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That was fun to watch. The MAGA crowd hates even a black person being a visitor to the White House. Lonestarblue Dec 2023 #1
MAGA is hate. speak easy Dec 2023 #30
While we're on the subject, The Nutcracker is gay as hell, anyway yardwork Dec 2023 #2
I was just thinking of that. I wonder what would happen if the White House had a produiction Maraya1969 Dec 2023 #34
It's just so interesting how many people accept things they're told to accept. yardwork Dec 2023 #37
They probably have never been to a contemporary ballet. sheshe2 Dec 2023 #53
It sounds wonderful! yardwork Dec 2023 #64
Don't see anything gay about this or the nutcracker whathehell Dec 2023 #45
And don't forget the dancing flowers! ShazzieB Dec 2023 #68
The MAGA reaction to that video is definitely about bigotry! ShazzieB Dec 2023 #70
Exactly! The dude dressed as a flower in the video is on point! yardwork Dec 2023 #71
Only a few years ago they loved weird, grotesque, abhorrent and classless. tanyev Dec 2023 #3
That display looks like somebody ate the brown acid from Woodstock Walleye Dec 2023 #5
lol What the heck is it? Cha Dec 2023 #54
That is almost exactly what Sen. Mike Lee said... sheshe2 Dec 2023 #55
Looks like the lair of Krampus John Shaft Dec 2023 #6
Let Us Prey NBachers Dec 2023 #48
"It is I, the Dark Lord, who owns you now. Bow before me! BWAaahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!" NBachers Dec 2023 #47
I'm thinking of old Southerners like representative Virginia Foxx Walleye Dec 2023 #4
It would get a Black man lynched. John Shaft Dec 2023 #7
Look at what happened to Emmett Till for WHISTLING at a white woman! Wednesdays Dec 2023 #31
My maternal Grandmother, enigmania Dec 2023 #63
Yep, many of those people are still around. Seems like they are gaining followers Walleye Dec 2023 #66
moer like jealous . that vid was posted on here awahile back. aww poor things . AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #8
Black people and a guy with a big flower on his head! Dancing! To jazz! Ocelot II Dec 2023 #9
Yes absolutely Terrifying.. What will Cha Dec 2023 #56
IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!1! Emrys Dec 2023 #60
The Nazis outlawed jazz. mn9driver Dec 2023 #10
I don't really care, do you? onecaliberal Dec 2023 #11
It's wonderful! But I wish they had gone BIGGER... like an old Busby Berkley extravaganza number! * Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #12
Are they upset about last nite's Hallmark Channel movie with two lesbian women that fall into love? LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #13
Whaaaaaat? Shipwack Dec 2023 #32
It's better than Melania's horrific and tasteless Tim Burtonesque shitshow * Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #14
"Every time I look, those trees are getting closer!" NBachers Dec 2023 #50
Nicely done Prairie Gates Dec 2023 #15
Sad little people. But RW media companies and influencers like Raichik and Gabriel make a shit ton of money off of them. bluesbassman Dec 2023 #16
Well, they have somewhat of a point.. Goodheart Dec 2023 #17
Only to the uncultured. LOL. marmar Dec 2023 #19
That wasn't jazz (which is great) SCantiGOP Dec 2023 #20
I love tap! Mossfern Dec 2023 #29
Sorry, but... SCantiGOP Dec 2023 #44
You want jazz - I'll give you jazz. Hang on! flashman13 Dec 2023 #33
Jazz is one of the world's greatest art forms senseandsensibility Dec 2023 #43
No it doesn't Walleye Dec 2023 #67
Clearly... Tesha Dec 2023 #18
It's all about the hate Farmer-Rick Dec 2023 #21
These are the idiots who like Melania's decorations LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #22
They are so jealous that they don't have Butterflylady Dec 2023 #46
That's all Republicans know is to put down the United States. Emile Dec 2023 #23
Like bringing a little Broadway revival to the Whtie House. hlthe2b Dec 2023 #24
Merry Christmas... homegirl Dec 2023 #25
The original Nazis called it "Entartete Kunst" DBoon Dec 2023 #26
But this is heartwarming? Clip from the Ghost of Christmas past (youtube from 2017 in the white house) japple Dec 2023 #27
Video link from Daily Kos. (I don't do twitter) hunter Dec 2023 #28
THAT dance number is what has their knickers up in a twist? Diamond_Dog Dec 2023 #35
There was at least 1 Democrat involved and therefore Repukes must roar. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #58
Thanks for the video! I refuse to do Twitter, too. The video was absolutely delightful and joyous and LaMouffette Dec 2023 #40
Thank you! I love it! Think how many times they had to repeat their numbers for the filming. Well done! NBachers Dec 2023 #52
The gullible bumpkins are kept in a state of perpetual outrage Mysterian Dec 2023 #36
_ LudwigPastorius Dec 2023 #38
Fabulous video. I loved it. oasis Dec 2023 #39
oh, dearie me! struggle4progress Dec 2023 #41
I enjoyed the performance EnergizedLib Dec 2023 #42
The Lincoln Project-What a difference a year makes LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #49
I found it a little weird RussBLib Dec 2023 #51
in what way? Celerity Dec 2023 #57
the music, for one RussBLib Dec 2023 #73
It IS weird - as is The Nutcracker story. yardwork Dec 2023 #65
Distracting the magas. Do not look at fascism, get outraged & defend white christianity Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2023 #59
Magas just making up reasons to hate. ananda Dec 2023 #61
Jazz is America's greatest musical gift to the world Maeve Dec 2023 #62
magas just want to obstruct .... ificandream Dec 2023 #69
The MAGA reaction to this is definitely about bigotry! ShazzieB Dec 2023 #72
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