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36. I know. We get it
Thu May 16, 2024, 10:14 PM
May 16

What did trans people ever do to you?

The science does not back their claim FreeState May 16 #1
Boys vs Women's Records dwnsouth May 16 #9
You might want to review EarlG's post on the rules of the forum. Ms. Toad May 16 #14
High school boys sports records dwnsouth May 16 #16
Per EarlG (the owner of this discussion board). Ms. Toad May 16 #26
So it's a topic that can't be discussed, on a discussion board Mosby May 16 #21
Just like you can't advocate that science establishes that whites are superior to blacks on *this* discussion board. n/t Ms. Toad May 16 #25
What? Mosby May 16 #27
It's ananalogy. Ms. Toad May 16 #30
It is a BS analogy. former9thward May 16 #35
I haven't made any personal attacks. Ms. Toad May 16 #44
chiming in to say ecstatic May 17 #63
Unless every athlete who set a record is tested for testosterone levels Ms. Toad May 17 #65
The post made a statement of fact Zeitghost May 16 #52
Until it added, "You may want there not to be a physical difference, but that just isn't the case." Ms. Toad May 16 #55
Again, all facts Zeitghost May 17 #64
You are expressing an opinion ("testosterone is responsible for some of them"), not fact. Ms. Toad May 17 #67
It's not my opinion Zeitghost May 17 #74
I know. We get it BootOutTheGoons May 16 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby May 16 #51
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the post! NoRethugFriends May 16 #31
Except that it advocates a scientific basis for discriminating against trans women. Ms. Toad May 16 #43
all it does is state a fact. infer what you will from it NoRethugFriends May 17 #70
I think over emphesis on winning is a big barrier to equal access in amateur sports. Are we watching for winners or ... marble falls May 17 #81
How many of those Records were made by trans women? LostOne4Ever May 16 #23
Yes and how many of those record breakers were on hormone therapy? Voltaire2 May 17 #71
According to your logic a woman should be able to take enough testosterone rainy May 16 #2
Post removed Post removed May 16 #3
Yours is a legitimate point of view which means it will likely be dismissed out of hand here. elocs May 16 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author jimfields33 May 16 #4
You might want to review EarlG's post on this matter. Ms. Toad May 16 #15
No they aren't vercetti2021 May 16 #39
I think the governing bodies of the sports should determine what's fair bhikkhu May 16 #5
There should be no restrictions. Jirel May 16 #7
Pro Football Teams dwnsouth May 16 #11
All the major leagues are completely open (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA) Mosby May 16 #32
I'm trans and I really don't care, tbh. Oneironaut May 16 #8
This! Silent Type May 16 #49
I'm too disinterested in sports to really care a whole lot personally, but as an issue of fairness for those who do... Silent3 May 16 #10
Always remember Lurker Deluxe May 16 #12
Perhaps a reminder is warranted... Patton French May 16 #13
Trans women are women and trans men are men. WhiskeyGrinder May 16 #17
So WHY are sports segregated by "Gender"? mackdaddy May 16 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity May 16 #20
If they weren't segregated, and biological cis males were allowed into one exclusively 'open' for all arena, women's' Celerity May 16 #22
and that, in a nutshell, is the very nub of the sitiuation stopdiggin May 16 #53
Do you really want to see Brock Lesnar fighting Amanda Nunes? Polybius May 17 #66
Hard to imagine anyone who has had daughters play and thrive in girls sports would make this claim Prairie Gates May 17 #80
I Don't Think RobinA May 17 #82
Stop electing people who are influenced by Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro? Initech May 16 #19
What I think would be fair would wait until their is evidence of a problem LostOne4Ever May 16 #24
Maybe fairness, or perfect fairness for all, isn't possible... And if so then RockRaven May 16 #28
Entertainment for you, not for the people participating. former9thward May 16 #37
exactly. please DO try to throw that in the face stopdiggin May 16 #54
The anthropological origin of sports is training, and a substitute, for war Ponietz May 17 #86
People suddenly care about "fairness" because it sounds like a good cover for hate unblock May 16 #29
Political disttraction IbogaProject May 16 #34
Do you favor merging all sexes in sports? former9thward May 16 #38
I didn't say that at all, and there's little "fairness" in any arrangement unblock May 16 #41
but you didn't answer the question either. stopdiggin May 16 #56
Because it's an irrelevant question and has nothing to do with me or my post unblock May 17 #61
gottcha' that's pretty straightforward and on point stopdiggin May 17 #62
Are you referring to wrestling or boxing with the 95lb to 145lb line? JanMichael May 16 #46
True- something actually relevant to those particular sports unblock May 16 #50
we have women's wrestling teams stopdiggin May 17 #59
Exactly. Voltaire2 May 17 #72
You Could Do That RobinA May 17 #84
Post removed Post removed May 16 #33
Let them play vercetti2021 May 16 #40
This! Times infinity! LostOne4Ever May 16 #42
And rules aren't even enforced for it vercetti2021 May 16 #45
Yup. Ms. Toad May 16 #58
It's easy: no genital inspections. Shame the motherfuckers for their child genital obsession. AnrothElf May 16 #47
Post removed Post removed May 16 #48
Create a new category pfitz59 May 16 #57
Trans people are like .1% of the population. Oneironaut May 17 #69
Agree Ponietz May 17 #87
You could answer the question experimentally DBoon May 17 #60
I'm staying out of this one Polybius May 17 #68
Wisdom John Shaft May 17 #73
I think it's such a rare case that it's a distraction Johnny2X2X May 17 #75
It seems odd to ask for opinions when the board has specific rules about what can be posted Prairie Gates May 17 #76
Ding Ding - we have a winner. Fix The Stupid May 17 #83
What would be fair ... Think. Again. May 17 #77
Key observation..."evidence doesn't suggest a massive advantage for trans athletes"... Rafi May 17 #78
Yes and that was pointed out to the OP FreeState May 17 #85
I believe this is a highly controversial subject Bucky May 17 #79
To those who missed it the first time around EarlG May 17 #88
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