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17. On the wet markets
Thu May 9, 2024, 10:34 AM
May 9

Yes, I have heard this too. The science has led it to the wet markets. And there was some uncertainty for a couple years, because science needs to be objective and follow the evidence. The difference is that people looking for one answer found it and ignored what happened after with the science. There was a point in time where the labs seemed more likely, so some people got the answer they wanted then and that has been their truth since. Where as people who respect science and want the actual truth would have been totally accepting if it had eventually concluded that this was from a lab leak.

And that's the Youtube, Instagram research model you see now. Look for a single study supporting your position and then stop looking after you find the answer you want. So you've got Joe Rogan and Bill Maher types who were looking for answers they wanted on all sorts of things around Covid and once they found them, stopped looking. That's why you hear Bill Maher constantly saying things like, "The masks didn't work." "The school shutdowns didn't save lives and did more harm than good." "Vaccines don't prevent the spread." They take one sentence off some random study and draw their conclusions and then cement them in place. When in reality the science continues and leads to more definitive answers. Masks did work, they significantly reduced the spread and the number of deaths, that's what the science says. Vaccines do in fact reduce the spread, even today vaccinated people are several times less likely to get Covid, it's just not 95% like some people want.

And on schools. The data is more murky, but it likely did save lives. But here's the thing, this was a novel virus we didn't know a ton about. Even if they turned out to be unnecessary, it was still the right call at the time. It was still the prudent decision with a virus that was novel and rapidly changing. We didn't know foir sure that kids were safer from it than adults. What if it would have mutated to some 97% fatality rate for children under 10? We couldn't risk all that until we knew more about it. And we still needed to stop kids from spreading it at home if they got it at school.

It's like Bill Maher and Joe Rogan show up to the pool and there's a downed power line laying in the water. They don't go swimming for fear of electicution, then the maintenance man shows up and says, "Oh, hey, that was unconnect coaxial cable for cable TV, it is not electrified." Roagn and Maher both go, "OMG, we are such idiots, wer should have just jumped in the pool, we could hae been swimming this whole time. We were so wrong to wait to make sure jumping into the pool wasn't going to kill us instantly. I'll never forgive myself."

She has tremendous strength and grace to move on as she has... hlthe2b May 9 #1
On Covid alone she would have saved hundreds of thousands of Americans Johnny2X2X May 9 #2
he lapped up the attention of the daily briefing. mopinko May 9 #5
Imagine if he had worn a mask regularly in public Johnny2X2X May 9 #10
That's a good point PatSeg May 9 #12
And he refused because of his makeup Johnny2X2X May 9 #14
Oh yes, the makeup! PatSeg May 9 #18
The makeup transfer would have been a minor thing NanaCat May 9 #32
Old Spice Johnny2X2X May 9 #33
He could even have grifted off it. Could have had red MAGA masks... 3catwoman3 May 9 #28
You aren't wrong about the 'armed bands' kwijybo May 9 #57
She would not have: Botany May 9 #11
On the wet markets Johnny2X2X May 9 #17
Evolutionary Biologists now thanks to Bill Clinton and the humane genome project can now read .... Botany May 9 #30
We know the masks work, because the masking cultures NanaCat May 9 #34
Still wearing masks since LAte March 2020. Traurigkeit May 9 #47
Good points. I suspect something else was afoot. peppertree May 9 #46
She would not have fired the US scientists working in Wuhan who could have given an earlier heads up. Lonestarblue May 9 #15
She has to live with knowing that 'pure evil' took over young_at_heart May 9 #3
And don't forget Comey appointed McGonigal who was being paid by Russia/Vlad/Daripaska to lead Botany May 9 #16
Thanks for reminding me about him young_at_heart May 9 #38
He did it for money and he might have liked HRC. Botany May 9 #39
Still get PTSD-like dread remembering the morning after the election results were announced. Timeflyer May 9 #4
There are people I hold directly responsible for contributing JohnSJ May 9 #6
The only time I rooted for Covid was when Trump got it. CrispyQ May 9 #7
Hillary didn't lose. We did. Deuxcents May 9 #8
Very true karin_sj May 9 #9
Her and Al Gore Kablooie May 9 #13
+1 oasis May 9 #21
Don't forget DENVERPOPS May 9 #55
Its surreal that even democrats got so down on her Cosmocat May 9 #19
Primary rigged by DNC/Hillary, she was personally responsible for the Iraq War for voting the same betsuni May 9 #20
Hillary was right about TFG LetMyPeopleVote May 9 #37
We did elect her Warpy May 9 #22
A sense of loss for our country is how most of us have felt since November 2016 ffr May 9 #23
I missed some of it but absolutely enjoyed the rest of it. Will try to find the interview later. riversedge May 9 #24
I sometimes wish I live in that alternate universe ismnotwasm May 9 #25
No kidding! By now, I've thought about that multiple times every day. calimary May 9 #29
Yup, what a much more blue-wave May 9 #26
My feelings are: The Right wing people shit all over themselves and... chouchou May 9 #27
That's not inaccurate Cosmocat May 9 #36
Amen to that. I mean, talking about shooting yourself in the foot. chouchou May 9 #40
Agreed. Her new book should be It Takes a Psychopath SupportSanity May 9 #31
I felt the same way during this interview LetMyPeopleVote May 9 #35
Trump's trial for fraud/election interference in a sad reminder of how much we lost dlk May 9 #41
Thank you Sanders. joshcryer May 9 #42
yup Skittles May 9 #43
It's makes me so sad everytime I see her in an interview as I see what a great POTUS she would've been. n/t iluvtennis May 9 #44
But her emails! (Thanks Sarandon!) Oopsie Daisy May 9 #45
nina turner, david sirota, cornell west, and all those self-identified progressives who refused to vote for JohnSJ May 9 #51
Yes.... "progressives" (in scare-quotes) Oopsie Daisy May 9 #53
I was just looking back . . . Richard D May 9 #48
Can I dream a little . . . Richard D May 9 #49
Same Evolve Dammit May 9 #50
The road not taken.... OAITW r.2.0 May 9 #52
Same here. Elessar Zappa May 9 #56
My Mother was watching it too, this morning kwijybo May 9 #58
Not President due to Electoral College [terrible name] and sexist ways of Americans when voting. Traurigkeit May 10 #59
I'm not sure I agree with you PinkTiger May 10 #60
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