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Vibes for a good passage. Vibes to his loved ones. applegrove May 14 #1
Godspeed and onethatcares May 14 #2
A true Christian..................... Lovie777 May 14 #3
Well, if it is his time, I am just relieved that Biden will be overseeing any STATE funeral plans... hlthe2b May 14 #4
TSF would probably much rather not give him a state funeral. 😬 ShazzieB May 14 #26
SickFuck best just STFU about PRESIDENT CARTER! lastlib May 14 #52
Biden will handle it beautifully. calimary May 14 #58
A good and kind man who impacted a lot of lives. ProudMNDemocrat May 14 #5
When it happens, MarineCombatEngineer May 14 #6
Bless Carter DENVERPOPS May 14 #20
He served honorably througout his life, MarineCombatEngineer May 14 #23
He also gave up his naval career to run the family farm after his father died. ShazzieB May 14 #30
I give you the USS Jimmy Carter, a Seawolf class sub named after him. MarineCombatEngineer May 14 #37
COOL! ShazzieB May 14 #47
Very cool, I've never had the pleasure of talking to a President. MarineCombatEngineer May 14 #36
When he was running he stayed with my in-laws one night. nolabear May 14 #49
An incredible privilege indeed. soldierant May 15 #88
Go gently Mr President. FalloutShelter May 14 #7
I hate to be this way ITAL May 14 #8
good. i'm sick of seeing nothing but that pustule. mopinko May 14 #14
Whether the trial is covered or not, Uncle Joe May 14 #34
It will present a magnificent contrast between a good man and a fucking monstet malaise May 14 #39
The first President I have a real memory of senseandsensibility May 14 #9
Cross gently to your Lord when he calls, and to your beloved Rosalynn... Hekate May 14 #10
We'll said, Hekate. demosincebirth May 14 #27
I am a Carter baby... TSExile May 14 #11
Fair winds and following seas, Mr. President Jerry2144 May 14 #12
Peace to the Carter family. orange jar May 14 #13
This makes me sad. greatauntoftriplets May 14 #15
Peace, Mr President world wide wally May 14 #16
There are few humans like him. twodogsbarking May 14 #17
never got the press et tu May 14 #18
I saw a documentary film about Jimmy Carter some years back. Jeebo May 14 #19
"The Man From Plains" Codifer May 14 #24
One last habitat for us all. Marcus IM May 14 #21
This made me weep. Dem2theMax May 14 #51
The kindest most decent human being Raine May 14 #22
That's exactly what my mother said. SergeStorms May 15 #108
He was far too decent for a dirty job like President ArkansasDemocrat1 May 14 #25
Especially Reagan and Bush, senior True Blue American May 15 #92
Peace Mr President Pas-de-Calais May 14 #28
It's always sad COL Mustard May 14 #29
Grandson also says "he's do ok" MacKasey May 14 #32
BRO! Not until at least Nov. 6th and put on a big smile worthy of a poster! Brainfodder May 14 #33
I'm seriously thinking about decamping from Casa Aviation Pro and making the trip to either D.C. or Plains Aviation Pro May 14 #35
... spanone May 14 #38
kicked with tears.. mountain grammy May 14 #40
Fair wind and following seas. TomSlick May 14 #41
Could this be a time of his choosing? BaronChocula May 14 #42
Jimmy does not have to hang on forever. His legacy is made and is great. keithbvadu2 May 14 #43
Sad but not unexpected Warpy May 14 #44
Jimmy's going home after a life well lived. patphil May 14 #45
A life well lived. He won't be forgotten. Bristlecone May 14 #46
A great human being and leader. byronius May 14 #48
Jimmy Carter is a national treasure. Initech May 14 #50
One of the finest people on earth democrank May 14 #53
The world is better off because of Jimmy, what else could you want? ☮ walkingman May 14 #54
... littlemissmartypants May 14 #55
President Jimmy Carter gademocrat7 May 14 #56
No President before or after has done sellitman May 14 #57
It has been over 50 years since ThoughtCriminal May 14 #59
CNN's headline is kind of misleading. bearsfootball516 May 14 #60
Cross gently MustLoveBeagles May 14 #61
Tears. Our world will not be the same without him. KPN May 14 #62
"Bon Voyage" to a very respectable decent man! Emile May 14 #63
May his journey be peaceful and painless mcar May 14 #64
peaceful, painless, barbtries May 14 #65
Ave atque vale. ChazInAz May 14 #66
I was 18 in 1980 and my 1st voting experience BigmanPigman May 14 #67
... Demovictory9 May 14 #68
May Rosalyn be waiting patiently for him RainCaster May 14 #69
Now cracks a noble heart anamnua May 14 #70
Jimmy was a servant leader with faith built on a firm foundation; he humbly worked for ancianita May 14 #71
When the time comes sheshe2 May 14 #72
I have little to add since everyone has spoken so well. wnylib May 14 #73
been hearing that for.....years Skittles May 14 #74
President Carter Ladythatvotesblue May 14 #75
Proud to have voted for him twice. A good man. OAITW r.2.0 May 14 #76
And to this day DVRacer May 14 #77
And he literally saved a Canadian nuclear plant from blowing up in Chalk River applegrove May 15 #80
An angel will escort a saint into heaven Stinky The Clown May 14 #78
A good man!! young_at_heart May 14 #79
He's always been my favorite, smart, hard working, accomplished and compassionate Rhiannon12866 May 15 #81
President Jimmy Carter has more grace, decency, and character in his pinky than the ENTIRE GOP LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #82
President Carter has been 'coming to an end' for a year and a half... DemocraticPatriot May 15 #83
sad... myohmy2 May 15 #84
I hope his passing is peaceful, painless and surrounded by love CousinIT May 15 #85
His like will never pass again. AloeVera May 15 #86
Real honest to God goodness Joinfortmill May 15 #87
Easily the best ex-president of my life 0rganism May 15 #89
... William769 May 15 #90
The Grandson has been saying that for a year. True Blue American May 15 #91
Such a truly good man... CaptainTruth May 15 #93
Every moment he is still with us is colorado_ufo May 15 #94
Message auto-removed Name removed May 15 #95
Welcome to DU. Swede May 15 #97
Post removed Post removed May 15 #98
On your way. Don't you have a check to your orange goon to write? peppertree May 15 #99
This goon lasted one whole post. Swede May 15 #106
Good point peppertree May 15 #107
I was just thinking today of how much better the world would be anamnua May 15 #96
A second term would have changed the world for the better Kennah May 15 #100
Reagan's sabotaging Carter's election by holding the hostages until after January 20th was awful. SupportSanity May 15 #110
My first vote for president was for Jimmy Carter. NH Ethylene May 15 #101
I'm happy that Carter is coming to the end because he is no longer living, just surviving. elocs May 15 #102
Carter was definitely the best person out of all the presidents of my lifetime TBF May 15 #103
I'm a Truman baby Faygo Kid May 15 #105
Please consider joining the Jimmy Carter Appreciation Society on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/16374217069 mdmc Jun 12 #111
An exemplary statesman; a phenomenal president throughout the times, peacebuzzard May 15 #104
Hope he is not in pain agalisgv May 15 #109
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