier May 2023 #126
If only we had control of both houses of congress and the White House at some point recently. progressoid May 2023 #160
When did Democrats have supermajorities with every Democrat voting the same recently? betsuni May 2023 #162
For what? progressoid May 2023 #175
Very well spoken. I'm impressed so much by this young man. NT SWBTATTReg May 2023 #2
Impressed ? That he attacks a Democrat on this issue. Where is his tweet to McConnell? What Demsrule86 May 2023 #17
If you don't think he has made his point clear to Repubicans Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #28
Makes it as clear as Jill Stein does. edisdead May 2023 #55
Bingo inthewind21 May 2023 #68
Bullshit. progressoid May 2023 #157
well that isn't what I said either. edisdead May 2023 #159
Oh, maybe he should say, "pretty please?" progressoid May 2023 #164
Good grief ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #177
Speaking of condescending... progressoid May 2023 #179
just what exactly would you have Chuck Schumer do? edisdead May 2023 #189
It's not tearing Democrats apart. progressoid May 2023 #191
What voices have not been heard? edisdead May 2023 #193
+1 betsuni May 2023 #195
I'm not saying voices aren't being heard. But apparently Hogg's voice is pissing a lot of people off progressoid May 2023 #196
Uh huh inthewind21 May 2023 #211
Truth. edisdead May 2023 #215
WHat attack??? FoxNewsSucks May 2023 #48
Reality is treestar May 2023 #104
The attack is making the argument that he did his part now he should have gotten what he wanted. edisdead May 2023 #194
The republicans already KNOW this, that's why they are looking at ways to suppress the youth vote Zipgun May 2023 #49
It's not just their issues that count treestar May 2023 #105
He literally watched his friends get shot in front of him. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #134
As have inthewind21 May 2023 #148
Nice to see you are doubling down on his Harvard political science degree being bad. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #161
Well, I really inthewind21 May 2023 #217
I have seen some horrible things in my life to Texaswitchy May 2023 #203
"in my life to" what Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #237
You call his message an attack? I'd say that it's just a young voter sending his thoughts to the SWBTATTReg May 2023 #125
Fair enough. It is also hyperbolic to call Democrats 'cowards' and 'fear the NRA.' emulatorloo May 2023 #167
Well if you consider a hissy fit to be "well-spoken," ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #168
He is right about this. mountain grammy May 2023 #3
Here, Here! Picaro May 2023 #4
He speaks 100% spoiled brat whingeing ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #174
Yep. Texaswitchy May 2023 #218
I can't wait 'til he is old enough to run for office. lastlib May 2023 #5
In the state of Florida BumRushDaShow May 2023 #76
And, he could run at the local level. LisaM May 2023 #93
Yup and agree BumRushDaShow May 2023 #97
Excellent points. I hope he gets some constructive suggestions like this. ancianita May 2023 #242
I can't wait until he holds an office and learns treestar May 2023 #106
I agree completely!!! Why won't dems go BIG?!! Our elected reps should be unabashedly radical! rainin May 2023 #6
How do we go big without sufficient numbers of Democrats? Try not attacking Democrats and voting for Demsrule86 May 2023 #19
power concedes nothing without a demand Celerity May 2023 #23
We have get the numbers period. Demsrule86 May 2023 #26
Taking the overall stance that flows from your logic, we may well never would have even tried to Celerity May 2023 #33
Baloney. edisdead May 2023 #223
Maybe try serving the people who vote for them? FoxNewsSucks May 2023 #50
Newsflash inthewind21 May 2023 #73
what else should be brought up repeatedly? treestar May 2023 #110
It's their future and they want a seat at the table. Better listen.. Deuxcents May 2023 #7
Then run for election. Demsrule86 May 2023 #27
So now the goal posts have moved from voting to running for office? Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #29
lol inthewind21 May 2023 #75
That's what you have to do to have influence treestar May 2023 #112
Where were they in 2016 when the SC was at stake? A slight majority in the Senate, with Manchin JohnSJ May 2023 #115
THAT is the inthewind21 May 2023 #127
Yeah, stupid sophomores in high school not doing anything. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #183
Yes inthewind21 May 2023 #222
In some high school sophomore class, if my math is right. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #181
He does realize the Senate has a mere 51-49 D majority SouthBayDem May 2023 #8
His tweet to Schumer indicates that wnylib May 2023 #36
I am pretty sure most "younger voters" realize that Democrats are for gun reform legislation. It JohnSJ May 2023 #122
Younger voters would not remember that history of gun control. wnylib May 2023 #145
So inthewind21 May 2023 #154
Huge K&R. n/t OneGrassRoot May 2023 #9
Who doesn't know that it's Republicans that oppose gun control ? JI7 May 2023 #10
Voter apathy isn't a thing that occurs out of thin air or laziness msfiddlestix May 2023 #34
it's Republicans that are preventing gun control. JI7 May 2023 #61
Of course it is, but that isn't in dispute. msfiddlestix May 2023 #259
Oh but it is inthewind21 May 2023 #81
Totally singing and yelling at the choir. msfiddlestix May 2023 #260
Republican enthusiasm treestar May 2023 #116
Im not an apathetic voter..I know what is always at stakjel I have ever missed a election msfiddlestix May 2023 #178
It is laziness , ignorance , and inflated Ego JI7 May 2023 #247
After the Parkland shooting and when Mr. Hogg testified in front of Congress some members of either Botany May 2023 #11
I agree. cksmithy May 2023 #186
100% agreed. Thanks for saying it better than I might have lol!! halobeam May 2023 #212
uh oh, he called Schumer and cohort "establishment Democrats" SYFROYH May 2023 #12
Being against the establishment is so 1960s Walleye May 2023 #46
"Hogg is well intentioned, but maybe he ought to tweet Kevin McCarthy or Mitch McConnell too." J_William_Ryan May 2023 #13
More power to him and his young followers. Reasons, read excuses, are a dime a dozen. Magoo48 May 2023 #14
So you think attacking Democrats who want to fix guns is helpful? I do not. Demsrule86 May 2023 #21
And as usual ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #171
Exactly inthewind21 May 2023 #226
Right because we don't need no stinking majority to pass bills. Demsrule86 May 2023 #30
our peril? treestar May 2023 #118
I doubt they'd turn to Republicans. There are other options which exclude Democrats. Magoo48 May 2023 #233
not realistic ones treestar May 2023 #257
K&R spanone May 2023 #15
Probably because the younger generation is intheflow May 2023 #18
Are they really? Maybe they should understand that we need to toss out Republicans Demsrule86 May 2023 #22
++++. Very tiresome that some people falsely blame Democrats for what Republicans do. emulatorloo May 2023 #37
Thank you! This is why we find ourselves in this position.... Demsrule86 May 2023 #65
+1 betsuni May 2023 #96
Exactly! edisdead May 2023 #228
LITEREALLY inthewind21 May 2023 #85
You can call it blame or you could consider it constructive criticism. intheflow May 2023 #146
it's life and the system and treestar May 2023 #119
And yet, this particular system is a human construct. intheflow May 2023 #150
Good grief ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #170
Good grief. intheflow May 2023 #198
Well inthewind21 May 2023 #227
I voted for Clinton in 2016 so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. n/t intheflow May 2023 #229
Well inthewind21 May 2023 #231
kick for visibility! Celerity May 2023 #20
Interestingly, bringing the AWB to vote will increase sales of ARs. SYFROYH May 2023 #31
By that logic... AntivaxHunters May 2023 #40
It does. SYFROYH May 2023 #45
I think it's time for action AntivaxHunters May 2023 #78
The time inthewind21 May 2023 #88
Would have you offered the same counsel in regards to Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts during the Celerity May 2023 #43
I don't see legal sales of guns as the same category of race hate-driven violence. SYFROYH May 2023 #51
My goal is to reduce the number of guns...ban automatic weapons and get an amendment through Demsrule86 May 2023 #69
The 'there are too many battle weapons out across the fruited plain' horse has already left the barn Celerity May 2023 #70
they passed because the votes were there treestar May 2023 #120
They passed those knowing it would wipe them out. They should at least force the Rethugs to go on Celerity May 2023 #133
Get some brass balls, Dems, and just do it! ananda May 2023 #35
And Get some brass balls voters, vote out the Republicans who are blocking gun control. emulatorloo May 2023 #38
Tell me how? We do that now...what is your plan...what actions do you suggest that would actually Demsrule86 May 2023 #60
Don't mess with Gen Z. liberalmuse May 2023 #39
Right...I guess every generation has to make their own mistakes. This sort of division will merely Demsrule86 May 2023 #62
"if YOU make US lose enthusiasm" Hortensis May 2023 #41
Public sentiment is everything Walleye May 2023 #47
For some all through life. And most Gen Z are still adolescents, Hortensis May 2023 #53
Public sentiment is mostly on our side. The bullies are running things Walleye May 2023 #56
Good point. In the end, only whether and for whom WE vote matters. Hortensis May 2023 #86
Exactly, it's really quite simple when we think about it Walleye May 2023 #95
I can think of at least one thing that isn't going to change the situation: Act_of_Reparation May 2023 #188
I don't know, going out to vote seems pretty simple to me and the minimum a citizen can do Walleye May 2023 #190
Who said anything about voters being "too old"? Act_of_Reparation May 2023 #216
I meant, poorly expressed, that 18-year-old voters are not children, we shouldn't scold them Walleye May 2023 #220
David Hogg is smart enough to know you don't communicate with the Senate Leader by Tweet brooklynite May 2023 #52
He's also smart enough to know how social media works and how you persuade through it. Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #136
IOW he DIDN'T write a letter to Schumer... brooklynite May 2023 #139
Do you want a quick lesson on primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #140
Deliberately obtuse. intheflow May 2023 #152
And you are smart enough to know how public pressure works through social media. intheflow May 2023 #156
It is not up to Schumer to tell Gen Zers that their votes mstter. Beastly Boy May 2023 #54
It is also why dems need to run candidates in every race, particularly the state races Bev54 May 2023 #59
And how many times do I hear complaints about Democratic fundraising or an annoncement that Demsrule86 May 2023 #63
I agree but I do think a lot is on the dems in charge in the states. Look at NY Bev54 May 2023 #82
Well inthewind21 May 2023 #94
I did not blame Schumer at all, perhaps you can read it again. Bev54 May 2023 #132
Republicans would do what Hogg says: bring the vote to the floor CousinIT May 2023 #71
Right! Like when they voted 10,000 times to repeal Obamacare. tritsofme May 2023 #199
I will always remember when he was hounded by MTG and he showed such grace and control. flying_wahini May 2023 #72
Agree. She is such a bully, and he stood up to her. emulatorloo May 2023 #74
Unfortunately beathimlikeadrum May 2023 #79
I really disagree AntivaxHunters May 2023 #83
You mean inthewind21 May 2023 #107
Wait, are you seriously saying that the man who is a senior at Harvard Cuthbert Allgood May 2023 #137
This message was self-deleted by its author intheflow May 2023 #158
He doesn't understand how government works? Nonsense Autumn May 2023 #235
This doesn't seem like an "attack" to me democrank May 2023 #80
Well, now, some of the responses to David Hogg's tweet are certainly eye-openers. Biophilic May 2023 #84
I do like your idea. But curious, what is the connection to Democrats and young voters in Florida emulatorloo May 2023 #90
Not much, I confess, but I've been stymied as to what happened to the Democrats in Florida. Biophilic May 2023 #98
Thanks very much for the long reply. Really appreciate it. emulatorloo May 2023 #173
Always good to have an opportunity to rethink ideas. Biophilic May 2023 #205
If the Democratic party brings the AWB up kacekwl May 2023 #87
So "establishment Democrats" don't know young people vote, don't listen, take betsuni May 2023 #89
K&R Thanks for posting. n/t TeamProg May 2023 #108
What did they do in 2016 when the Supreme Court was at stake Mr. Hogg? Mr. Hogg, in except JohnSJ May 2023 #109
Yep Texaswitchy May 2023 #204
Do they think of themselves as Democrats? Walleye May 2023 #114
I don't think they know what they are. Texaswitchy May 2023 #202
David Hogg is wise beyond his years. Cyrano May 2023 #121
One who cannot self-criticize cannot grow Sympthsical May 2023 #123
The Republicans already Know Mimi Susi May 2023 #141
I assume Hogg knows full well that with a GOP House and slim Senate majority... BlueCheeseAgain May 2023 #169
Voting over and over might only feed into the bullshit that Democrats are "ignoring" "not fighting" betsuni May 2023 #180
I feel like in online forums the word "performative" gets brought up a lot... BlueCheeseAgain May 2023 #182
I feel like for some that's what politics is JI7 May 2023 #249
Because "incrementalism" is immoral. betsuni May 2023 #255
Well said David malaise May 2023 #176
He's right... +1. n/t demmiblue May 2023 #184
I love his passion, but we currently have a two party system & our side doesn't have the majorities CrispyQ May 2023 #185
Yes Texaswitchy May 2023 #224
My family and I are those 'moderates' Calculating May 2023 #187
I don't have a problem with this at all. Any advice that anyone can think of and offer is worth it. NowsTheTime May 2023 #192
I think David Hogg is a closet Republican, noticed he attacks Democrats. Texaswitchy May 2023 #200
He is a gun massacre survivor. intheflow May 2023 #225
Post removed Post removed May 2023 #230
He's young. He knows Democrats are safe to criticize because they listen & do the best they can. ancianita May 2023 #246
I think Gen Z is more democratic that republican...& they have more to lose than old cogers like me NowsTheTime May 2023 #253
He's an Our Revolution/Justice Democrats type, thinks the Democratic Party must be taken over betsuni May 2023 #254
Aside from anything else, it's a dumb idea. tritsofme May 2023 #201
That strategy is exactly what the GOP did on banning abortion: held countless votes to ban it. Sogo May 2023 #209
I approve this message. Evolve Dammit May 2023 #214
The level of bigotry against young people in this thread is disgusting. intheflow May 2023 #232
No kidding. demmiblue May 2023 #234
DU doesn't attract young people because they are doing other things JI7 May 2023 #248
To see him called ignorant is way over the line. Autumn May 2023 #236
Yet, it's easily predicted. n/t Alpeduez21 May 2023 #241
K&R Blue Owl May 2023 #239
I remember reading something around here (can't remember the poster, sorry) about politics being ancianita May 2023 #243
So this guy thinks Schumer is a coward? BlueCheeseAgain May 2023 #244
After all this time Hogg doesn't know about the filibuster? Takket May 2023 #245
Can you please link this? Texasgal May 2023 #251
Why Schumer? Patton French May 2023 #258
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