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Wed Jun 28, 2023, 01:49 PM Jun 2023

Why Isn't Biden More Popular? [View all]

Why Isn’t Biden More Popular?

June 28, 2023 at 10:18 am EDT By Taegan Goddard 267 Comments



Michael Tomasky: “This is a key point that has to do with a core difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals have a list of 50 things they want government to do, and they want those things done fast and to completion. Conservatives have a list of about two things they want government to do: Cut taxes, and punish people they disapprove of morally. For a presidential administration, satisfying that first group is a lot harder than satisfying the second.”

“So people will complain. That’s fine and proper for, say, The New Republic; where I see Biden falling short, I’ll say so, and my colleagues whose views are different from mine will make their criticisms as well. That’s the role of the press.”

“But the role of Democrats is different. They need to understand: Joe Biden is going to be the nominee (barring of course some major health issue in the next few months). He’s the most accomplished president since Lyndon Johnson, and without the immoral war.”


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Why Isn't Biden More Popular? [View all] applegrove Jun 2023 OP
All polls are based on how the question is asked SCantiGOP Jun 2023 #1
I try honk Biden should have a press conference everyday. jimfields33 Jun 2023 #7
Not likely: TheProle Jun 2023 #27
He is a lot older than Reagan was. Frankly, I have all the information I need. DemocraticPatriot Jun 2023 #70
Too overexposed Aviation Pro Jun 2023 #50
The media are knocking him every day. usonian Jun 2023 #2
Exactly in this reality show America Tree Lady Jun 2023 #35
True. Very many people in the US, especially on the right markodochartaigh Jun 2023 #41
Except here on DU no one wants to talk politics with me Tree Lady Jun 2023 #68
Sometimes I feel like Cassandra markodochartaigh Jun 2023 #73
Don't forget the childish name-calling....... AZ8theist Jun 2023 #48
Progressives disapprove because Biden isn't a miracle worker. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #3
Have Dem friends who have done the same thing. Infuriates me. nt allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #43
Don't hate him because he's right. A burden to bare is what it is. czarjak Jun 2023 #4
The media avoid direct comparisons like the plague, to allow a double-standard unblock Jun 2023 #5
Just one example... homegirl Jun 2023 #16
+10000 Mad_Machine76 Jun 2023 #56
90% of the media in this country is owned by the right rurallib Jun 2023 #6
During Reagan DENVERPOPS Jun 2023 #26
Yes, they did.. whathehell Jun 2023 #45
The real bombshell was DENVERPOPS Jun 2023 #69
Oh yes.. whathehell Jun 2023 #71
Because Trump saying something crazy gets more "hits" than Biden reducing the deficit. Midnight Writer Jun 2023 #8
And this could be our secret weapon, if we, the people, would use it. markodochartaigh Jun 2023 #44
and "clicks" Mad_Machine76 Jun 2023 #55
yep, and the GOP is happy to let Trump suck all the oxygen out of media so Biden's work gets ignored Attilatheblond Jun 2023 #72
He's a Democrat and he's reaping the years of demonization and name-calling kentuck Jun 2023 #9
inflation iemanja Jun 2023 #10
A lot of it boils down to that. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #54
The moms trying to stretch food stamps to cover the month questionseverything Jun 2023 #60
Food costs have tripled? 300%? I have not experienced that. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #61
Yes I think the grocery prices have tripled but even if they have only doubled questionseverything Jun 2023 #64
I'm sorry, but prices haven't even doubled. This isn't Sri Lanka. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #66
Do you actually go to the store? iemanja Jun 2023 #74
Yes I go to the store. I also purchase gasoline. Haven't purchased a dehumidifier. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #76
The US may be doing better iemanja Jun 2023 #77
100% due to the anti-American right-wing propaganda machine with help from the right-wing leaning RAB910 Jun 2023 #11
Yep. Propaganda is supposed to be illegal but ....? The Wielding Truth Jun 2023 #23
Because of media like Andrea Mitchell being pissy about him? LiberalFighter Jun 2023 #12
Age - 80 is a bit much for most people, in a country of 350 million we cant find a 60ish candidate? Shanti Shanti Shanti Jun 2023 #13
A fucking traitor who tried a coup is what they want. onecaliberal Jun 2023 #14
The point isn't comparing him to Trump iemanja Jun 2023 #75
Well inthewind21 Jun 2023 #15
Nobody over 70 should be elected, retire already, or take away their lifetime medical benefits! Shanti Shanti Shanti Jun 2023 #57
A bit much? inthewind21 Jun 2023 #18
Agree..very frustrating when ppl talk like that instead of pointing out how he's gotten done PortTack Jun 2023 #19
Except the two sets of people most concerned with his age... W_HAMILTON Jun 2023 #36
Polls are tainted - results are skewed - questions are written a certain way FakeNoose Jun 2023 #17
Right-wing rank and file have trouble understanding Biden. raging moderate Jun 2023 #22
It's way too easy to blame the polls Silent3 Jun 2023 #62
Right man at the right time. Evolve Dammit Jun 2023 #20
It is so. The Wielding Truth Jun 2023 #24
Democrats are more introverted, Republicans are more extroverted Metaphorical Jun 2023 #21
The trouble with polls is people actually take them as carved in stone. marble falls Jun 2023 #25
When you complain about "the media" just remember that Republicans do the same thing. elocs Jun 2023 #28
The reason Biden is not so popular is Fox News, Sean Hannity hadEnuf Jun 2023 #29
I support Joe Biden cksmithy Jun 2023 #30
Fox News Propaganda Stargleamer Jun 2023 #31
He's good, passionate, smart, but not the 'great communicator' the office requires JCMach1 Jun 2023 #32
You are so right. C Moon Jun 2023 #33
Even the mainstream media rarely reports on what President Biden has accomplished. Lonestarblue Jun 2023 #34
what I was thinking treestar Jun 2023 #53
I could give you an honest list AntivaxHunters Jun 2023 #37
Love Joe. I think he's more popular than many think. Joinfortmill Jun 2023 #38
The Polls are all BS Chadarius Jun 2023 #39
"Why Isn't Biden More Popular?" That's an easy one. jaxexpat Jun 2023 #40
Just this morning CBS news tiredtoo Jun 2023 #42
He is a good man. The drumpfsters I know don't like good people. They prefer hell-raisers. Plus, allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #49
Oh good grief moose65 Jun 2023 #46
+1 betsuni Jun 2023 #58
Republican propaganda machine. The Wizard Jun 2023 #47
Strong media bias and slanted poll questions is my immediate impression. NoMoreRepugs Jun 2023 #51
Good opinion. Dios Mio Jun 2023 #52
Because he's old and not strong. Beautiful Disaster Jun 2023 #59
The only complaint I ever hear is that he's too old liberalmediaaddict Jun 2023 #63
See Post 60. maxsolomon Jun 2023 #67
Wasn't President Obama's approval rating about the same? I think it's impossible for a Democratic betsuni Jun 2023 #65
His age and a lack of appeal to young people Calculating Jun 2023 #78
This message was self-deleted by its author Calculating Jun 2023 #79
Ageism. Every critique I've heard from people I know ecstatic Jun 2023 #80
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