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Sun Apr 28, 2024, 06:22 PM Apr 28

This is quite a long article, but I hope you all will read it. [View all]

Robert Kagan writes eloquently and accurately about the historical roots that we face in this year's election. The link will give you the whole article as a gift. There is no paywall. I'm including a couple of paragraphs to show what he's talking about.


For some time, it was possible to believe that many voters could not see the threat Donald Trump poses to America’s liberal democracy, and many still profess not to see it. But now, a little more than six months from Election Day, it’s hard to believe they don’t. The warning signs are clear enough. Trump himself offers a new reason for concern almost every day. People may choose to ignore the warnings or persuade themselves not to worry, but they can see what we all see, and that should be enough.

How to explain their willingness to support Trump despite the risk he poses to our system of government? The answer is not rapidly changing technology, widening inequality, unsuccessful foreign policies or unrest on university campuses but something much deeper and more fundamental. It is what the Founders worried about and Abraham Lincoln warned about: a decline in what they called public virtue. They feared it would be hard to sustain popular support for the revolutionary liberal principles of the Declaration of Independence, and they worried that the virtuous love of liberty and equality would in time give way to narrow, selfish interest. Although James Madison and his colleagues hoped to establish a government on the solid foundation of self-interest, even Madison acknowledged that no government by the people could be sustained if the people themselves did not have sufficient dedication to the liberal ideals of the Declaration. The people had to love liberty, not just for themselves but as an abstract ideal for all humans.

Much more at link.

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Thank you for posting this.... Think. Again. Apr 28 #1
That's a great idea! He is very thorough. CaliforniaPeggy Apr 28 #5
This part in particular jumped right out and grabbed my attention. Ligyron Apr 29 #49
There is a new documentary out called "Bad Faith" that traces some of the root causes of this mess BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 28 #2
Yeah, I think one thing is missing Farmer-Rick Apr 29 #46
Robert Kagan is an American neoconservative scholar. He is a critic of U.S. foreign policy and a leading advocate of Celerity Apr 30 #62
I had no idea the writer was a Neocon Farmer-Rick Apr 30 #63
the Kagan family are/were a nest of neocon war hawks Celerity Apr 30 #64
Thanks for the info. Farmer-Rick Apr 30 #65
I have only read the part you posted so far senseandsensibility Apr 28 #3
I have long had a nagging fear..... lastlib Apr 28 #21
Exactly senseandsensibility Apr 28 #23
+1. we have been spoon fed a steady diet of demonizing and distrust stopdiggin Apr 29 #52
Yes , I'm afraid that this is another thing that our side senseandsensibility Apr 29 #59
A worthwhile read, even if it mostly confirmed my worst fears. nt eppur_se_muova Apr 28 #4
Good read malaise Apr 28 #6
Well worth the read. American social history cachukis Apr 28 #7
Thanks! It is the ignorant and lazy led by the Pied Piper Elites StClone Apr 28 #8
Alas, only the first paragraph is visible at the link. n/t TygrBright Apr 28 #9
You sure? I just read it, no problem. n/t malthaussen Apr 28 #11
I'm so sorry, my dear TygrBright! All of it shows up when I click it. It's a gift link and it all should be there.nt CaliforniaPeggy Apr 28 #12
When I tried the OP link, I got a pop up wnylib Apr 28 #18
It seems like it's blocked, but it's not. Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #36
No, there was no way to close it. But I was able to read the article via wnylib Apr 29 #40
Yes, I that cache link works. I trick! But you really Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #41
I expected that there would be an x, searched for one, but, none was visible on my phone screen. wnylib Apr 29 #42
That's super perplexing. It *is* very small. Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #43
Oh, I did just notice what might be the problem! Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #44
hey, try this link orleans Apr 28 #16
That works! Thank you so much, orleans. n/t TygrBright Apr 28 #17
you're welcome & in the future orleans Apr 28 #20
Cool! Thanks for that! Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #37
Works! Thank you Amaryllis Apr 29 #51
I couldn't get it either. n/t lastlib Apr 28 #22
Orleans has a link the post right above yours that should work. Give it a try! His post #20. CaliforniaPeggy Apr 28 #25
But you can click through. They are asking Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #35
I had this problem too: only the 1st para, no popup or gift notice scipan Apr 30 #61
It's a good summary. malthaussen Apr 28 #10
I hope you're right, my dear malthaussen! nt CaliforniaPeggy Apr 28 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #38
But it only takes a small number of his Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 29 #39
"Well-trained," forsooth? malthaussen Apr 29 #54
Thank you bdamomma Apr 28 #13
Bookmarking to read later! LeftInTX Apr 28 #15
I'm working through the whole article and am amazed that so many Democrats signed the Southern Manifesto erronis Apr 28 #19
I think, JFK kind of "put them" to sleep, and LBJ followed to "open their minds" Justice matters. Apr 29 #56
Excellent essay, Peggy. Thank you for posting. peggysue2 Apr 28 #24
removed by author Stuart G Apr 28 #26
So many thoughts. mtngirl47 Apr 28 #27
KNR and bookmarking. Thank you for sharing. niyad Apr 28 #28
Brilliant piece. I NEVER EVER post anything political onmy FB wall. HUAJIAO Apr 29 #29
Thank you for posting it on Facebook, and for making me smile, my dear HUAJIAO! ♥ nt CaliforniaPeggy Apr 29 #30
Thank you Peggy. That might be the best description I've read nolabear Apr 29 #31
I believe that things will get better, my dear nolabear, but first we must decisively win this election! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 29 #32
Thanks for this informative piece by Robert Kagan, one of the best Bundbuster Apr 29 #33
Good night, my dear Bundbuster! See you tomorrow . . . CaliforniaPeggy Apr 29 #34
Thank you plcdude Apr 29 #45
Thanks CaliforniaPeggy justaprogressive Apr 29 #47
Thanks for posting this MustLoveBeagles Apr 29 #48
Kicking this article bdamomma Apr 29 #50
Kagan's article is the best summary of what we're up against Bundbuster Apr 29 #53
Superb article! Wild blueberry Apr 29 #55
Thank you for posting this. CBHagman Apr 29 #57
thanks for posting this, peg.... Gato Moteado Apr 29 #58
Federalist No. 10 SARose Apr 29 #60
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