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Aw, leave her alone... dchill Apr 17 #1
For the Camera Roy Rolling Apr 17 #72
Pants and a nice blazer/top would have been fine. She looks like she's going to run errands at Walmart... hlthe2b Apr 17 #2
Are those jeans? senseandsensibility Apr 17 #3
There's An Orange Threaded Seam ProfessorGAC Apr 17 #5
Unbelievable. senseandsensibility Apr 17 #42
Lack of respect for the office she's been elected to 😡 Deuxcents Apr 17 #4
It's a visual way to model and normalize contempt for the offices of government. ariadne0614 Apr 17 #44
And for us. cilla4progress Apr 17 #58
I have been studying her gait with that of the pipe bomber on Jan 5th. Bev54 Apr 17 #6
I find it extremely hard to believe... Think. Again. Apr 17 #21
Odd that she asked for a pardon from trump after only three days in office mahina Apr 17 #65
Yeah, what was it she needing pardoning for? Think. Again. Apr 17 #76
Odd-- except she was all over that building days before Jan. 6, that is before even being a member... Hekate Apr 18 #88
100% mahina Apr 18 #92
Burner phone? GreenWave Apr 17 #56
May well be but they still should be able to trace where it was bought and by whom. Bev54 Apr 17 #71
A dress wouldn't pretty BigMin28 Apr 17 #7
yayyyyy !! DoBW Apr 17 #8
A blazer would help, but it looks like she takes business attire advice from Gym Jordan Hekate Apr 17 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 17 #10
Hello GP6971 Apr 17 #14
Really? We have good reason for not liking MTG here. She's paid a great salary on our dime... Hekate Apr 17 #20
Women should not be expected to wear a dress to be dressy obamanut2012 Apr 17 #11
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 17 #18
Lol! Hope22 Apr 17 #19
Well, to be fair, open-toed shoes are probly a no-no for her..... lastlib Apr 17 #41
🤣😁🤣😁 I totally forgot that! n/t Hope22 Apr 17 #49
That's why she has trouble counting to 20! I always wondered why. Wonder Why Apr 17 #78
Unless she has an emergency, I see no excuse for faded stretch jeans etc. LeftInTX Apr 17 #27
She is despicable, but this whole thread comes off hypocritical as hell TheProle Apr 17 #68
I don't know about "en masse." I had issues with Fetterman, too. Gidney N Cloyd Apr 17 #82
Stop Insulting Neanderthals! DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 17 #12
Beat me to it!! Coventina Apr 17 #30
I looked it up, and all I can say is ShazzieB Apr 17 #62
Marjorie Piltdown Green ! eppur_se_muova Apr 18 #90
I try not to be judgemental, but she does Emile Apr 17 #13
Dress not necessary Hope22 Apr 17 #15
I agree. A jacket would have been a good choice Kaleva Apr 17 #16
werent repubs upset with Fetterman not dressing up? BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 17 #17
That's true. Hope22 Apr 17 #24
IOBIYAR, doncha know? Ms. Toad Apr 17 #43
Aways wanting attention. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #22
Those stretch jeans...yikes!! All that's missing are tears and flip flops! LeftInTX Apr 17 #23
........ Hope22 Apr 17 #26
Ohhhhh gay texan Apr 17 #36
I'm talkin about those rubber things! LeftInTX Apr 17 #38
Her Boobs? nt BidenRocks Apr 17 #80
She was dressed more appropriately... Think. Again. Apr 17 #25
Yes, she was dressed 'business proper' yesterday; elleng Apr 17 #28
Slacks and a white cotton blouse would have been business proper. MerryBlooms Apr 17 #33
She IS a goon. elleng Apr 17 #35
Best word to describe her. Goon. Diamond_Dog Apr 17 #52
MerryBlooms word! See above. elleng Apr 17 #54
Marching in a column of two. Kingofalldems Apr 17 #29
I'm surprised they're not goose-stepping. Diamond_Dog Apr 17 #61
Trash. MOMFUDSKI Apr 17 #31
Shoveling Shit Ensemble...jeans and a shirt. Boots dumbass, shoveling shit you wear boots. IA8IT Apr 17 #32
Thats a saturday night on the town look hon gay texan Apr 17 #34
Moscow Marge is a Cro-magnon Hassler Apr 17 #37
Imposter enid602 Apr 17 #39
She is such a trashy human being. honest.abe Apr 17 #40
If Fetterman can wear shorts and a hoodie ... drmeow Apr 17 #45
Spot on. It's one of those Abolishinist Apr 17 #53
She has attacked Fetterman for how he dresses JI7 Apr 17 #60
Agreed. TwilightZone Apr 17 #73
EXCEPT.... MorbidButterflyTat Apr 17 #83
Trash malaise Apr 17 #46
Well, we have a guy who wears sweat pants, so there is that. HUAJIAO Apr 17 #47
She's showing off her roid arms. jalan48 Apr 17 #48
Would it matter if she were competent? plimsoll Apr 17 #50
She, oddly, wields a tremendous amount of power underpants Apr 17 #51
Dress? Business suit? wcollar Apr 17 #55
Oh - she must be a big girl cilla4progress Apr 17 #57
Neanderthals everywhere . . . Richard D Apr 17 #59
She is getting attention, and that is what she is seeking. republianmushroom Apr 17 #63
Actually her obvious attempt at looking humble is successfully attracting attention to her narcissistic self. Ping Tung Apr 17 #64
SMDH. n/t iluvtennis Apr 17 #66
Everyone dressed Rebl2 Apr 17 #67
Dress for women in DC had gotten more lax by the time I left 20+ years ago - TBF Apr 17 #69
No, but she could skin your cat in under 30 seconds if she ever needs an emergency meal. Wanna see? marble falls Apr 17 #70
So who are all those people with her? grumpyduck Apr 17 #74
That is the height of North Georgia gym rat fashion. Whuddaya expect? Appropriateness or something? jaxexpat Apr 17 #75
Looks like she has a case of the Traitor Trotskies Blue Owl Apr 17 #77
Fetterman wears a suit and tie on the floor dalton99a Apr 17 #79
AND he wasn't doing it for attention MorbidButterflyTat Apr 17 #84
For some reason she thinks we always want to see those strange arms. Liberal In Texas Apr 17 #81
I'm homely and muscular GenThePerservering Apr 17 #85
I wonder if anyone remembers what she was wearing MorbidButterflyTat Apr 17 #86
It's the female Gym Jordan look. sinkingfeeling Apr 18 #87
Welcome to the gun show. LudwigPastorius Apr 18 #89
Rapa Nui Marge livin' large. oasis Apr 18 #91
The Foxholes gave Fetterman *ENDLESS* amounts of shit for his style. Initech Apr 18 #93
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