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22. It was stolen
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 04:19 PM
Apr 21

Manafort didn’t just give the Russians polling data he and others gave them data analytics which allowed the Russians
to micro target their operations. According to exit polls HRC won Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina,
and Florida.
If the ACCESS HOLLYWOOD tape didn't shift voters, Stormy Daniel's wouldn't brooklynite Apr 21 #1
Problem was there was considerably negative coverage of Hillary throughout the campaign JohnSJ Apr 21 #5
It did, polls showed it had an affect edhopper Apr 21 #6
Comey keeps trying to bury what he did BonnieJW Apr 22 #70
brooklynite............. Upthevibe Apr 21 #14
His voters don't give a rat's ass. Patton French Apr 21 #58
I agree, the MAGAts have an excuse for every crime trump commits, they dont care, IT IS a cult, they are only allowed Escurumbele Apr 22 #79
Not to mention the LIE dropped a few days before the election. raging moderate Apr 21 #2
Actually, Comey hit twice! karynnj Apr 21 #36
I'll always believe Comey's was the heaviest thumb on the scale. CrispyQ Apr 21 #56
Not Hillary Clinton. The American people. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #3
+ 1,000,000 (really, infinity) nt. RandomNumbers Apr 21 #11
+another 1,000,000 lastlib Apr 21 #29
I don't know why soldierant Apr 21 #44
Recommended. H2O Man Apr 22 #89
Considering existing sentiments, I think Trump might still have won. Model35mech Apr 21 #4
America and the world were cheated. lindysalsagal Apr 21 #7
No way to prove that. Kaleva Apr 21 #8
Also no way to disprove it... crud Apr 21 #16
No but you can reason things out, sadly. Pretty Fly Apr 21 #30
His sleeping around was not a big secret Farmer-Rick Apr 22 #69
And yet here we are where it's all coming out and... he's still very capable of winning in November. Pretty Fly Apr 22 #73
Biden beat him 4 years ago Farmer-Rick Apr 22 #83
I never said he wasn't unbeatable. Pretty Fly Apr 22 #85
Can't prove a negative Kaleva Apr 21 #50
Not to mention Comey's disgraceful laptop investigation 11 days before the election. brush Apr 21 #9
What laptop are you Tickle Apr 22 #62
Anthony Weiner's n/t radical noodle Apr 22 #65
How soon they forget. Hillary's assistant, Huma Abedin's then Husband Anthony Weiner's... brush Apr 22 #68
There is no smoking gun that would have turned Trump's KKKultists away from him. None. Orrex Apr 21 #10
Trump cultist never elected him and never will edhopper Apr 21 #18
And why would this have changed their mind? Pretty Fly Apr 21 #31
I don't entirely agree. The independents were ... Whiskeytide Apr 21 #35
I really don't think it was so much the Trump** voters who elected him at all, soldierant Apr 21 #46
Well, there's definitely some truth to that Orrex Apr 21 #39
There were edhopper Apr 21 #40
Assuming no skullduggery behind the scenes, we can read a lot of raw mysogyny in that Orrex Apr 21 #42
I will never believe that trump has ever "won" anything without cheating... Wounded Bear Apr 21 #12
Probably the 'truest' resonse....... MyOwnPeace Apr 21 #13
The tape was only talk... kentuck Apr 21 #15
Trump has had a history of cheating. Pretty Fly Apr 21 #32
The Clintons triggered the entire right-wing hate machine to turbo charge. Turbineguy Apr 21 #17
Exactamundo! nt oasis Apr 21 #59
Layer on Cambridge Analytical, Paul Manafort, the Russians and Jim Comey (all the ingredients for a stolen election) waterwatcher123 Apr 21 #19
Hillary Clinton DID win the election by nearly 3 million votes Warpy Apr 21 #20
The harm to the American people is immeasurable crud Apr 21 #21
It was stolen Botany Apr 21 #22
Indeed. People here will try to discount the validity of triron Apr 24 #95
Exit polls were always spot on until they went to electronic voting in America. Botany Apr 24 #96
The unfairness is still prevalent chouchou Apr 21 #23
Never passed my smell test. twodogsbarking Apr 21 #24
HRC got double whammied: Comey and this election interference bucolic_frolic Apr 21 #25
Apples and oranges krkaufman Apr 21 #26
Falsifying business records soldierant Apr 21 #49
There's nothing illegal Shermanator Apr 21 #27
the r party is partial to thievery and way before hillary nt et tu Apr 21 #28
Mr. redirection also exploited Bill Clinton's alleged affairs. pandr32 Apr 21 #33
She would have been a great President. C Moon Apr 21 #34
How many true believer Christians would MOMFUDSKI Apr 21 #37
The Enquirer could have been stopped if we knew.. flamingdem Apr 21 #38
Three points: onenote Apr 21 #41
If we think knowledge of payments to silence Stormy would have changed the election... SYFROYH Apr 21 #43
She was cheated in the sense that votes should count - she won if you look at individual votes TBF Apr 21 #45
I consider Mark Burnett part of the cheating with his Apprentice show. LiberalFighter Apr 21 #47
And he refused/refuses to release the recordings of drumpf unfiltered JoseBalow Apr 21 #54
Doesn't say much about Mark and Roma's christian values. LiberalFighter Apr 21 #55
The public needed to be better educated regarding the emails. LiberalFighter Apr 21 #48
Only once in my lifetime has the same political party won three presidential elections in a row. MichMan Apr 21 #51
Yeah, sure if........ Farmer-Rick Apr 22 #71
History can be inconvenient MichMan Apr 22 #78
Just because it hasn't happened Farmer-Rick Apr 22 #82
A great thing about historical precedent is that it's never absolute. Torchlight Apr 22 #88
Never is jimfields33 Apr 22 #93
By popular vote edhopper Apr 22 #72
Screw The Electoral College czarjak Apr 21 #52
they did nothing but pimp the orange SQUIRREL to make it a race + she didn't help. the GNEWZ pansypoo53219 Apr 21 #53
Cheated by the press, trump and the DOJ. Bluethroughu Apr 21 #57
Post removed Post removed Apr 22 #60
"Hillary had some shenanigans going against the candidate I wanted to win": what, exactly? betsuni Apr 22 #61
I'll never get an answer, conspiracy theory easily debunked a million times. betsuni Apr 22 #67
Indeed? Show me. WHAT shenanigans? calimary Apr 22 #80
Huh? MustLoveBeagles Apr 22 #84
She got more votes than he did. 2.9 million more votes than he did. Autumn Apr 22 #63
he dropped out as Biden came to the forefront ShepKat Apr 22 #64
Voters. betsuni Apr 22 #66
I disagree. I continue to say maga thinks it makes him 'manly' louis-t Apr 22 #74
Magas will vote for him edhopper Apr 22 #76
... and betrayed and sabotaged. Oopsie Daisy Apr 22 #75
Had Hillary been elected and re-elected, who do you think our nominee would be in 2024? Polybius Apr 22 #77
Gavin Newsome edhopper Apr 22 #81
Kamala Harris MichMan Apr 22 #90
Highly unlikely Polybius Apr 22 #91
Hillary would have chosen a VP. MichMan Apr 22 #92
It was the theft of an election, not just a hush money case to protect Trump's reputation. Martin68 Apr 22 #86
TFG was elected in 2016 by Putin and election fraud LetMyPeopleVote Apr 22 #87
Both 2106 Republican nomination and the general election were stolen for Trump! LetMyPeopleVote Apr 24 #94
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