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I really wanted to see money XanaDUer2 May 17 #1
The people I've talked to feel it in everyday things like gas and groceries. They're not into the stock market Raven May 17 #5
Be sure to let him know. He's probably never even thought of it! Ocelot II May 17 #12
Well, I guess he'll have to win the election, for starters. Raven May 17 #13
I'm interested in what clamping down on capitalism means, too! betsuni May 17 #33
We're really poor and eat eggs a lot XanaDUer2 May 17 #14
Tell them that this the GOP plan. Happy Hoosier May 18 #60
That would have created more inflation. Ruby Soho May 17 #7
But of course the GOP would have blocked it. Ocelot II May 17 #24
It would actually make inflation worse. jimfields33 May 18 #53
It is pretty good for all of my family. pwb May 17 #2
yes Skittles May 17 #3
Thank you for asking, Skittles, I'm doing ok. Raven May 17 #8
Yep, corporate profits are at an all-time high. Think. Again. May 17 #4
Worse Than Merely Profuts ProfessorGAC May 17 #25
The "living paycheck to paycheck" doesn't fit well with campaign's message economy is doing well. Silent Type May 17 #6
I'm afraid that Biden is giving the impression that everything is fine and it's just not. Raven May 17 #9
This is the best economy of my lifetime...it won't get any better than this... Demsrule86 May 17 #16
Pretty good for me, but I have modest expectations. SarahD May 17 #30
Americans are bad at saving money, being frugal, having modest expectations compared to a lot of other countries. betsuni May 17 #34
This has been the worst year for me in thirty years Tribetime May 17 #36
You are self-admittedly well off. ZERO wrong with that. I am too. But for tens of millions in the lowest deciles, the Celerity May 18 #45
My husband has progressive neuropathy and has disability I am on Medicare...it took us over a year to qualify Demsrule86 May 19 #69
Maybe I have you confused with another poster from Ohio, but I seem to recall you complaing about paying more Celerity May 19 #71
And you want to blame something for some of the remaining issues with the economy...I nominate globalism... Demsrule86 May 19 #70
So would you expect him to talk about "how awful things are"? No, you highlight all the GOOD, and there is a LOT of it. Bob0264 May 19 #72
People have been living paycheck to paycheck for pretty much ever. Ruby Soho May 17 #10
Yup. Ocelot II May 17 #17
Six months ago a couple told me the food prices here were so high SomedayKindaLove May 17 #27
+1 betsuni May 17 #32
That 78 per cent figure is not from 2019. It is from May 24 to June 16, 2017, 4 to 5 months Celerity May 18 #47
Did you read my post? Ruby Soho May 18 #49
Of course it matters. Celerity May 18 #50
The basic facts are the same. Ruby Soho May 18 #59
It also helps to know how these polls/reports define "paycheck to paycheck" sl8 May 18 #58
Yeah, to me PC to PC is "scraping to find this month's rent money" RandomNumbers May 18 #63
I know MANY people who live paycheck to paycheck but wouldn't need to RandomNumbers May 18 #62
People live paycheck to paycheck because they sometimes spend too much. Demsrule86 May 17 #20
So if you're living paycheck the paycheck it's your fault because you spend too much Tribetime May 17 #38
Not to be cynical but it's always like that underpants May 17 #11
I'm making $20,000 a year, if not more, than I was four years ago. Ruby Soho May 17 #19
Yes. Me as well underpants May 17 #29
When I was a young married woman with children...we bought a house interest rates were in double digits, Demsrule86 May 17 #15
Today the average starter home is $240,000. questionseverything May 18 #54
Yeah, the old punchline, "but what have you done for lately?" Torchlight May 17 #18
Post removed Post removed May 17 #21
"Bidenomics" GenThePerservering May 17 #22
White House uses the term 'Bidenomics' to help sell the president's economic agenda Celerity May 18 #68
Most people I know are better off than 2019. pwb May 17 #23
I have to say, I've always been paycheck to paycheck elias7 May 17 #26
The economy is obnoxiousdrunk May 17 #28
Demographics Sympthsical May 17 #40
DU is much, much older than the general population. GenThePerservering May 17 #41
Every poll I've ever seen on DU Sympthsical May 17 #42
I could tell a number of posters were older GenThePerservering May 18 #66
Extraordinarily so. Also, there are staggeringly few posters under 30yo or so. Celerity May 18 #48
The average age of someone in America is 38 years old. Ruby Soho May 18 #65
A few own 99% of the wealth. usonian May 17 #31
Brilliant! I love these. MrsCheaplaugh May 17 #35
Economists blame the latest unemployment report and the price of washing machines, but usonian May 17 #39
This one has always illustrated things best to me: True Dough May 18 #56
If people are poor or not many live paycheck to paycheck anyway. doc03 May 17 #37
A lot of it is just bad choices BannonsLiver May 18 #43
I had a co-worker that took the pension buyout, he received around $120k. He went out doc03 May 18 #57
Thank you, you expressed it better than I did. RandomNumbers May 18 #64
Republicans control the House of Representatives liberalmediaaddict May 18 #44
Thank you. Obstructionist Republican control of the House for 6 of 8 years of Clinton and Obama, 2 of Biden betsuni May 18 #46
The oligarchy isn't working for many people. It's paycheck to paycheck for many families, especially young families. Mister Ed May 18 #51
Housing is the biggest issue for me. LisaM May 18 #52
People have lived paycheck to paycheck for as long as I can remember FloridaBlues May 18 #55
Rent and food prices are not the Historic NY May 18 #61
Winless battle never able to do anything about. edisdead May 18 #67
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