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24. I guess the 22nd Amendment doesn't apply to him.
Mon May 20, 2024, 03:07 PM
May 20

Personally, if he's so adamant on a 3 term presidency, then why don't we have President Obama run again?
I mean if he's ready to ditch the 22nd amendment then it's works for anyone who was elected 2 times and is available to run again.

Idiot doesn't conveniently remember why they put in term limits (two) for the office of the Presidency. SWBTATTReg May 19 #1
He said this during his first term. Irish_Dem May 19 #2
And his Banana Republicans love it peppertree May 20 #17
Yes of course it is no longer about just Trump. Irish_Dem May 20 #19
I think he's just jerking around with the idea that he actually won in 2020. onenote May 19 #3
He's 'floating' the idea. LOL peggysue2 May 19 #4
The only thing he floats COL Mustard May 20 #35
The people of the US make a counter offer of 5 consecutive jail terms rurallib May 19 #5
I want to see him bdamomma May 19 #7
That's not really what he said TexasDem69 May 19 #6
I'm floating a twenty-year prison term when he's convicted. sop May 19 #8
Exactly smb May 20 #33
Trump can't count. FDR was President for 12 years, 1 month and 8 days. rsdsharp May 19 #9
Oh no, Trump gets facts wrong! Bucky May 20 #12
Well, he didn't listen to the Nixonian Presidential Records Act, Baitball Blogger May 19 #10
Hes a floater alright MFM008 May 19 #11
What I heard is idahoblue May 20 #13
He can serve multiple terms in jail. CaptainTruth May 20 #14
Poor Smelvis is afraid that his flunkies in state legislatures and county government stealing the election for him Attilatheblond May 20 #15
I don't think Biden wants to serve three terms. twodogsbarking May 20 #16
If Trump is eligible so is Obama! yellowcanine May 20 #18
K and R (no text) Stuart G May 20 #20
You will Rebl2 May 20 #21
His dumbest supporters think he's president right now IronLionZion May 20 #22
I'm OK with two terms. LudwigPastorius May 20 #23
I guess the 22nd Amendment doesn't apply to him. patphil May 20 #24
Maybe Trump thinks Alito and Thomas can repeal the 22nd Amendment all by themselves DFW May 20 #30
The hard core cultists believe he is STILL president & Biden is just "there" oldsoftie May 20 #25
Well, the average life expectancy for a person with Alzheimer's disease TBF May 20 #26
So how many Repukes in Congress are fine with this? sakabatou May 20 #27
Pretty soon it will be "You know, a lot of people are saying..." intrepidity May 20 #28
Ain't gonna happen...not in this lifetime Wednesdays May 20 #29
I'm hoping he gets a 3-term consecutive life sentences for all he has done to this Country. William769 May 20 #31
And all those idiots who scream, "Term Limits!" geardaddy May 20 #32
Why stop at three Blue Idaho May 20 #34
Secession movements begin the moment after his Electoral College theft is announced on media. roamer65 May 20 #36
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