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Insist on moderator having KILL switches for both microphones BoRaGard May 15 #1
I'd also recommend a spit guard in case trump has covid (or something else) again. erronis May 15 #17
The ventilation.... SergeStorms May 15 #55
His ass Traildogbob May 16 #76
Maybe put an amplified microphone down trDUMP's butt crack,... magicarpet May 16 #77
🤮🤮🤮 Traildogbob May 16 #79
Amen to that............NC DENVERPOPS May 15 #61
Outstanding smackdown of the bogus commission debates Mysterian May 15 #2
That "tradition" isn't even 50 years old. Wednesdays May 15 #3
The Lincoln-Douglas debates were not presidential. Ruby Soho May 15 #7
Ah! So I stand corrected. Wednesdays May 15 #16
Very odd Polybius May 15 #20
Nate can go piss up a rope. Ford_Prefect May 15 #24
I am a former college debater and I am glad that they are changing the rules LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #4
It was not helpful that Chris Wallace, the inventor of both-sider-ism, hosted that fiasco. jaxexpat May 15 #25
Classic! Epic Smackdown.. didn't the "media" Cha May 15 #33
Go Joe!!! 🌊 !!! Think. Again. May 15 #5
Trump will try to use this.... Bayard May 15 #6
And of course, this is BS. tRUMP is a coward, and full of it too, would lose in a heartbeat w/ fact checks on SWBTATTReg May 15 #9
Biden has already agreed to two debates: one in June and the other in September. Ruby Soho May 15 #11
Sad - but true peppertree May 15 #12
Who is ducking debates? Wednesdays May 15 #18
Mistake why? Do you think Biden is afraid MotownPgh May 15 #28
Well stated! ShazzieB May 15 #37
I Don't Care. Cha May 15 #34
Same here; I think debates are mostly pretense and theater. Good for a few laughs, and little else. peppertree May 15 #40
I don't care JustAnotherGen May 15 #67
President Biden is a very intelligent man and I am loving this letter. You tell 'em Joe! n/t SheilaAnn May 15 #8
Will the Con show up if there's not a live audience? -nt CrispyQ May 15 #10
Very solid strategy. For years we have had stupid msm questions that focus on generating shareholder PatrickforB May 15 #13
And don't let Trump not play any games... ificandream May 15 #14
Right? ShazzieB May 15 #42
Cold, Sir, But More Than Fair The Magistrate May 15 #15
You are such a gentleman, Sir. I was going to say fan-freaking-tastic. What I want back is League of Women Voters... Hekate May 15 #30
Harsh but fair. Mr. Sparkle May 15 #19
🍿🍿🍿! rubbersole May 15 #21
Strongly agree! No audience. Liberal In Texas May 15 #22
Or a filibuster so the other candidate can't get his point across. Squaredeal May 15 #29
Because Trump regards every event as a rally agingdem May 15 #45
I suspect you're right. Probably a deal breaker for Trump. Liberal In Texas May 15 #49
Don't forget what tfg did in 2016 sheshe2 May 15 #23
Excellent Points.. TY, she! Cha May 15 #38
I remember watching that debate. sheshe2 May 15 #50
Yeah, that's TSF's Dirty Perverted MO. Cha May 15 #53
A LOOMING presence?! Leith May 15 #48
Yes, I remember him humping the chair. sheshe2 May 15 #51
TFG was trying to physically intimidate Sec. Clinton LetMyPeopleVote May 16 #70
He was. sheshe2 May 16 #75
I love this JustAnotherGen May 15 #26
Yeah so screw the "Debate Commission".. they're Cha May 15 #36
Hey, Cha. Just want to make sure this is your message. erronis May 15 #56
This is my message.. I agree with Pres Joe Biden and his Team!.. Cha May 15 #60
Biden's reasons are clear and logical. Martin68 May 15 #27
Orange Turd won't agree to any format he can't corrupt and control. GoodRaisin May 15 #31
Agreed.............. DENVERPOPS May 15 #63
Thank you Mr. President. Live audiences distract and detract from debates!! Raven123 May 15 #32
Insist on no audience and a microphone kill switch for every debate. Hermit-The-Prog May 15 #35
And a dunk tank for repeat offenses. Marcuse May 16 #74
Is this the whole letter? ShazzieB May 15 #39
Here is the rest of the letter LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #47
Thanks! ShazzieB May 15 #62
There has to be more control and cutting the mics off is a good way LetMyPeopleVote May 16 #71
Nate Silver who has really become a tool senseandsensibility May 15 #41
NO audience. I've always HATED that oldsoftie May 15 #43
Good call by Biden. No circus atmosphere. wnylib May 15 #44
Dark Brandon told him to shut up in front of the world before taking his job. LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #46
TY again... I love all this coming up Again! Cha May 15 #59
I know it can't and won't happen thucythucy May 15 #52
Good blogslug May 15 #54
I am not the only one who likes this shirt LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #57
TY.. So Agree with Team Biden!! Cha May 15 #58
Though I got to admit the twelve year old in me would love to hear Joe say in the middle of a ... marble falls May 15 #64
Great letter pulled no punches. Fla Dem May 15 #65
I keep wondering if TFG will show up for a debate LetMyPeopleVote May 15 #66
lol at 'slock rocket' Celerity May 16 #78
Trump can debate from his cell bucolic_frolic May 16 #68
I am looking forward to that debate LetMyPeopleVote May 16 #69
Thread winner!! DING DING DING! /nt bucolic_frolic May 16 #72
I like it. republianmushroom May 16 #73
Debates are a friggin' joke -misanthroptimist May 16 #80
The location of the next Presidential debate LetMyPeopleVote May 17 #81
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