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maga news sources fail them once again. They are perpetually bewildered when reality is not what they thought. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz May 15 #1
I think they see the same material. They just don't want to report it. erronis May 15 #8
They see some the same and a lot that is nonsense Bernardo de La Paz May 15 #9
Funny typo jayschool2013 May 16 #48
Purposeful :p You got it, good job! . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz May 16 #51
Thanks! jayschool2013 May 16 #53
I'll go one step farther and say they see the same material NanaCat May 16 #45
Halfway through the story. Wanted to say thanks for posting before it slips my mind. Torchlight May 15 #2
Well, I'll be damned... ProudMNDemocrat May 15 #3
No one but right-wing white evangelicals expected anything wrong with the curriculum. Lonestarblue May 15 #4
The only person being indoctrinated was her. Ligyron May 15 #5
Right wing Emily Litella. tanyev May 15 #6
A couple of Propublica's articles on this piece erronis May 15 #7
I wonder what was the trigger... Think. Again. May 15 #10
The trigger? The election is over. Now she can sit back because there's no reform to do. Hermit-The-Prog May 15 #19
Good point. Think. Again. May 15 #23
I don't think it's a good point 11cents May 15 #25
From reading the article... Think. Again. May 15 #36
She committed the unforgivable crime of independent thought. patphil May 15 #37
Nah, she's a hardcore rightwinger just hoping to be louder than the others. Think. Again. May 15 #38
That's how I see it, too. yardwork May 16 #50
I doubt it. Ms. Toad May 15 #33
So there... Zambero May 15 #11
This won't convince the MAGA dipshits that believe the propaganda. progressoid May 15 #12
People do not understand that school boards AllyCat May 15 #13
Hats off to this person for admitting that her platform was bullshit. Midnight Writer May 15 #14
This is important information Johnny2X2X May 15 #15
Wow. A goober who accepts facts. Marcus IM May 15 #16
Glad to see this person actually looking at SEL curriculum jmbar2 May 15 #17
The article mentions that she received backlash and threats from her former supporters Ohioboy May 15 #18
I was thinking that is must soldierant May 15 #41
Great article. This lady found she'd been fed a load of Texas horseshit & went public w the facts Hekate May 15 #20
"how to be a good friend, a good human." Ha! chouchou May 15 #21
That's my definition of "woke" central scrutinizer May 15 #22
:) :) :) chouchou May 15 #40
No good deed goes unpunished SupportSanity May 15 #24
I don't think an anonymous whistleblower works ecstatic May 15 #28
"Instead, Gore found the materials taught children "how to be a good friend, a good human."' viva la May 15 #26
Now she is a RINO. keithbvadu2 May 15 #39
Interesting... And a little weird ecstatic May 15 #27
me, too. AllaN01Bear May 15 #31
Hah I wondered the same....she seemed too insightful and had too much critical thinking skills... Lucky Luciano May 15 #43
eggscllent. AllaN01Bear May 15 #29
Republicans CLING to their WILLFUL IGNORANCE.. Beware if anything NEW gets into their ears and may inform the mind !!! Traurigkeit May 15 #30
its fun when there bubble gets popped . AllaN01Bear May 15 #32
Open the link and read all of it. It's as bad as you think it is. NM Grins May 15 #34
From the link... Grins May 15 #35
Teaching kids to be good humans is clear evidence of liberal indoctrination Renew Deal May 15 #42
Another tool exposed Old Crank May 16 #44
It's almost like none of them paid attention in school PurgedVoter May 16 #46
Living a fact free life until reality steps in Historic NY May 16 #47
At least she let facts reshape her views Martin Eden May 16 #49
She admitted she was wrong SARose May 16 #52
The GOP's house of cards is built on a foundation of *imagined* problems. Beartracks May 16 #54
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