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With abortion rights and marijuana legalization measures on the ballot, turn out will be high in Florida. sop Apr 13 #1
Need a huge non Cuban Hispanic turnout. Funtatlaguy Apr 13 #2
Cubans make up only 25% or so of FL Latinos so you cannot just blame them alone (like some incorrectly do on DU) for Celerity Apr 13 #5
Probably not, but it should be a lot closer. Freethinker65 Apr 13 #3
There has been seismic shift in Florida voter registration towards the Republicans... brooklynite Apr 13 #4
It will be a long shot. sop Apr 13 #9
So many of the boomers that moved here from New York love trump RandiFan1290 Apr 13 #6
It's possible mcar Apr 13 #7
gilliam, too. so close. mopinko Apr 13 #8
So close mcar Apr 13 #12
No he cannot. Raftergirl Apr 13 #10
It was fairly close in 2020 Johnny2X2X Apr 13 #11
Then all or a significant amount of Republicans will have to move back to wherever they came from In It to Win It Apr 13 #15
Yes, a lot has changed Polybius Apr 13 #19
No... and I live here and will vote for him In It to Win It Apr 13 #13
Which means they have weakened anamnua Apr 13 #14
So far, it just seems to be places where Republicans were already weak. In It to Win It Apr 13 #16
Roe Roe your vote...abortion is on the ballot and a 60 point win is need thus...I think Demsrule86 Apr 13 #18
In Florida, DeSantis has an approval of 47% Polybius Apr 13 #20
Your using Emerson polls...No DeSantis is not popular in florida. He has Demsrule86 Apr 19 #23
Sorry, but you're incorrect if you think that his approval is bad in Florida Polybius Apr 20 #28
I think Florida is in play. I also think if we push Roe and Social Security...fixing the insurance Demsrule86 Apr 13 #17
Unfortunately- right now not looking good womanofthehills Apr 20 #24
They need a strong turnout in the blue counties Seasider Apr 13 #21
Using 2020 numbers getting 185,844 votes of the 371,686 plus votes TSH got would do it. LiberalFighter Apr 13 #22
Yes. H2O Man Apr 20 #25
As one who is there one to two times per month...No Mark.b2 Apr 20 #26
Trump himself literally IDed Florida as a swing state where he should be campaigning the Prairie Gates Apr 20 #27
"vote Democrat" I sure you meant "vote DemocratIC" elocs Apr 20 #29
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