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9. "...... stop the defunding of Ukraine."
Sat Dec 2, 2023, 04:25 AM
Dec 2023

"stop the defunding"

That means keep defunding ukraine, right? WARNING! cliche to follow: "even a broken clock is right twice a day."

I know little of Bannon Other that hes the maga minister of mis and dis information. Remarkably anti-American. We want to be respected and credible on the World to continue to be there leader of the Free World. He's more damaging to ALL OF US Than the gun lobby, heart disease, covid, book banning, canceling Constitutional Rights, sociopathic corporations and global climate change COMBINED. We used to be well educated and civil. Now we are howling ,monkeys throwing manufactured and wrong un-American propaganda.

It's amazing to me that so any MAGA's and Republic support and admire Putin? Frankly, it's like Putin Two, Electric Boogaloo.

MT Green is one traitor in favor of supporting Putin's Stalin -like dictatorship and assassinating his critics by polonium or tall buildings and plane crashes. MAGA and all Republics are traitors. Don't we have laws and reps and culture and easy access to instant encyclopedia like internet that could push these un_Americans to remedy their mental illnesses and worship of ignorance and love of tyrannical dictatorships.

The concept, probably a Thom Hartmann quote reminding us to; "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I'm a boomer, and I liked JFK a lot when he was in the White house. I lived during the Cuban Missile Crisis and remember grown ups freaking out and as l learn more about it over the years, They were all worried about global nuclear war. I had stupid nuclear bomb drills in first grade. 1961. Really. It's where I got my first lessons in decisions by our get it wrong every now and then authority figures that in hindsight were only accurate perhaps 60% of the time. And caused a lot of suffering on our stupid unnecessary wars of choice based on lies of GW Bush, mostly, and Trump's narcistic world class sociopathy. Although I don't think TFG started any wars? He just infected our nation with institutional corription. That could result in the end of the world next Election.

-90% Jimmy

Hey Steve? sheshe2 Dec 2023 #1
They want a civil war, they got one gratuitous Dec 2023 #7
I NEED that umbrella ! FalloutShelter Dec 2023 #26
IKR! sheshe2 Dec 2023 #33
😆👍 underpants Dec 2023 #27
just a reminder, Bannon was convicted 17 months ago and still has not served a day in prison. Takket Dec 2023 #2
Absolutely ridiculous Prairie Gates Dec 2023 #6
Yeah, so ridiculous that courts won't drop everything ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 2023 #39
Think of how long it might take to put Bannon in jail if we didn't have equal protection under the law! Silent3 Dec 2023 #12
I was surprised to learn that Jussie Smollett had managed to avoid jail for so long while his lengthy appeal was heard. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #19
Right up your ass, Bannon. The Unmitigated Gall Dec 2023 #3
I think Santos sets a precedent for impeaching and convicting trump on day one Captain Zero Dec 2023 #8
Third time's the charm! The Unmitigated Gall Dec 2023 #35
Good... 2naSalit Dec 2023 #4
I was expecting this to be something from the Onion, or Borowitz ... eppur_se_muova Dec 2023 #5
"...... stop the defunding of Ukraine." 90-percent Dec 2023 #9
Your first few lines are confusing. I think Bannon mispoke applegrove Dec 2023 #10
Not inconsistent with failing to reverse course Zambero Dec 2023 #29
Yes he mis spoke 90-percent Jan 2024 #43
Uh huh... DET Dec 2023 #11
Dirty, unkempt, deep-discount Limbaugh. PCIntern Dec 2023 #13
He really is disgusting. So is Trump. nt leftyladyfrommo Dec 2023 #24
The only civil war is in the ReTHUG party malaise Dec 2023 #14
Steve should have instructed his protege to be more circumspect with his thievery. tanyev Dec 2023 #22
Yep malaise Dec 2023 #23
Why isn't he on jail? Wait why aren't Johonny Dec 2023 #15
Of course he is he can see what's coming for the Slobfather malaise Dec 2023 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Dec 2023 #17
Bannon's petulance is a delight to this old liberal. Paladin Dec 2023 #18
May I say, fuck steve bannon. Why isn't he in jail yet? spanone Dec 2023 #20
Bannon should be ignored. Emile Dec 2023 #21
Bannon should be in prison. Liberal In Texas Dec 2023 #25
Stroke out, stevie. niyad Dec 2023 #28
Guardian Of Putin Kid Berwyn Dec 2023 #30
Poor lil George Santos. A guy can't even make a living fleecing stupid sheep without getting into trouble? Attilatheblond Dec 2023 #31
Press Team Denies Santos Born In the United States, Then Denies Denial struggle4progress Dec 2023 #32
Bannon is a rabble rouser who would start a war, but be sure to stay far from the action. patphil Dec 2023 #34
So what ? This makes news ? What bannon thinks. republianmushroom Dec 2023 #36
Musk and Bannon lose their minds SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2023 #37
Nobody is afraid of your tough words Bannon. pwb Dec 2023 #38
Someone stop giving him thiamine ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 2023 #40
That makes it Even Better! Liars Club Cha Dec 2023 #41
Awwww.... PFTtfffffffffffffff. electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #42
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