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This is mental illness. [View all] Celerity Oct 2023 OP
One of three things: no_hypocrisy Oct 2023 #1
Good grief! calimary Oct 2023 #2
Yeah, but all those other ones are shithole countries ornotna Oct 2023 #3
This is more like trolling than "mental illness" gulliver Oct 2023 #4
Maybe delusional is a better term. hay rick Oct 2023 #14
The folks in the photo could actually be delusional or predatory gulliver Oct 2023 #15
The problem... the guns are to be used when foolish lib'tards try to attack their property. So -- 3Hotdogs Oct 2023 #65
It is definitely an overused term jfz9580m Oct 2023 #48
Is hoarding mental illness? duhneece Oct 2023 #61
I laugh when I hear Joe Scum talking about the greatest country in the world malaise Oct 2023 #5
Agree. That and "American exceptionalism." spooky3 Oct 2023 #7
There are things about the US that I love malaise Oct 2023 #12
Could readily be defeated by a well-timed smoke bomb and teargas... hlthe2b Oct 2023 #6
In fairness, Australia's high motor vehicle death rate Qutzupalotl Oct 2023 #8
They drive on the Left. speak easy Oct 2023 #17
No, it's a deliberate choice to be hateful ismnotwasm Oct 2023 #9
What i can't understand grumpyduck Oct 2023 #10
I dont understand people who think they can hide in the house Cheezoholic Oct 2023 #16
This. milestogo Oct 2023 #25
Only reason Canada in 2nd place is so many US guns available to smuggle in. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2023 #11
how much lead dust is in that house? Blues Heron Oct 2023 #13
I respectfully disagree, and I'm very cautious about labeling aberrant behavior "mental illness" Maru Kitteh Oct 2023 #18
My first thought was it is a multigraincracker Oct 2023 #19
LOL. Sadly, some folks are that casual and careless about guns. Guns are just another kind of trinket. hay rick Oct 2023 #21
It should be illegal to sell guns via a yard sale milestogo Oct 2023 #26
Thanks Joe Traildogbob Oct 2023 #20
The picture likely predates Joe's administration. TwilightZone Oct 2023 #23
I know Traildogbob Oct 2023 #29
Low-income, but enough to keep buying guns, I guess. TwilightZone Oct 2023 #43
I notice that he's a good 20 years older than her. ms liberty Oct 2023 #22
1 year older (he was 44, she was 43, when the pic was taken sometime between 2017 and 2019) Celerity Oct 2023 #58
Must have been the infantile smirk on her face that fooled me. ms liberty Oct 2023 #63
The picture is part of a series by Gabriele Galimberti TwilightZone Oct 2023 #24
pics Celerity Oct 2023 #31
Yeah, I remember when they legalized flamethrowers stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #33
Wasn't Elon in the flamethrower business for a while? JoseBalow Oct 2023 #45
Musk's company sells one called "not-a-flamethrower" IronLionZion Oct 2023 #66
Based on the looks of those homes/cars/possessions, Wednesdays Oct 2023 #36
!!!! North Shore Chicago Oct 2023 #41
I agree. Deuxcents Oct 2023 #55
Fantastic photos! misanthrope Oct 2023 #51
Hoarding is a psychiatric disorder. intheflow Oct 2023 #59
From that list the #1 and #2 killers of children are vehicles in most comparable countries Cheezoholic Oct 2023 #27
I agree but grumpyduck Oct 2023 #28
Yes true but part of my point was regulating whats already out there Cheezoholic Oct 2023 #38
Insurance doesn't cover intentional or illegal acts DetroitLegalBeagle Oct 2023 #56
Yikes n/t Alice Kramden Oct 2023 #30
no kidding, and there is ONE political party who keeps this insanity going JohnSJ Oct 2023 #32
It's also child abuse (nt) DET Oct 2023 #34
I was going to say grooming but intheflow Oct 2023 #60
I'll go with the mental illness label for these folks since moniss Oct 2023 #35
Good to see that paranoia is in full bloom in this Country, eh? When is enough, enough? SWBTATTReg Oct 2023 #37
$$$$$$$$$ ProfessorGAC Oct 2023 #39
I can't be the only one who knew that exact photo would be in this post GoCubsGo Oct 2023 #40
Ive seen suggestions on the net that we ban assault weapons and confiscate all that are out there Cheezoholic Oct 2023 #42
I've been saying that too! sagetea Oct 2023 #47
All collectors are a little wacky. Have you met a bitter Beanie Baby collector? SYFROYH Oct 2023 #44
Agreed misanthrope Oct 2023 #52
Thank you, Celerity! sagetea Oct 2023 #46
It's a powerful image True Dough Oct 2023 #62
That's what fear and ignorance looks like. Solly Mack Oct 2023 #49
Mental illness is written into the Constitution Sessuch Oct 2023 #50
I love it when numbers like this come out Aussie105 Oct 2023 #53
Okay, so one GBU 28.. Permanut Oct 2023 #54
You got two hands vercetti2021 Oct 2023 #57
They got guns! SocialDemocrat61 Oct 2023 #64
They are resisting tyranny somehow IronLionZion Oct 2023 #67
Think of all the things they could have done with the money spent thucythucy Oct 2023 #68
Make Charlton Hestons wish come true randr Oct 2023 #69
"We have a rodent problem in our house. Beats using traps!" Wonder Why Oct 2023 #70
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