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Wed May 22, 2024, 09:20 AM May 22

Trump classified documents case: judge holds hearing on dismissing charges [View all]

Trump classified documents case: judge holds hearing on dismissing charges
Judge Aileen Cannon to hear arguments in court for the first time since indefinitely postponing trial
Associated Press
Wed 22 May 2024 08.24 EDT
Last modified on Wed 22 May 2024 09.07 EDT

Prosecutors and defense lawyers in the classified documents case against the former president Donald Trump are due in court on Wednesday for the first time since the judge indefinitely postponed the trial earlier this month.

The case, one of four criminal prosecutions against Trump, had been set for trial on 20 May but US district judge Aileen Cannon cited numerous issues she had yet to resolve as a basis for canceling the trial date.

On Wednesday, Cannon was scheduled to hear arguments on a Trump request to dismiss the indictment on grounds that it fails to clearly articulate a crime and instead amounts to “a personal and political attack against President Trump” with a “litany of uncharged grievances both for public and media consumption”.

Prosecutors on special counsel Jack Smith’s team, which brought the case, will argue against that request. Trump is not expected to be present for the hearing.


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Can someone tell me why Jack SMith hasn't Johnny2X2X May 22 #1
Jack's boss at DOJ doesn't want to rock the boat. comradebillyboy May 22 #5
Garland has been a disaster Johnny2X2X May 22 #8
Totally agree! ananda May 22 #47
Believe you have nailed it. republianmushroom May 22 #65
She really hasnt given him an opening..... getagrip_already May 22 #20
If she waits to dismiss the case until after the jury is seated it would put T***p LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 22 #41
ok, i'm not a lawyer, but rly? when the jury is sworn? mopinko May 23 #72
I was an attorney, so this might help: LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 24 #74
doesnt answer my question. mopinko May 24 #75
It is difficult for a prosecutor to get a judge removed Fiendish Thingy May 22 #30
Canon isn't "crafty"... she is being coached Mr.WeRP May 22 #45
Yep, coached by the Federalist Society... IthinkThereforeIAM May 22 #48
Exactly. Dark n Stormy Knight May 23 #71
Different venue wryter2000 May 22 #52
99.99% of people in DU most probably have that same question...What is going on? Escurumbele May 22 #50
Aren't you 'sposed to ask that two times? DoBW May 22 #56
WTF Johonny May 22 #2
When a request for dismissal is brought forward, you have a hearing. jimfields33 May 22 #9
How many requests for dismissal is this now? Diraven May 22 #10
Might as well get the hearing in before the Supreme Court decision comes out. jimfields33 May 22 #11
Because edhopper May 22 #21
The judges were not Aileen Cannon. hadEnuf May 22 #31
Did they actually hold hearings for every trump/ny motion to dismiss? Hassin Bin Sober May 22 #54
IIRC, Reality Winner spent a year in prison for ONE document. OMGWTF May 22 #49
The federal government needs to tighten the procedures of classified documents especially at the jimfields33 May 22 #63
WTAF???!!!! FalloutShelter May 22 #3
Trump lawyers file for dismissal all the time wryter2000 May 22 #53
Biggest act of treason in history of the country Arne May 22 #4
We executed 2 people (the Rosenbergs) and FBI agent (Robert Hansen) died in the Colorado Super Max .... Botany May 22 #18
It seems our government doesn't know what's missing Arne May 22 #24
And probably sold some. TheRickles May 22 #29
for much less than Trump has done. rurallib May 22 #25
Both the Rosenbergs and Jim Hansen were very dirty. Botany May 22 #37
As a side note coprolite May 22 #39
I used to believe the story that the Rosenbergs were the victims of the right wing but .... Botany May 22 #46
Another bit of background... Roy Cohn was on the prosecution for the Rosenbergs. Hugin May 22 #58
All this and more is covered in a great documentary film, "Where's My Roy Cohn?". TheRickles May 22 #67
Wasn't the story about finding four more classified docs in Trump's bedroom a recent one? CrispyQ May 22 #6
The Washington post newspaper! jimfields33 May 22 #12
One article said FOUR (4) SETS of classified documents Captain Zero May 22 #42
I don't see her dismissing the whole case............................. Lovie777 May 22 #7
If she dismisses then anyone can take secret documents home. BradBo May 22 #13
Better, he can appeal the decision.... Happy Hoosier May 22 #61
If Cannon dismisses the case, can it be refiled? KS Toronado May 22 #14
Smith could appeal that decision.... getagrip_already May 22 #23
It's good he can appeal at least. BlueKota May 22 #28
Anything short of jeopardy can be appealed.... getagrip_already May 22 #36
Of course she's going to dismiss it Farmer-Rick May 22 #15
Wouldn't doubt it at this point. BlueKota May 22 #27
How about dismiss the frigging judge?! KPN May 22 #16
If she dismissed the charges couldn't the DOJ file again? Add the new docs they've discovered? -nt CrispyQ May 22 #17
Can't refile same charges. The new docs yes but only 4 are involved. We lose again! machoneman May 22 #19
Thanks. -nt CrispyQ May 22 #22
I personally think those four documents are grounds for revoking bail. lastlib May 22 #32
4 SETS Captain Zero May 22 #43
I don't believe that's correct. Happy Hoosier May 22 #62
Yes you can Zeitghost May 22 #69
Following with interest malaise May 22 #26
We have to realize we have no more Rule of MOMFUDSKI May 22 #33
How long before the American people see through this obvious bullshit and get the torches & pitchforks? hadEnuf May 22 #34
Cannon & Chutkan trial schedules duckworth969 May 22 #35
Not sure if smith can request a delay or not.. getagrip_already May 22 #38
That's an absolute certainty! Wuddles440 May 24 #76
And just like that.. poof. onecaliberal May 22 #40
She sucks. Joinfortmill May 22 #44
"fails to clearly articulate a crime"?! William Seger May 22 #51
She is going to agree to give cover to the Fascist court. onecaliberal May 22 #64
So Alito has been whispering in her ear? Ford_Prefect May 22 #55
Routine. H2O Man May 22 #57
Makes me sick to my stomach!! PortTack May 22 #59
WTF? Martin68 May 22 #60
This is a travesty bdamomma May 22 #66
If TFG's dismissed of charges, there's going to be an uproar sakabatou May 22 #68
I will believe "uproar" when I see it dwayneb May 24 #77
These threads are good for a laugh Zeitghost May 22 #70
Sure hope she doesn't have to . . . MAKE A DECISION!!!! SCARY!!!!! hatrack May 23 #73
The puppet judge, watch her dance to his tunes ! republianmushroom May 24 #78
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