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Sun Apr 21, 2024, 11:13 AM Apr 21

Trump 'Volcanically Angry' About Sketch Artist and Articles About Him Falling Sleep [View all]

Trump ‘Volcanically Angry’ About Sketch Artist and Articles About Him Falling Sleep
by Carl Gibson | April 21, 2024 - 6:18am

— from Alternet


According to Rolling Stone reporter Asawin Suebsaeng, Trump is convinced the courtroom sketch artist is "out to get him," complaining that some of the images the artist produced "were likely drawn to make fun of him."

"One such sketch captured Trump snoozing, with his eyes closed and head tilted," Suebsaeng wrote.

Suebsaeng also reports that Trump is "volcanically angry" about the various reports that emerged in which he was apparently sleeping intermittently during court proceedings. The New York Times' Maggie Haberman — who provided much of the paper's coverage of Trump during his time in the White House — reported earlier this week that he couldn't stay awake for the entirety of jury selection several days this week.

"He appeared to be asleep,” Haberman told CNN. “He didn’t pay attention to a note his lawyer passed him. His jaw kept falling on his chest, and his mouth kept going slack.”

Rolling Stone reported that, according to one unnamed source, the former president's anger is "maxed out, even for him." Suebsaeng wrote that Haberman's report provoked "an irate denial from Trump’s campaign and reigniting the former president’s antipathy towards Haberman."

"The resentment lasted the entire week, the sources add. It did not help Trump’s denial that he continued to doze off while seated in the Manhattan courtroom throughout the rest of the week," Suebsaeng wrote. "Despite his dozing being widely reported, the former president has laid much of the blame for the detail going viral at Haberman’s feet. He was even observed glaring at her on Monday as he exited the courtroom following her CNN appearance."



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The angrier he gets, the more he is going to act out. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #1
Works for me malaise Apr 21 #4
Trump is easily triggered. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #6
Trump is a coward. He'll ask others to do his violence. LuvLoogie Apr 21 #15
This is what I mean. Making others do violence. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #59
Trump is not a gun nut kiri Apr 21 #89
Honestly, I think he's fine with committing violence Farmer-Rick Apr 21 #81
I agree. ShazzieB Apr 21 #99
His rapes were acts of violence. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #103
Outside of throwing ketchup at a wall... MiHale Apr 21 #21
Maybe howling with laughter as his murderous thugs stormed the Capital. GreenWave Apr 21 #30
His rapes for one example Irish_Dem Apr 21 #60
I believe he's dangerous...I was too narrow in my thoughts MiHale Apr 21 #98
The violence we know about is the tip of the iceberg. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #102
Structural violence, systemic, violence, Leaving 1 million of us to mahina Apr 21 #90
For some reason my brain got stuck on him ... MiHale Apr 21 #101
Yes Trump is quite dangerous. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #104
Exactly. TSExile Apr 22 #118
The level of Trump's I want to see increase Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 21 #97
He especially hates it leftieNanner Apr 26 #127
If there was ever a debate or something that included both of them captain queeg Apr 26 #128
🤣 Excellent idea! Nt leftieNanner Apr 26 #129
And, perhaps, the higher his hypertension Auggie Apr 21 #7
"Volcanic anger" is not a good thing for an elderly hypertensive male. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #61
Yes!! HubertHeaver Apr 21 #76
At this point, sooner rather than later? Irish_Dem Apr 21 #88
So much the better. Mickju Apr 21 #94
Stroke, baby! paleotn Apr 21 #74
... TheBlackAdder Apr 21 #82
The angrier he gets, the more likely he is going to stroke out as he sits in his own shit. Just saying. Botany Apr 21 #8
That would be tragic lostnfound Apr 21 #10
Imagine the endless loop of "and here's where the aneurysm popped - you can see his facial reaction then the slump" Probatim Apr 21 #31
Maybe it could happen durning one of his pre-trial or post-trial "talks." Botany Apr 21 #100
Would be tragic lindysalsagal Apr 21 #47
Then just tell me when he pops a blood vessel and... Hugin Apr 21 #13
Let him go to jail for at least 6 months, then at his release press conference stroke out. Dream scenario. OverBurn Apr 21 #66
Works for me too. NNadir Apr 21 #23
The angrier he gets Bird Lady Apr 21 #77
I am so tired of reading about how angry Trump is... Hugin Apr 21 #2
Yep. It's like endless stories about the GOP being "in its death throes" Orrex Apr 21 #54
His base, too. They're addicted to it. CrispyQ Apr 21 #68
TS is rheir echo chamber. It's where they live. Boomerproud Apr 21 #105
It's kind of what narcissist do Farmer-Rick Apr 21 #86
"Trump rages...." should be one word. You're absolutely right. EarnestPutz Apr 22 #121
Need to triple the Adderall dosage, gab13by13 Apr 21 #3
But that will bring on more diaper loads from "The Donald." Botany Apr 21 #11
"The Donald" is what's in his diapers. speak easy Apr 21 #14
Cocaine is kinda a happy drug,... magicarpet Apr 21 #33
It isn't a happy drug. NanaCat Apr 22 #120
If he's not pissed off about the Trump Farts stories, they're hiding them from him. dem4decades Apr 21 #5
"Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Buns_of_Fire Apr 21 #9
He's going to discover that fewer and fewer people. malaise Apr 21 #27
When is he ever not angry? MorbidButterflyTat Apr 21 #48
Incredible Bulk.... COL Mustard Apr 21 #85
Until you spew hot lava all over your wretched excuse for a life... RobertDevereaux Apr 21 #12
He should just be thankful the sketches aren't "Scratch & Sniff" maxrandb Apr 21 #16
Not half as angry as the women in this country are. onecaliberal Apr 21 #17
and the trial starts monday- et tu Apr 21 #18
I wonder how much the sketch artist could make licensing these sketches for t-shirts, etc. fishwax Apr 21 #19
He'd demand a cut of the profits, of course. nt Buns_of_Fire Apr 21 #20
He is the most insecure person on the planet KelleyKramer Apr 21 #22
Excellent. I'm liking these blood pressure spikes. nt The Unmitigated Gall Apr 21 #24
The more angier he gets, the more proof that he is, indeed, guilty of the accusation that he is getting SWBTATTReg Apr 21 #25
Early September is better IbogaProject Apr 21 #45
Yes, I totally agree PatSeg Apr 21 #56
And the karma of disability IbogaProject Apr 21 #62
Yes, that would be divine justice PatSeg Apr 21 #65
I thought his campaign was toast after the mocking, CrispyQ Apr 21 #71
+++ riversedge Apr 26 #126
Good. tanyev Apr 21 #26
Not meant as a joke but given his age could the mouth dropping might be a sign of a glioblastoma brain tumor? cstanleytech Apr 21 #28
Your last line, except I don't think it matters if it is a brain tumor. RandomNumbers Apr 21 #36
Oh, of course but I'm just wondering if the mouth dropping and his word salad is a symptom of one. cstanleytech Apr 21 #73
The fact that TFG is upset makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Apr 21 #29
Ewwww. He has that "I'm currently shitting" face that babies make. Sky Jewels Apr 21 #39
glare baby glare Tetrachloride Apr 21 #32
Anyone want Trump to babysit their children? Anyone? twodogsbarking Apr 21 #34
My Pillow, courtroom edition Tanuki Apr 21 #35
The artist should add some realistic embellishments to really piss him off. Sky Jewels Apr 21 #37
Can't wait for the courtroom sketch of him stroking out. Orrex Apr 21 #38
MAGAs would, of course, blame the justice system wnylib Apr 21 #44
Yes, it's always sad when a healthy, active man is struck down by jurisprudence! Orrex Apr 21 #52
"Volcanically angry".....but I don't think... lastlib Apr 21 #40
Boo frickity hoo MorbidButterflyTat Apr 21 #41
Trump doesn't get it..his fear factor is gone... agingdem Apr 21 #42
IF JoeB is pictured nodding off at an event I 100% guarantee the MSM will go 24/7 with "Should the 25th NoMoreRepugs Apr 21 #43
Will all that orange lava explode from his head? ananda Apr 21 #46
I'm looking forward to the GQP argument: "He's too sick to be in court, but not too sick to be potus." lindysalsagal Apr 21 #49
Maybe the sketch artist ran out of green, or didn't have enough of it, so it would be hard to 4lbs Apr 21 #50
His "Flock". Will say that he is deep in prayer cutroot Apr 21 #51
volcanic from which end, I wonder? rurallib Apr 21 #53
GOOD one! calimary Apr 26 #124
No mention of us mocking his pyroclastic ass flows? LOL I'd love for the stench to be bad enough that the judge has to brewens Apr 21 #55
He's proud of that. Kaleva Apr 21 #67
I swear... jmowreader Apr 21 #57
Ah but he doesn't deny that he's breaking wind. lpbk2713 Apr 21 #58
Sleepy Don will have a hard time making the "Sleep Joe" label stick after this. patphil Apr 21 #63
The smirking chimp? I didn't know they were still around. captain queeg Apr 21 #64
Talk about a blast from the past MustLoveBeagles Apr 26 #125
Tough luck, tubby Blue Owl Apr 21 #69
Wait til the sketches of his lawyers being overwhelmed by his farts. Harker Apr 21 #70
Trumpleforeskin is... GiqueCee Apr 21 #72
Poor poopy-diaper Don... DemocraticPatriot Apr 21 #75
Fuck him if he can't take a joke Captain Zero Apr 21 #78
"Volcanic" is the correct word (for his farting and sharting). Doodley Apr 21 #79
I believe absolutely that Donald Trump is too dangerous to our very social, economic and moral fabric to be anywhere but PatrickforB Apr 21 #80
You're a very good person. Elessar Zappa Apr 21 #91
My heart bleeds for him. hay rick Apr 21 #83
So. What's it gonna take? Kid Berwyn Apr 21 #84
Wait till he sees the sketch of Stinky le Pew and the lawyer with cotton stuffed in his nose. appleannie1 Apr 21 #87
John Kelly musclecar6 Apr 21 #92
Sketch artist is being too kind,.. LW1977 Apr 21 #93
She edhopper Apr 21 #107
I feel like her name shouldn't be publicized Bucky Apr 22 #109
Should we be sending more 'Orange' to the sketch artist? Brother Buzz Apr 21 #95
Trump seems to be a more Bronze color makeup lately riversedge Apr 22 #122
One released juror described the marmalade shartcannon's color as yellow Brother Buzz Apr 22 #123
The photos make him look worse than the sketchers. Ping Tung Apr 21 #96
He'll be fresh and sharp and bright bushy-tail next week. chouchou Apr 21 #106
I'm so glad he's angry. GoodRaisin Apr 22 #108
he's angry about everything all the time BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 22 #110
The Adderall Conundrum BaronChocula Apr 22 #111
I want him to be angry all the time. mwb970 Apr 22 #112
sucks for him I guess prodigitalson Apr 22 #113
Anger and stress are not good for one's health Martin Eden Apr 22 #114
Artist must not of had Trump's face tilted down Emile Apr 22 #115
Not "volcanically" enough, since he hasn't burst a blood vessel yet. niyad Apr 22 #116
Just stroke out, #DementiaDonnie. n/t area51 Apr 22 #117
hem. AllaN01Bear Apr 22 #119
This work by courtroom sketch artist Edvard Munch is called "The Nap" LetMyPeopleVote Apr 26 #130
This work by courtroom sketch artist Edvard Munch is called "The Nap" LetMyPeopleVote Apr 26 #131
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