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Thu Jan 18, 2024, 04:21 PM Jan 2024

How often do you eat meat / dairy? [View all]

As we all know switching to a more plant based diet is healthier for our bodies and the planet too, so just wanted to get an idea of how well it's caught on among DUers.

I've gradually cut down on meat and this year I'm moving one more step down, to the 'infrequently / special occasions' option. My goal is to get down to vegan but it is not easy!

152 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
91 (60%)
9 (6%)
7 (5%)
Infrequently / on special occasions
8 (5%)
I'm a vegetarian
20 (13%)
I'm vegan
12 (8%)
Robb is a dingbat
5 (3%)
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I voted 1-2. Arthur_Frain Jan 2024 #1
Well it is asking about eating not cooking but I get it redqueen Jan 2024 #4
We all leftover, meat dish or no. Arthur_Frain Jan 2024 #9
Ah no don't apologize for thinking! redqueen Jan 2024 #22
Not sure claudette Jan 2024 #2
Neither are vegan. maxsolomon Jan 2024 #5
I know claudette Jan 2024 #21
Eggs are one of the healthiest foods womanofthehills Jan 2024 #80
👍 claudette Jan 2024 #82
Honey is an animal product so strict vegans will not eat it. Coventina Jan 2024 #28
True but claudette Jan 2024 #31
You don't squeeze the honey out of them individually? maxsolomon Jan 2024 #35
LOL! You got me to chuckle! Coventina Jan 2024 #44
Harvesting honey responsibly Mossfern Jan 2024 #30
Correct, it does not harm the hive, when done responsibly. Coventina Jan 2024 #40
My Enslaved Hens RobinA Jan 2024 #93
I am certain they are! Coventina Jan 2024 #97
I believe honey is NOT vegan AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #38
Gelatin is critically different from honey. Coventina Jan 2024 #41
Not vegan, and lapsed vegetarian, but that's been my understanding AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #47
I was told yeast is a species of fungi, not an animal, so OK for vegans. Coventina Jan 2024 #50
If Milk Is Not Vegan RobinA Jan 2024 #92
I think raising dairy cattle is also bad for the environment isn't it? redqueen Jan 2024 #8
It is, from the standpoint that many resources go into the cows Coventina Jan 2024 #29
Yes redqueen Jan 2024 #32
It really is heartrending. Coventina Jan 2024 #37
It is! I'm going to try vegan cheese soon redqueen Jan 2024 #45
Not as bad as all the glyphosate & GMO's womanofthehills Jan 2024 #76
the two are naturally linked 0rganism Jan 2024 #36
They all end up in the slaughter house eventually, milk cows included. hunter Jan 2024 #59
TBH - I prefer cow over human milk...YMMV..LOL LeftInTX Jan 2024 #99
More often than we should leftieNanner Jan 2024 #3
Vegetable soup is a good one. redqueen Jan 2024 #10
Made some yesterday! leftieNanner Jan 2024 #15
I average about 2 ounces of meat per day LeftInTX Jan 2024 #6
Same, I was down to just chicken and dairy redqueen Jan 2024 #13
I'm having a pork milkshake right now. Why do you ask? lame54 Jan 2024 #7
Raw pork. Arthur_Frain Jan 2024 #12
I'm actually impressed that if took 6 posts before the first snark redqueen Jan 2024 #17
Thanks for the leftieNanner Jan 2024 #18
Can't answer this poll Jilly_in_VA Jan 2024 #11
What the heck is kafir . I detest yogart unless there is a lot of sugar. Srkdqltr Jan 2024 #14
It's spelled kEfir claudette Jan 2024 #26
I try to stay away from carbohydrates, they'll kill you. Emile Jan 2024 #16
I thought so too. redqueen Jan 2024 #20
It saved my life. Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #56
Every Day Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #19
About four years back, we made one change to our diet and removed 85% meat Torchlight Jan 2024 #23
Same! I was so nervous thinking how much I'd miss my weekly chicken redqueen Jan 2024 #27
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2024 #24
you sound like a lot of fun maxsolomon Jan 2024 #34
That was super troll library girl. She seems to hate everyone NewHendoLib Jan 2024 #43
Post removed Post removed Jan 2024 #84
You seem to lack a real life, you've trolled (and not even well) this board for years, all for naught. #desperate&empty Celerity Jan 2024 #85
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2024 #87
Hello. Back again I see. GP6971 Jan 2024 #88
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2024 #89
Red meat rarely; cultured dairy (homemade yogurt) daily... hlthe2b Jan 2024 #25
Like you, I gradually cut down on meat Big Blue Marble Jan 2024 #33
I thought I would miss it, but I really don't redqueen Jan 2024 #46
Just about every day. BlueTsunami2018 Jan 2024 #39
Meat and dairy are two different things. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #42
I was keto for a while redqueen Jan 2024 #48
It depends on the reason, and how extreme you are. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #53
Yep that's what I was doing too redqueen Jan 2024 #61
For me, it is the most effective. Ms. Toad Jan 2024 #71
I drink a cup of coffee most every day, I use half & half in it, so a daily dairy. irisblue Jan 2024 #49
I drink coffee every day with half-&-half in it. I'm a cheese connoisseur, too. Yummm. Hekate Jan 2024 #51
Dairy nearly every day; meat never Wicked Blue Jan 2024 #52
I'm the lead lab tech in a large cultured dairy facility in the Midwest NickB79 Jan 2024 #54
If you have anything to do with Daisy cottage cheese or Lifeway kefir, you have my thanks. highplainsdem Jan 2024 #70
Does fish count as meat? Mossfern Jan 2024 #55
At least 2 times every day. patphil Jan 2024 #57
I still eat meat every day but smaller portions than I used to. meadowlander Jan 2024 #58
Meat is heavy, so that it is why I usually treat it secondary. LeftInTX Jan 2024 #101
4 years carnivore Barry Markson Jan 2024 #60
I'm mostly vegetarian. My wife is vegetarian approaching vegan. hunter Jan 2024 #62
Basically every meal Zeitghost Jan 2024 #63
I eat meat every single day, and usually at least 2X a day ExWhoDoesntCare Jan 2024 #64
Every hour on the hour...... lastlib Jan 2024 #65
Did not vote malaise Jan 2024 #66
I haven't eaten red meat in over 40 years. Phoenix61 Jan 2024 #67
Just about every meal, since you asked about dairy. My diet is basically paleo plus dairy. highplainsdem Jan 2024 #68
Chicken maceration VGNonly Jan 2024 #69
The cruelty involved in so much of these industries was a big motivator for me redqueen Jan 2024 #91
There are devices VGNonly Jan 2024 #98
Never. flvegan Jan 2024 #72
Hey, was hoping to see you here! redqueen Jan 2024 #90
You're welcome flvegan Jan 2024 #107
Just a consideration: NutmegYankee Jan 2024 #73
I start nearly every day with a bowl of yogurt and fruit... mike_c Jan 2024 #74
Twice daily typically Amishman Jan 2024 #75
It's hard for people with osteopenia to get enough spooky3 Jan 2024 #77
I will never go vegan meow2u3 Jan 2024 #78
Flesh products, never. Dairy is down to 2-4/month. Maru Kitteh Jan 2024 #79
the day i get gravy from a carrot..... pansypoo53219 Jan 2024 #81
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2024 #94
I'm thinking of raising rabbits to supply the family with neat Kaleva Jan 2024 #83
Being a long haul truck driver makes it near to impossible to not eat meat, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2024 #86
I eat mostly venison, fish and eggs madville Jan 2024 #95
Venison is delicious. shrike3 Jan 2024 #102
Signs of asymptomatic Coronary Artery Disease turned me 98% plant-based/vegan seleff Jan 2024 #96
You do have to work hard to be a vegan. I know a few. shrike3 Jan 2024 #103
We eat meat, but rarely dairy. shrike3 Jan 2024 #100
Dairy is daily (cappuccinos need milk); meat is 2/3 times per week. brooklynite Jan 2024 #104
Due to allergies to Soy, most Dairy, wheat products, and Legumes... ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2024 #105
RSO rso Jan 2024 #106
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