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8. How many stolen elections, unneeded wars, 1/6/21 things, bothering people about their sport teams or where they go to ...
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 06:07 PM
Apr 21

…. the bathroom crap, Karl Rove “Kerry was a coward,” or Dick Nixon, or that Senator from Tennessee, or
Tucker Carlson, or C-19s, or just being shits who support Vlad Putin, or ….. does it take for people like Good
to ponder if my party has some real shits in it?

Hm..... More of this please. (eom) Earthrise Apr 21 #1
Seriously yes. I want the dirt on Moscow Marge. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #17
Good is in serious trouble in his primary but the alternative is pure MAGA underpants Apr 21 #2
Who are our candidates in Good's district? Nt spooky3 Apr 21 #14
VA-5 underpants Apr 21 #18
Thanks. That's too bad. Nt spooky3 Apr 21 #20
About time AmBlue Apr 21 #3
Too little too late TxGuitar Apr 21 #15
Such a pathetic bunch AmBlue Apr 22 #24
"These people used to walk around with white hoods at night, now they're walking around with white hoods in the daytime" B.See Apr 21 #4
The Republican party has to appeal to the fringe elements of America bc their core agenda does not help every day Yavin4 Apr 21 #5
It's more than the fringe. A good portion of GOP voters are all in with the fringe legislation. LuvLoogie Apr 21 #6
And it grants the badge of supremacy to the poor. Marcuse Apr 21 #12
Since July 2,1964. czarjak Apr 22 #28
Is this guy finally speaking out because he's stepping down.... Talitha Apr 21 #7
How many stolen elections, unneeded wars, 1/6/21 things, bothering people about their sport teams or where they go to ... Botany Apr 21 #8
then switch parties!! barbtries Apr 21 #9
I suppose it took one to know one..... lastlib Apr 21 #10
Who is this? Found it: Gonzalez from TX AllyCat Apr 21 #11
I think he voted for impeachment. Renew Deal Apr 21 #21
Brandon Herrera, the social media influencer known as "AK Guy" who is running against U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, posted a Celerity Apr 21 #23
WTF. Doesn't this Herrera dipshit realize the Nazis would have gassed him right along with the Jews and Roma gypsies? SunSeeker Apr 22 #27
Yes you do. You can always shower and change parties, Tony Gonzales! SunSeeker Apr 21 #13
GOP is a party of bags filled with scum IronLionZion Apr 21 #16
Yes, you do and how long have you know this ? republianmushroom Apr 21 #19
Hey bro, just now you noticed? a little late, doncha think? peacebuzzard Apr 21 #22
Duh Takket Apr 22 #25
Why is Tony Gonzales a R? Cha Apr 22 #26
Takes one to know one. calimary Apr 22 #29
Yes. You. Do. eom OldBoss Apr 22 #30
Then switch to the Democratic party or Dave Bowman Apr 22 #31
we've noticed samsingh Apr 22 #32
Sorry if I don't care, he's still a Republican. ananda Apr 22 #33
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