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20. No taxation without representation
Mon May 13, 2024, 10:02 PM
May 13

My personal feeling is someone should be able to show up with a receipt from the last month showing taxes paid. Sales, tax, paycheck stub, anything. Give everyone the purple thumb so they can't vote twice.

edit to add, yes, I know I'm way out on the fringe on this one.

Another obstacle - paperless billing is making it difficult for people to prove their current address. LonePirate May 13 #1
That at least is one obstacle easily overcome GenThePerservering May 13 #2
You can still get bills through email and write a check to pay. quaint May 13 #3
Looking at the OP upvotes, people are missing the point here GenThePerservering May 13 #17
Wouldn't you have to print a digital receipt bleedingulcers May 14 #24
I'm still hanging on to my HP printer from 2014 wolfie001 May 13 #6
exactly, and they don't need a printer necessarily GenThePerservering May 13 #19
This is WHY The Republicans want this, Southerners way of keeping the trash out as they say. Traurigkeit May 13 #4
Arranging for your mail when you're surviving in a tent wolfie001 May 13 #5
Republicans in NM got slapped down on that one Warpy May 13 #7
This might annoy some folks, but I have never really agreed with the left-of-center approach to voter id XorXor May 13 #8
There are BUT The Republican Party GETS IN THE WAY. Need to shutdown that "party" Traurigkeit May 13 #9
No doubt the right gets in the way of any progress in a lot of area XorXor May 13 #10
Did you look? littlemissmartypants May 13 #13
Most of those links seem to be about helping people register to vote and have access to polling places XorXor May 14 #27
I guess that's why they seem to believe the only way they can win is to cheat. calimary May 14 #22
exactly. . we need to help everyone get an id because this is coming. rampartc May 14 #23
I'm with you... the cartoon makes little sense FBaggins May 14 #26
Not only the cartoon but the subtext at the bottom, is WONDERFUL lostnfound May 13 #11
Yes. ShazzieB May 13 #15
That has been a mainstay of major parts of our society for a long time. OldBaldy1701E May 13 #18
GOTV to get Democratic majorities in House and Senate to end these assinine poll taxes. Hermit-The-Prog May 13 #12
On its face, requiring some kind of ID to vote isn't terrible. Canada does it and it seems to work. Jedi Guy May 13 #14
Dont know about other states, but GA will give you an ID for free. Online. oldsoftie May 13 #16
No taxation without representation KentuckyWoman May 13 #20
In Texas, the fee for the birth certificate is $22. You can't get a drivers license without one. summer_in_TX May 13 #21
Remembering the 12 Indiana nuns who didn't have Emile May 14 #25
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