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58. The Intercept is in fact, a propaganda outfit
Fri May 17, 2024, 08:20 PM
May 17

For example, their insane attempt to whitewash the systematic raping that Hamas carried out on 10/7:


If that isn't propaganda, I don't know what is.

"Eliminate Israel's Palestinian Problem once and for all"? Understand that I was brought up to admire the Jewish..... MMBeilis May 17 #1
That is indeed disgusting loaded language. SunSeeker May 17 #3
"Israel is trying to eliminate Hamas, not Palestinians." Dave Bowman May 17 #9
Even taking Hamas' 35k figure, that is low for urban warfare. SunSeeker May 17 #10
+10000000 betsuni May 17 #15
So it's a 'small war'. That makes it okay to commit war crimes? Clearly the IDF who are not yet deemed a 'terrorist TeamProg May 17 #21
History will not be kind if rhetoric like yours gets Trump elected. nt SunSeeker May 17 #30
Not at all. Netanyahu is more aligned with Putin and Trump than Biden. Thanks for playing though! TeamProg May 17 #34
Read about what happened in 1968. This is not a play date. nt SunSeeker May 17 #36
"The U.N. nearly halved its estimate of women and children killed in Gaza ...." Rob H. May 17 #40
Nothing I said was false. Your article confirms what I said about WOMEN AND CHILDREN. SunSeeker May 17 #44
This. TeamProg May 17 #20
You might listen to David Grossman on this Ponietz May 17 #31
Starving Palestinians to eliminate them is funny way to show it. Butterflylady May 17 #35
Hamas is stealing the aid and shooting at the aid pier and aid convoys. SunSeeker May 17 #37
Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas,HamasHamas AloeVera May 17 #43
"All of it is on Israel." Hamas could not have said it better. nt SunSeeker May 17 #46
Hamas hamas hamas. N/T. AloeVera May 17 #48
MAGA enid602 May 17 #52
Refusing to acknowledge Hamas' role is indeed MAGA logic. SunSeeker May 17 #65
How can we not talk about Hamas when Hamas is the government of Gaza? SunSeeker May 17 #64
+1 Dave Bowman May 17 #54
The right wingers keeping Bibi in power have publicly stated they want to start Israeli settlements in Gaza dutch777 May 17 #7
Ethnic cleansing in the West Bank as we write Ponietz May 17 #33
Right now it is Hamas who is keeping Netanyahu in power. SunSeeker May 17 #38
By his funding of Hamas, Old Crank May 17 #2
Israel has not funded Hamas anymore than the UN has funded Hamas. SunSeeker May 17 #5
Bibi was a conduit for cash to hamas Old Crank May 17 #19
No, he wasn't. Re-read your article. SunSeeker May 17 #25
This article keeps getting posted here Mountainguy May 17 #68
The Intercept is itself a propaganda outfit. SunSeeker May 17 #4
I knew it was The Intercept or Jacobin before clicking. Propaganda -- I know there's a effort to betsuni May 17 #6
I was guessing Haaretz. Mosby May 17 #24
What is your opinion of The Nation and James Bamford? nt PufPuf23 May 17 #8
They are both past their prime. nt SunSeeker May 17 #11
Have you read the recent The Nation articles about the Gaza War? nt PufPuf23 May 17 #12
If you are referring to Bamford's articles, no. SunSeeker May 17 #14
Who does this sound like? "It's all propaganda aginst me", "I am a victim" , "It's a witch hunt", "They're trying TeamProg May 17 #22
Well in this instance, the person screaming about propaganda is the Intercept's Jeremy Scahill. SunSeeker May 17 #39
Nope, follow the thread. I was referring to the post : "The Intercept is itself a propaganda outfit." TeamProg May 17 #57
The Intercept is in fact, a propaganda outfit NickB79 May 17 #58
"Whitewash" has many degrees. Defining whitewash as propaganda is also propaganda, yes? TeamProg May 17 #59
The Intercept arguing that Hamas DIDN'T actually rape all those women isn't convincing to you? NickB79 May 17 #61
Ha ha ha. There it is! It is NOT anti-Semitic to attack Netanyahu's plans of ethnic cleansin TeamProg May 17 #67
The total will be close to 45,000 dead Gazans after the rubble TeamProg May 17 #69
Odd that you would object to me using the word propaganda, but not to Jeremy Scahill's use. nt SunSeeker May 17 #60
Exactly Rob H. May 17 #55
Putin loves anything that causes division, especially on the left. SunSeeker May 17 #62
Putin has plenty of "hard-left" fans Mountainguy May 17 #70
Yes it is. The Glen Greenwald Jeremy Scahill rag. Shahill was JohnSJ May 17 #27
"From the River to the Sea" is now a right-wing Israeli slogan? JustABozoOnThisBus May 17 #13
It has been an Israeli Likud Party slogan for years. Lonestarblue May 17 #16
So it's used by both sides? JustABozoOnThisBus May 17 #42
Yes but only one side gets demonized for it. AloeVera May 17 #49
It has been for years obamanut2012 May 17 #28
the ultra RW fascist Israelis use it and have used it for over 100 years Celerity May 17 #66
Our foreign policies have been catastrophic for the most part. Passages May 17 #17
THIS malaise May 17 #63
It is apparent that this is a war against a whole people including children. David__77 May 17 #18
The actions of Israel certainly looks like ethnic cleansing. nt TeamProg May 17 #23
It is literal textbook ethnic cleansing obamanut2012 May 17 #29
Textbook ethnic cleansing is what Palestinians did in Gaza to Jews and Christians. SunSeeker May 17 #41
Actually that was an Israeli decision not Palestinian. Nanjeanne May 17 #50
BS. As your article notes, the Israelis agreed to move them in the face of Palestinian threats of desecration. SunSeeker May 17 #53
The families didn't want to. They argued with Israeli government. You forgot to quote the Israeli govt Nanjeanne May 18 #71
They couldn't leave the graves there because the Palestinians would desecrate the graves. SunSeeker May 18 #72
Ok. The Palestinians are to blame for everything. Got it. Have a great day. Nanjeanne May 18 #74
It is an interesting discussion in light of the mass grave desecration and grave robbing by Israel's army. David__77 May 18 #75
Interesting how prejudice can color everything but I guess it's easier for some to sleep at night. Sad too. Nanjeanne May 18 #77
THIS malaise May 18 #73
"Hamas commandos led a series of raids into Israel" Commandos? EX500rider May 17 #26
Uh, "we"? That's very accusational. Are "settlers" what some call murdering and rapist land thieves? TeamProg May 17 #32
I didn't post the article with the BS framing of terrorists as "Commandoes" EX500rider May 17 #45
There are no settlers in Gaza. All Jews, even their dead, left in 2005 NickB79 May 17 #47
That term "settlers" was used on the radio, reminded me of our own history. CoopersDad May 18 #76
Right wing extremists need to be Times Persons of the year. SleeplessinSoCal May 17 #51
Many scumbags were persons of the year. Dave Bowman May 17 #56
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