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Thu May 16, 2024, 10:15 PM May 16

'HOW DARE YOU!' All Hell Breaks Lose in Committee Hearing as Marjorie Taylor Greene Brawls with AOC and Jasmine Crockett [View all]

During the hearing, trouble began when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) asked if any Democratic committee members employ the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York. Merchan’s daughter works for a political consulting firm whose services Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) – who sits on the committee – has enlisted.

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) asked Greene what relevance her question had. After some crosstalk, Greene commented about Crockett’s “fake eyelashes,” which ignited the tinderbox and prompted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to demand Greene’s words be “taken down,” or expunged from the record.

Comer ruled that Greene’s words would not be taken down. Greene also attacked Ocasio-Cortez, calling her “not intelligent.”

Later, Crockett took a shot at Greene, disguised as a point of order about what constitutes a personal attack:

CROCKETT: I’m just curious. To better understand your ruling, if someone on this committee then starts talking about somebody’s bleached blonde, bad-built, butch body, that would not be engaging in personalities, correct?


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Isn't it better to maintain proper decorum?!!! FHRRK May 16 #1
Here's the video. It was set off when Comer refused to strike Greene's comments at the behest of AOC. TheBlackAdder May 16 #18
Thanks for posting the video! KS Toronado May 17 #37
Thanks, that was bizarre PatSeg May 17 #64
I needed a laugh Hikerchick57 May 17 #84
Until we can get most of the Repugs out of office, slightlv May 17 #65
Video of some of it Celerity May 16 #2
Crockett had a grand clarification!! riversedge May 16 #5
Ms. Crockett is the bomb!! Keep up calling them on their BS Ms. Crockett!! n/t thenelm1 May 16 #26
I think that woman might be my new hero lol. Volaris May 17 #87
Raskin trying to hold it together is the best part of the clip. Ace Rothstein May 16 #8
lol CatWoman May 17 #38
"Bleach blonde bad built butch body." Beautiful belittling, Jasmine Crocket riversedge May 16 #14
hem. AllaN01Bear May 17 #58
Its been trending on Twitter since last night. Sawit first thing this morning oldsoftie May 17 #66
Who are those guys behind Comer? Seinan Sensei May 17 #92
Ms. Crockett is the MTG-antidote. OAITW r.2.0 May 16 #3
If only the Democratic Party had even more Ms. Crocketts and Ms. Ocasio-Cortezs Traurigkeit May 17 #45
Greene: I would like to know if any of the Democrats on this committee are employing Judge Merchan's daughter... riversedge May 16 #4
So, what was the final verdict? Baitball Blogger May 16 #7
Certainly Limely ProfessorGAC May 17 #89
Things are already getting heated in as Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Jaime Raskin with an outburst riversedge May 16 #6
No need to type your comment twice. OMGWTF May 17 #48
DU sometimes has a glitch Wednesdays May 17 #69
Oh behave! JoseBalow May 16 #9
AOC: She has to apologize MTG: I'm not apologizing. Why don't you debate me! AOC: That's self evident MTG: Yeah riversedge May 16 #10
What a clusterfuck. LudwigPastorius May 16 #25
AOC isnt gonna debate that fool, because Alexandria understands Volaris May 17 #88
Watching Raskin's face and then Crockett's as she seeks a point of order to see whether it's appropriate to comment on M riversedge May 16 #11
Watch this without sound...it's even better. Lolol CincyDem May 17 #50
Best double take of the century. usonian May 17 #56
Raskin: In this special nighttime episode, we resume the comedy series "Comer's high crimes and misadventures" riversedge May 16 #12
... Boebert is confused & thought she was in Church riversedge May 16 #13
as someone who knows... ret5hd May 16 #33
"She must have learned that from Trump's bible"......... riversedge May 17 #60
I was going to post the same thing. dmr May 17 #94
Those Catholic girls? czarjak May 17 #55
Shouldn't Comer be out cleaning toilets at a gas station? Or is he not even qualified for that? Hermit-The-Prog May 16 #15
Rep Crockett reslly REALLY knows xhow to call out a phony! PortTack May 16 #16
Oh Jasmine! Cha May 16 #17
She's so beautiful to me. RandySF May 16 #21
Jasmine is Beautiful.. I said that on a Cha May 16 #23
I mean I have a slight crush. RandySF May 16 #24
Understandable.. I have a slight crush on Cha May 16 #30
"MTG started it and Jasmine finished it and wiped the floor with her bleached blonde bad butch body." Cha May 16 #19
MTG is a stupid, pathetic, unhinged freak show Blue Owl May 16 #31
Yeah, and Jasmine Crockett knows Cha May 17 #42
Rep. Jasmine Crockett knows how to think on her feet as well as sitting down. ProudMNDemocrat May 17 #61
That's comedy gold, Jerry!! (nt) appmanga May 17 #81
It is! Cha May 17 #82
MTG is the epitome of a trailer park trashy bimbo. NoMoreRepugs May 16 #20
I love Rep. Crockett Warpy May 16 #22
i want to say it so bad , i can taste it in my mouth but i wont. AllaN01Bear May 16 #27
Go for it. rubbersole May 17 #57
MTG - stable(d) or unstable(d)? thenelm1 May 16 #28
Looks unstable to me Blue Owl May 16 #32
Oh, got it! sheshe2 May 17 #75
Both, actually!!! Blue Owl May 17 #78
Way to go Jasmine....LOL LeftInTX May 16 #29
These are members of the U. S. Senate? grumpyduck May 16 #34
No they aren't members of the US Senate Kaleva May 16 #35
House not Senate NanaCat May 17 #40
Yup, my bad. grumpyduck May 17 #80
I agree Skittles May 17 #91
When are people gonna learn? You do not come for Representative Jasmine Crockett! SunSeeker May 17 #36
IKR?🤣 sheshe2 May 17 #53
In one YouTube parody, Greene is dtessed like Dog the Bounty Hunter Kaleva May 17 #41
Priceless. sheshe2 May 17 #43
Order!!! Renew Deal May 17 #44
He's calling for a plate of hors d'oeuvres? Wednesdays May 17 #70
"tantric sex guru" . . . AverageOldGuy May 17 #46
Not enough intelligence says Moscow Marge. keithbvadu2 May 17 #47
Not even close GenThePerservering May 17 #52
I'm really starting to wonder if we'll see another "caning" episode... keep_left May 17 #49
With firearms this time. Wednesdays May 17 #71
MAGAbots gotta go. oasis May 17 #51
agree totally et tu May 17 #62
My damn Shero ..... LenaBaby61 May 17 #54
I love Representative Crocket, glad she's on the "good" side! Think. Again. May 17 #59
It's the alliteration for me ... live love laugh May 17 #63
Team Crockett all the way. Doesn't trash-mouth howler monkey face MTG know it's rude Timeflyer May 17 #67
Fetterman really pissed AOC off with his Jerry Springer Show jabbed.. DemocratInPa May 17 #68
Fetterman Mosby May 17 #76
AOC responded by.. DemocratInPa May 17 #79
Ms. Crockett is the Texas woman I have so wanted to see emerge again. Respected and respectful but will efhmc May 17 #72
I LOVE REP. JASMINE CROCKETT! I seriously have had enough of the "bleach-blond, bad-built, butch-body" MTG, and I am LaMouffette May 17 #73
Verbal brawl, maybe. But "brawl" connotes BadgerMom May 17 #74
'Noisy quarrel' being one standard definition of the word; appears an accurate usgage Torchlight May 17 #83
This is a good argument for bringing back Jell-O wrestling on the floor of the House. NT mahatmakanejeeves May 17 #77
A bit off topic Rebl2 May 17 #85
Seriously, Greene is a truly colossal scumbag and a POS. Initech May 17 #86
MTG Ladythatvotesblue May 17 #90
That whole thing was the funniest s*** I've seen on C-SPAN ever! Seeking Serenity May 17 #93
I love her! AnrothElf May 17 #95
Congresswoman Crockett was on the Last Word last night LetMyPeopleVote May 18 #96
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