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19. My local R Congresscritter is bragging about bridge money
Mon May 13, 2024, 10:30 PM
May 13

The snake wants credit for the money to replace the I-75 bridge over the Ohio River after sending out numerous emails at the time against it. They have no shame.

Because his followers are idiots. Warpy May 13 #1
I think they want results after getting burned the first time. jimfields33 May 13 #2
Unfortunately it is not just his followers Cosmocat May 13 #7
trump also got credit for the economic recorvery from Pres. O's policies. brush May 13 #3
Well, I'm going to have to blame Pres. Biden and folks for not getting out there, and broadcasting these facts SWBTATTReg May 13 #4
They could, but that barely moves the needle Cosmocat May 13 #10
It has a simple explanation: partisan response bias. LonePirate May 13 #5
THIS!!! PARTISAN RESPONSE BIAS----- Absolutely TRUE!!! DemocraticPatriot May 13 #16
Because Trump has 3 24/7 news networks and 2,500 radio stations at his disposal, that's why. Initech May 13 #6
Yes this is one of the main reasons. Even cable Trump every segment. FloridaBlues May 13 #12
This kind of story is just not a priority for the media EarlG May 13 #8
Spot on. Many reporters don't have the chops to report on policy. shrike3 May 13 #9
They're not giving Trump credit... brooklynite May 13 #11
This Polybius May 13 #13
A certain number of partisans actually DO give Trump credit DemocraticPatriot May 13 #17
Prices. It's all about prices. budkin May 13 #14
A "win-WIN" for Republicans, who more often than not are those DemocraticPatriot May 13 #18
It's absolutely happening budkin May 14 #20
Via the lying news media. republianmushroom May 13 #15
My local R Congresscritter is bragging about bridge money KentuckyWoman May 13 #19
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