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Sick to my stomach. [View all] Goodheart Mar 25 OP
I know it's not what we were expecting, but $175 is still not what tfg wants to lose. Omnipresent Mar 25 #1
Hes not losing it. Kablooie Mar 25 #23
He can't keep getting away from this shit kimbutgar Mar 25 #2
It always has been. John Shaft Mar 25 #3
Exactly the way I feel. scipan Mar 25 #4
I expected something like this XanaDUer2 Mar 25 #5
Doomers fold at the drop of a hat. Gosh, what about a bit of courage and patience? Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #6
The money is meaningless angrychair Mar 25 #9
"The order also reinstated his ability to do business in NY" MorbidButterflyTat Mar 25 #50
Yes, it did angrychair Mar 25 #57
Here's what I don't understand. SlimJimmy Mar 25 #56
Forest for the trees angrychair Mar 25 #59
Conviction and loss of his assets. That's all that will stop him, short of death which would be a blessing for the world Joinfortmill Mar 26 #74
Well then call me a doomer birdographer Mar 25 #20
There is a more realistic middle path doomers can't see if they go into all-or-nothing mode. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #22
Does your optimism have an expiration date? sop Mar 25 #29
No expiration date known while cases are ongoing Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #32
There was another poster before hamsterjill Mar 25 #68
As A Doomer RobinA Mar 25 #27
Your "not a helluva lot" of confidence is more reasonable than "IT IS ALL BULLSHIT" doomers shout. . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #28
There is a difference in being a "doomer" and a realist. StarryNite Mar 25 #33
Again we get a false choice between "doomer" and Pollyanna. That's NOT realistic. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #42
I said the flip side of "doomer" is Pollyanna. StarryNite Mar 25 #46
Okay. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #49
"Doomers." Kid Berwyn Mar 25 #37
Without being a doomer, I don't accept the idea that authority is always just fair and correct Bernardo de La Paz Mar 25 #39
I guess it's pity party time. hay rick Mar 25 #53
its disgusting samsingh Mar 25 #7
I'm thoroughly disgusted at how Trump continues to get special treatment. Lonestarblue Mar 25 #8
Justice is for suckers. Goodheart Mar 25 #12
considering the request was to lower it to $100, SleeplessinSoCal Mar 25 #45
Reduction in punitory damages was expected kiri Mar 25 #10
That's $175M for bond only, right? onetexan Mar 25 #13
That reminds of the time I was driving with an expired registration Orrex Mar 25 #18
? Skittles Mar 25 #65
Well...... Sort of. Orrex Mar 26 #69
This is only for the bond, the judgement didn't change budkin Mar 25 #21
That's what I'm understanding Rorey Mar 25 #36
That's right . . . BUT . . . markpkessinger Mar 25 #58
Carol isn't even 80 dsc Mar 25 #43
Yup, you are starting to understand things as they are. republianmushroom Mar 25 #11
"It's a big club...and you ain't in it". GC cayugafalls Mar 25 #14
Nope, never have been. republianmushroom Mar 25 #19
The trump view: Turbineguy Mar 25 #15
You are quite the optimist. republianmushroom Mar 25 #17
"...doesn't have to......" (BUT........) lastlib Mar 25 #40
I believe... SergeStorms Mar 25 #41
My blood pressure must be through the roof birdographer Mar 25 #16
Just remember Rorey Mar 25 #38
We'll save you a seat down here for when he wins his series of appeals 0rganism Mar 25 #47
It always was, to one extent or another Warpy Mar 25 #24
Done. orangecrush Mar 25 #25
I agree Siwsan Mar 25 #26
Where is this "rule of law" I keep hearing about?! Did I miss the fine print that says it only applies to the plebes? D23MIURG23 Mar 25 #30
I keep thinking about Reality Winner.... and how quickly she was jailed for taking, what, one document? Goodheart Mar 25 #31
Yes, every time he or someone else brushes off all those boxes of classified documents catrose Mar 25 #44
Yeah, that's the perfect example. D23MIURG23 Mar 25 #64
"It's for sure a white man's world in America" JoseBalow Mar 25 #34
Giving up is an entitlement Ponietz Mar 25 #35
of the rich . by the rich, shall perish from the earth. AllaN01Bear Mar 25 #48
Fox News owns the GOP, they won't let any harm come to that POS. Initech Mar 25 #51
So I guess you're just giving up? marble falls Mar 25 #52
No, I will still vote, and I will still try to win over family members to the correct side, Goodheart Mar 25 #54
Good. We keep on going. marble falls Mar 25 #55
Feel the same... YoshidaYui Mar 25 #60
I only want one thing SARose Mar 25 #61
I concur. tazkcmo Mar 25 #62
Benedict Donald isn't rich, this is how the justice system treats white males uponit7771 Mar 25 #63
The crooked rich, or ANY rich, even the non-crooked folks, have more influence than those who are not rich. CaptainTruth Mar 25 #66
same. I don't want to hear "No one is above the law" BS anymore. Sickening Evolve Dammit Mar 25 #67
"This is a country for the crooked rich, by the crooked rich." Seeking Serenity Mar 26 #70
"This is a country for the crooked rich, by the crooked rich." Seeking Serenity Mar 26 #71
Not as bad as other countries, too dramatic. betsuni Mar 26 #72
Take heart. We'll push them back. But it's a constant battle. Joinfortmill Mar 26 #73
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