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22. Trump is very easy to manipulate.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 08:50 AM
Feb 2024

Because he is such a narcissist, flattery will go a long way with him.
You can manipulate him by telling him how wonderful, smart and handsome he is etc.
He is especially vulnerable when it comes to important and very rich people, powerful people flattering him.
It is apparent that both of Trump's parents thought Trump was worthless.
So he craves attention and praise by father figures.

Because he is a ruthless, greedy, sociopath with no moral core, you can get him to do all kinds of illegal and ethical things.
His greed means that he'll respond to cash gifts quite well.

He also delights in breaking the rules and the law. He thinks only suckers and losers follow the rules.
He is also a sadist and loves being cruel and hurting people.
Dividing the US, causing violence, causing deaths, is fun for him.
And also brings in more adoration, cash donations, votes.

So yes he is a perfect dream of a Russian asset from the Russian point of view.

I think it's been quite obvious for some time that Trump is a long time Russian asset. They've been giving him money for years. Even one of his sons some years back said they were getting a lot of Russian money when American banks would no longer give them loans.

Then if you ask who benefits the most from trumps behavior, the question is answered. Certainly America and American citizens do not benefit in any way by trumps behavior. His behavior benefits are enemies

Not a chance... WarGamer Feb 2024 #1
He should move with all his followers Dave Bowman Feb 2024 #2
He will, but domestic, within easy striking distance of mainland targets. Runningdawg Feb 2024 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 29 #39
Is he skilled enough to organize such a thing even if he wanted to? RockRaven Feb 2024 #3
Letting him leave might be the best thing for all Kennah Feb 2024 #6
I think he's planning to make FL the seat of the new Reich, and Mara Lago its capital. Runningdawg Feb 2024 #4
No offense but I hope you're wrong! Deuxcents Feb 2024 #8
I tend to agree. He has a lot of power and adoration in the US. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #16
You mentioned that bdamomma Feb 2024 #20
Trump is very easy to manipulate. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #22
Thank you bdamomma Feb 2024 #23
YW, you raised a good question about the narcissistic fix. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #24
If those bdamomma Feb 2024 #21
I have always said that. nt Laffy Kat Feb 2024 #7
Bet he's talked about it numerous times. But, he's not quite at brink. Carries cyanide capsules. Silent Type Feb 2024 #9
He is too much of a coward to carry cyanide capsules. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #17
Not yet, but eventually. Mike Niendorff Feb 2024 #10
Good point! PortTack Feb 2024 #11
I agree, it's premature now Wednesdays Feb 2024 #12
yup it's not only probable, it's highly possible the Con will fly the coop, and i don't doubt he & his ilk already have onetexan Feb 2024 #18
His body will expire before his appeals do. n/t DFW Feb 2024 #13
We should be so lucky nt cliffside Feb 2024 #14
Is Idi Amin's old residence in Saudi Arabia available? ThoughtCriminal Feb 2024 #15
He won't bdamomma Feb 2024 #19
Asked multiple times. Answer is still "no". brooklynite Feb 2024 #25
TSF will never reach a point where he recognizes reality bucolic_frolic Feb 2024 #26
No. Takket Feb 2024 #27
I'm not sure how he pulls it off and remains in control of his assets. I doubt anyone wants to babysit him brewens Feb 2024 #28
As Chubby Hitler flees to the warm enbrace of Mother Russia and the welcoming arms of,... magicarpet Feb 2024 #29
If Elon, Bonesaw or Vlad fail to purchase the Oval Office and Jarqui Feb 2024 #30
No . Unfortunately he'll stay here and be even more livetohike Feb 2024 #31
He has a chance to hold the world to ransom with Putin and be the greatest dictactor the world has ever seen. So no. Doodley Feb 2024 #32
I don't think so Jilly_in_VA Feb 2024 #33
I would not be suprised LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #34
He could end up in jail from EndlessWire Feb 2024 #35
Right now our enemies like him disrupting America Alpeduez21 Feb 2024 #36
Living in a van down by the river Johonny Feb 2024 #37
Why would a criminal with the Supreme Court in his pocket flee over legal issues? Chainfire Feb 2024 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 29 #40
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