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31. Agreed. Her new book should be It Takes a Psychopath
Thu May 9, 2024, 12:29 PM
May 9

Last edited Thu May 9, 2024, 05:36 PM - Edit history (1)

Or: It takes a village of psychopaths

She has tremendous strength and grace to move on as she has... hlthe2b May 9 #1
On Covid alone she would have saved hundreds of thousands of Americans Johnny2X2X May 9 #2
he lapped up the attention of the daily briefing. mopinko May 9 #5
Imagine if he had worn a mask regularly in public Johnny2X2X May 9 #10
That's a good point PatSeg May 9 #12
And he refused because of his makeup Johnny2X2X May 9 #14
Oh yes, the makeup! PatSeg May 9 #18
The makeup transfer would have been a minor thing NanaCat May 9 #32
Old Spice Johnny2X2X May 9 #33
He could even have grifted off it. Could have had red MAGA masks... 3catwoman3 May 9 #28
You aren't wrong about the 'armed bands' kwijybo May 9 #57
She would not have: Botany May 9 #11
On the wet markets Johnny2X2X May 9 #17
Evolutionary Biologists now thanks to Bill Clinton and the humane genome project can now read .... Botany May 9 #30
We know the masks work, because the masking cultures NanaCat May 9 #34
Still wearing masks since LAte March 2020. Traurigkeit May 9 #47
Good points. I suspect something else was afoot. peppertree May 9 #46
She would not have fired the US scientists working in Wuhan who could have given an earlier heads up. Lonestarblue May 9 #15
She has to live with knowing that 'pure evil' took over young_at_heart May 9 #3
And don't forget Comey appointed McGonigal who was being paid by Russia/Vlad/Daripaska to lead Botany May 9 #16
Thanks for reminding me about him young_at_heart May 9 #38
He did it for money and he might have liked HRC. Botany May 9 #39
Still get PTSD-like dread remembering the morning after the election results were announced. Timeflyer May 9 #4
There are people I hold directly responsible for contributing JohnSJ May 9 #6
The only time I rooted for Covid was when Trump got it. CrispyQ May 9 #7
Hillary didn't lose. We did. Deuxcents May 9 #8
Very true karin_sj May 9 #9
Her and Al Gore Kablooie May 9 #13
+1 oasis May 9 #21
Don't forget DENVERPOPS May 9 #55
Its surreal that even democrats got so down on her Cosmocat May 9 #19
Primary rigged by DNC/Hillary, she was personally responsible for the Iraq War for voting the same betsuni May 9 #20
Hillary was right about TFG LetMyPeopleVote May 9 #37
We did elect her Warpy May 9 #22
A sense of loss for our country is how most of us have felt since November 2016 ffr May 9 #23
I missed some of it but absolutely enjoyed the rest of it. Will try to find the interview later. riversedge May 9 #24
I sometimes wish I live in that alternate universe ismnotwasm May 9 #25
No kidding! By now, I've thought about that multiple times every day. calimary May 9 #29
Yup, what a much more blue-wave May 9 #26
My feelings are: The Right wing people shit all over themselves and... chouchou May 9 #27
That's not inaccurate Cosmocat May 9 #36
Amen to that. I mean, talking about shooting yourself in the foot. chouchou May 9 #40
Agreed. Her new book should be It Takes a Psychopath SupportSanity May 9 #31
I felt the same way during this interview LetMyPeopleVote May 9 #35
Trump's trial for fraud/election interference in a sad reminder of how much we lost dlk May 9 #41
Thank you Sanders. joshcryer May 9 #42
yup Skittles May 9 #43
It's makes me so sad everytime I see her in an interview as I see what a great POTUS she would've been. n/t iluvtennis May 9 #44
But her emails! (Thanks Sarandon!) Oopsie Daisy May 9 #45
nina turner, david sirota, cornell west, and all those self-identified progressives who refused to vote for JohnSJ May 9 #51
Yes.... "progressives" (in scare-quotes) Oopsie Daisy May 9 #53
I was just looking back . . . Richard D May 9 #48
Can I dream a little . . . Richard D May 9 #49
Same Evolve Dammit May 9 #50
The road not taken.... OAITW r.2.0 May 9 #52
Same here. Elessar Zappa May 9 #56
My Mother was watching it too, this morning kwijybo May 9 #58
Not President due to Electoral College [terrible name] and sexist ways of Americans when voting. Traurigkeit May 10 #59
I'm not sure I agree with you PinkTiger May 10 #60
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