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20. i was in a local department store and the box u slide the card into wanted to know how much tip
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 09:06 PM
Apr 21

.a department store? a week ago the box was now asking if u wanted to round up your purchase . a tip in my mind is for above board service . example my worker and i were at a restraunt and how clean it was as he ran a cleaning service b4 the great depression 2.0 of 2009 when his biz tanked . we both felt that the owners took pride in their establisment and we both gave a tip and we told the waitress so.

Card readers default to tips. When my husband was in the hospital, the cafeteria employees were constantly turning LeftInTX Apr 21 #1
i was in a local department store and the box u slide the card into wanted to know how much tip AllaN01Bear Apr 21 #20
I made more at $2.13/hr and taking tips than all but two of my other jobs. I averaged $25+/hr with tips twenty ... marble falls Apr 21 #2
Should just put on a mandatory 18% service fee madville Apr 21 #3
If you are going to add a 18% service charge, why not just raise menu prices 18% and eliminate all tipping ? MichMan Apr 21 #7
Making it a separate fee madville Apr 21 #10
Because tipping enables tax evasion. meadowlander Apr 21 #13
Those damn minimum wage Tickle Apr 21 #27
Nope. That makes the problem worse. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #14
The customer pays all the wages either way madville Apr 21 #17
The customer buys a good or service. Ms. Toad Apr 21 #19
Why not just pay them $20+/hr. and raise the cost of the service? ... aggiesal Apr 21 #22
I agree JustAnotherGen Apr 21 #31
until service workers are paid a living wage they must be tipped... mike_c Apr 21 #4
Depending on where you are servers EllieBC Apr 21 #8
+ : Herman Cain, Natl Restaurant Assn (the other NRA) lobbied for $2.13 in 1996: appalachiablue Apr 21 #29
Time to sunset the Inkey Apr 22 #41
I thought Herman Cain won his greatest award in July, 2020. Wednesdays Apr 22 #53
I hear you, Cain was a real character. I knew he died of Covid appalachiablue Apr 22 #59
What bothers me most is tips for counter service, performed by people who make minimum or better Silent3 Apr 21 #5
I give generously at restaurants. jimfields33 Apr 21 #6
No matter where I eat, 20% tip in cash. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 21 #9
I hate when I do take out and they ask for a tip. kimbutgar Apr 21 #11
if i get take out from a sit down restaurant, i tip 10% on the assumption mopinko Apr 21 #15
This! AKwannabe Apr 22 #56
we did the room service. it took away from our customers. mopinko Apr 22 #57
Yeah, if they reach into a warmer or onto a rack and then place the food on the counter Xavier Breath Apr 21 #18
I absolutely agree! ShazzieB Apr 21 #26
Yes exactly ! kimbutgar Apr 21 #33
Agreed Bayard Apr 21 #34
Yeah that's the worst. You did the ordering EllieBC Apr 22 #46
The tipping system is patently unfair. MichMan Apr 21 #12
pretty much how it works. mopinko Apr 21 #16
You're referencing male customers only, whathehell Apr 21 #32
no, but i bet they still tip cute, flirty guys more. mopinko Apr 21 #39
The few Americans I know who worked as 'bussers' all got quite healthy tip-outs from each server they were assigned to Celerity Apr 21 #37
I got $1. Once... MichMan Apr 22 #52
Sounds like you picked the wrong resto to toil in m8 Celerity Apr 22 #61
Am I given the same latitude to tell servers that don't earn much in tips the same message? MichMan Apr 22 #63
Fine by me. I am sure there are thousands of horrid restos to work in. Plus they should not be reliant on tips, they Celerity Apr 22 #64
I consider myself a pretty generous tipper, rsdsharp Apr 21 #38
I got tipped out as a busboy every restaurant I worked at Johnny2X2X Apr 22 #43
I got $1; once MichMan Apr 22 #49
We tipped our busboys out Jilly_in_VA Apr 22 #65
Agree. Mosby Apr 22 #45
Some of his customers gave $100 tip, some gave $0 IronLionZion Apr 22 #48
How happy would he be if he was paid $25 per hour with no tipping? MichMan Apr 22 #50
I always made sure my busboys Lifeafter70 Apr 22 #58
Sub-minimum wage plus tips is also racist Tansy_Gold Apr 21 #21
Then people conflate that with the ipad prompts for shops that pay much higher wages IronLionZion Apr 21 #23
Employers use tips NOT to increase wages because tippers do it for them. live love laugh Apr 21 #24
ever since credit cards became a thing, more tips go through the company. mopinko Apr 21 #40
bunch of cheapskates edisdead Apr 21 #25
I used to ForgedCrank Apr 21 #28
Texas isn't paying servers that much TexasDem69 Apr 21 #36
The tipped wage is much lower than minimum wage IronLionZion Apr 22 #42
That depends on where you are. EllieBC Apr 22 #44
Very good for those states. It needs to be standard everywhere IronLionZion Apr 22 #47
The only people who truly benefit from this custom are those at the top. elleng Apr 21 #30
See post #45 MichMan Apr 22 #51
We always try to tip about 25% of the bill when we eat out TexasDem69 Apr 21 #35
It is a serious problem. California has a solution and so do unions. peacebuzzard Apr 22 #54
This is horseshit! AKwannabe Apr 22 #55
The sub-minimum wage is out of control. There's nothing wrong with tipping. Iggo Apr 22 #60
I always tip using cash. I don't want the employer Emile Apr 22 #62
"It's so small businesses can survive!" Oneironaut Apr 22 #66
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