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83. Oh no. Bad deal for you to get the proofreading extra duty.
Wed May 22, 2024, 12:50 PM
May 22

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My situation turned out better than that at the newspaper ad department.

In the paper's hierarchy, the artists and I were not supervised by the sales manager. Her memos were just "informative" ones,
supposedly so that we could work in good cooperation with sales. But the memos were actually an authority encroachment.

Way back then, the newspaper was still doing cut and paste pre-printing page layout. The artists and I were answerable to a guy who supervised layout and print deadlines. He was sympathetic to the problems we had with the sales manager, but the owner and manager of the paper catered to sales, which most businesses do because they bring in the operating and profit revenue.

So when my boss saw the proofed memo that I did, he laughed out loud, which drew a couple other people to look at it.

The sales manager complained to the publishing manager, who called together my supervisor, the sales manager, and me to discuss the "unnecessary embarrassment" and "disrespect" that I had shown to the sales manager. In that meeting, I explained what led up to it. My supervisor verified that sales reps made last minute changes after ads were proofed and laid out, leading to errors that were beyond our control and bad for the paper and its relationship to advertising customers.

I added that the sales manager had denied sales responsibility for errors in last minute, unproofed ads and instead accused me of making errors in proofreading. So, I proofed her memo to demonstrate to her that I was capable of catching mistakes, but only IF the material reached my desk. It was ludicrous to scapegoat me for ads that I never got to see.

In the end, with my supervisor's backing, the publishing manager finally recognized that the sales reps were costing money with their last minute, unproofed changes because the paper had to adjust billing when mistakes got printed and customers lost faith in the paper for future ads.

So the artists were instructed NOT to give the printout of last minute changes to ANY sales rep. They could only give them to me. It was a nuisance because it meant that I had to drop whatever I was working on to do a quick last minute proof, especially if I got more than one just 5 minutes before print time. But it did eliminate those errors in print. And it made sales reps more aware of the process at our end. Usually they had the changes soon enough to avoid that kind of crisis but in their busy schedule, waited too long to deliver the changes and thought we could do miracles for them.

I was only doing that job for a few months while waiting for results of resumes and interviews for a teaching position. When I got hired to teach ESL, I was happy to give notice. The sales supervisor made a snide comment to me about leaving and I told her that I looked forward to working with people whose English was better than hers. (My boss overheard that and offered to pay for my lunch.)

Hey, we could use a little of her here. Disaffected May 20 #1
I blame autocorrect. wnylib May 20 #2
Autocorrect is a problem on cell phone. Android? LiberalFighter May 20 #11
I think you meant plurals of "cell phone" and vanlassie May 20 #30
Wellllll most people use just one cell phone at a time. 😄 LiberalFighter May 20 #35
You'd think! Marthe48 May 21 #66
I post from an android. wnylib May 20 #42
Coupled with lack of proof reading Disaffected May 20 #31
I am guilty of sometimes not proofing. wnylib May 20 #44
PS. In 6th grade I was a finalist from my school wnylib May 21 #52
Finding another proofreader is a rarity.💕I worked in a print shop in 1975... Hekate May 21 #57
For me, the proofreading was natural, too, just based on wnylib May 21 #60
It's difficult for me to proof-read my own writing because I know what it's SUPPOSED to say * Oopsie Daisy May 21 #65
Exactly so Hekate May 21 #67
My first job was in a relative's small print shop. ChazInAz May 21 #78
My great-grandfather and his grandson, who was my uncle and godfather, wnylib May 21 #80
My last job before retiring ChazInAz May 22 #81
Oh no. Bad deal for you to get the proofreading extra duty. wnylib May 22 #83
Love that last comment on ESL and grammar! ChazInAz May 22 #84
The term ESL persists because it's what most people are familiar with. wnylib May 22 #85
I once met an Italian Franciscan monk ChazInAz May 23 #87
I can imagine. wnylib May 23 #88
And voice to text. LisaM May 21 #69
So there's a real problem when I sarcastically post "woke"... rubbersole May 20 #12
You should be using "wide awake" instead nuxvomica May 21 #70
But I live in Florida. rubbersole May 21 #71
We have members who are Grammar Police - soldierant May 20 #16
Hmmm... dpibel May 20 #22
Frum uh linquistiks aproach, if yoo kan undurstand dis message thun et wuz kunveyed sucksesfilly. TheBlackAdder May 20 #29
I will split the profits with your heirs after I sell beer at your crucifixion. Hermit-The-Prog May 20 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author dpibel May 21 #51
... Disaffected May 20 #33
Your funny! BaronChocula May 20 #32
*spelling JoseBalow May 20 #36
Me too. Substance is more important than form, eh. twodogsbarking May 21 #64
The moroons realley are genieses Arne May 20 #3
This is delightful!!! Thank you for sharing. niyad May 20 #4
Was that Take the Money and Run. I love Woody Allen's films. I just don't like the japple May 20 #13
Yes, that must have been it. Agree with you. Loved his films, but he is a niyad May 20 #39
A guy going to the guillotine was handed his sentence of death. Aristus May 20 #17
Had not heard that one. niyad May 20 #40
I couldn't remember his name. Had to look it up: Thomas de Mahy. Aristus May 21 #49
I will have to check him out. niyad May 21 #50
Life of Brian soldierant May 20 #18
Classic scene ms liberty May 20 #26
I have never seen that movie. Not a judgment on the movie, just never niyad May 20 #41
i saw it in a theater soldierant May 21 #74
Is she really picking on incels or just younger folks generally? I pity incels and its nothing to do with grammar. dutch777 May 20 #5
Younger folks are not the only ones. LiberalFighter May 20 #9
We just watched "The Antisocial Network" on Netflix. summer_in_TX May 21 #53
Houston? enid602 May 20 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author ItsjustMe May 20 #7
That would be a fulltime job LiberalFighter May 20 #8
I appreciate the public service she is doing Leith May 20 #10
Yeah, a sign on a road near us Wednesdays May 20 #24
Gentle correction's: *apostrophe's, plural's, need's. Your wellcome'. Hermit-The-Prog May 20 #38
That is a big pet peeve of mine, too. geardaddy May 21 #76
Lol! Pinback May 21 #79
I have auto correct on my iPhone and iPad. I try to proofread what I write Deuxcents May 20 #14
A classic story soldierant May 20 #19
ehhh NJCher May 21 #54
When I was in graduate school phylny May 21 #61
I swear autocorrect has gotten worse happybird May 21 #55
Autocorrect On My iPhone RobinA May 21 #73
I love it. I quit high school the second my friend got a car and we both turned 16. 1WorldHope May 20 #15
Do you know what irritates me? PatSeg May 20 #21
Yes! It renders the meme unshareable for me! ms liberty May 20 #27
Same here PatSeg May 20 #43
I suck at grammar. She's brilliant. I don't don't care who she's helping. littlemissmartypants May 20 #20
I thought we were a diverse group Puppyjive May 20 #23
I love her. ms liberty May 20 #25
Just curious, but how does she know they're incels? Jeebo May 20 #28
You're fucking kidding, right? He wants to deny women the right to vote. If he's not an incel... AnrothElf May 20 #46
While we do (around here especially) treat the word "incel" as meaning "right-wing misogynist"... Silent3 May 21 #56
I wonder if you and I are defining the word differently. Jeebo May 21 #59
LOL "incel" is what they call *themselves*. There's no nuance needed. AnrothElf May 21 #63
I love the irony and the trolling of trolls. She needs to do the same exercise for Trump's posts. She'd get more hits. Doodley May 20 #34
When an incel is murdered on the internet, does an angel have an orgasm? AnrothElf May 20 #45
Priceless. NoMoreRepugs May 20 #47
I'd just call them out for being white wing incels. As long as a post makes sense, I'm OK. Silent Type May 20 #48
There is a pediatric dental office near our house... 3catwoman3 May 21 #58
I think she's brilliant. Now, if we could all learn the difference phylny May 21 #62
I don't correct people's grammar or spelling because it's ableist af. sybylla May 21 #68
This is the classic way to take them down. forgotmylogin May 21 #72
Love it! geardaddy May 21 #75
MORE!! Where can I find more of her stuff?? Oopsie Daisy May 21 #77
Which confirms them in their incel-hood. UTUSN May 22 #82
+1... myohmy2 May 22 #86
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