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Sat Nov 4, 2023, 10:35 AM Nov 2023

Are you finding DU4 easier or harder to use than DU3? [View all]

This is NOT about whether you're staying even if you find DU harder to use now. I'm assuming you love this site and are staying anyway, even if you miss DU3.

Nor is this about our admins who have put so much work into fixing bugs with DU4 as fast as they can. I'm assuming we all appreciate everything they've done to keep DU going.

Nor is it about any wrongheaded self-judgment you might be tempted to make, thinking that if you're finding DU4 harder to use, it's somehow your fault.

I just want to get more of a sense of how well DU4 is working for DUers.

131 votes, 19 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Much easier.
22 (17%)
Slightly easier.
23 (18%)
Slightly harder.
70 (53%)
Much harder.
16 (12%)
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I voted slightly easier Bettie Nov 2023 #1
It's mostly fine now that I've used it for a while LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #2
You can change that in your account settings (click on the "My Stuff" tab at the top to find it). n/t demmiblue Nov 2023 #5
Thanks! LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #8
De nada! demmiblue Nov 2023 #11
you can switch to the 'badge' option, no more flashing but it still shows a wee 'new' icon Celerity Nov 2023 #20
thanks! LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #48
The worst thing about DU4 is/was the bitching and moaning about DU4. demmiblue Nov 2023 #3
One of the saddest things about DU4 is some DUers showing how little they care highplainsdem Nov 2023 #6
I'm sure most of the problems have been sorted out, as they were when DU2 transitioned to DU3. demmiblue Nov 2023 #9
Similar to the bitching and moaning about ChatGPT. honest.abe Nov 2023 #71
Neither easier nor harder Sympthsical Nov 2023 #4
it is far better on a smartphone than DU3 was Celerity Nov 2023 #22
On my IPhone I read a post MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #44
THIS!!!!👆 bamagal62 Nov 2023 #53
Same with Android. I don't bother checking DU on my smartphone any more. Oopsie Daisy Nov 2023 #77
neither Orangepeel Nov 2023 #7
It is different to me, but not harder. I like some of the graphics changes better than others. Chainfire Nov 2023 #10
I'm already used to it. MineralMan Nov 2023 #12
It is also less community bonding.... FarPoint Nov 2023 #13
Curious about what you mean by "less community bonding" - would you explain? highplainsdem Nov 2023 #19
I use DU in my iPhone and never saw that feature. yardwork Nov 2023 #24
DU3 - for people using phones here - would have been helped tremendously by a tab saying "Mobile Navigation" and highplainsdem Nov 2023 #33
Agreed. Absolutely my feelings too. Everything feature was visible and easy to access. brush Nov 2023 #55
It's not harder Tracyjo Nov 2023 #14
I use a bunch of audio workstations and plugins. DU 4 is as easy as pie. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #15
When asked for her first impressions of living in the White House, Michelle said: cbabe Nov 2023 #31
I like pie too. Stuart G Nov 2023 #86
I think it's great. chouchou Nov 2023 #16
For me the change was like getting used to a new car. Talitha Nov 2023 #17
Harder but change is necessary so I didn't complain. Hope22 Nov 2023 #18
I find Rebl2 Nov 2023 #21
I use DU on my phone and 4 is slightly easier. yardwork Nov 2023 #23
I wish they would get rid of My Stuff flashing all the time. LOL That drives me nuts. nt Quixote1818 Nov 2023 #25
Click on "My Stuff" and then "account settings" Nittersing Nov 2023 #29
Thanks! Fixed. I was constantly clicking on it to get it to stop flashing Quixote1818 Nov 2023 #34
Both versions had/have their positives and negatives. Emrys Nov 2023 #26
I'm in Skinner Mode. mzmolly Nov 2023 #27
I find it different. Pharlo Nov 2023 #28
Just different Nittersing Nov 2023 #30
Now that I'm used to it and found out how to make "MY STUFF" stop flashing, Ocelot II Nov 2023 #32
About the same. 2naSalit Nov 2023 #35
It's about the same for me. Was easy to use before and easy now. Quixote1818 Nov 2023 #36
I voted Slightly Harder Jilly_in_VA Nov 2023 #37
No difference between the two would be my answer. Merlot Nov 2023 #38
Not harder, just not used to it.. I miss the opening page of DU3 Peacetrain Nov 2023 #39
Sadly, DU4 has done nothing to improve my experience. In fact, niyad Nov 2023 #40
'Slightly Harder' - for me that has been good. alittlelark Nov 2023 #41
It doesn't seem different to me. David__77 Nov 2023 #42
It's a lot like when my local grocery store decides to rearrange the layout. AlGorerhythm Nov 2023 #43
For me, it's almost the same because I'm only on GD ecstatic Nov 2023 #45
not harder or easier Kali Nov 2023 #46
To everyone posting and voting in this thread EarlG Nov 2023 #47
Thanks EarlG Emile Nov 2023 #62
I know you're working hard to tweak DU4's design and try to fix bugs, EarlG, and I appreciate that, highplainsdem Nov 2023 #84
Slightly harder but FemDemERA Nov 2023 #49
After A Week, Its Transparent ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #50
I like it on my phone but on my desktop there's waaaayyy too much white space. CrispyQ Nov 2023 #51
iPhone. More scrolling. Two clicks to see responses underpants Nov 2023 #52
.The Faux pas Nov 2023 #54
somewhat different appearance... mike_c Nov 2023 #56
I miss seeing our avatars. Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #57
You have an avatar next to your screen name above your reply. Emrys Nov 2023 #58
I am on an Ipad in Skinner mode Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #60
I'd bring this up with EarlG. Emrys Nov 2023 #61
So am I, but I do see the avatars. We had problems some years ago question everything Nov 2023 #63
Chrome. Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #66
I am not an expert but it may be worth deactivating an ad blocker, if you have one question everything Nov 2023 #73
I voted slightly easier... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #59
Harder but getting used to it. chillfactor Nov 2023 #64
It still bothers me that certain functions, like MyPosts, require two or three clicks for what used to be one question everything Nov 2023 #65
Exactly my thought about Rebl2 Nov 2023 #72
I was a bit taken aback at first Mossfern Nov 2023 #67
About the same, but.... Happy Hoosier Nov 2023 #68
About the same. nt Raine Nov 2023 #69
No harder to me treestar Nov 2023 #70
That's the ONE good addition. Oopsie Daisy Nov 2023 #78
Slightly harder, but so what? Iggo Nov 2023 #74
I'm finding it about the same. It's less dated, but i don't find it any easier or harder. Native Nov 2023 #75
It's still buggy. Even OBVIOUS bugs are ignored, for example: Oopsie Daisy Nov 2023 #76
Once I swapped to the DU3 screen it got easy. marble falls Nov 2023 #79
Slighty harder. When I log into DU, the first thing I want to do is read the new threads. Jim__ Nov 2023 #80
It is objectively harder, because it adds clicks Ms. Toad Nov 2023 #81
Neither easier or harder. BluesRunTheGame Nov 2023 #82
My response was slightly harder MuseRider Nov 2023 #83
A little easier. Elessar Zappa Nov 2023 #85
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