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RW response/solution - Wheeler should have been carrying a gun FHRRK May 22 #1
Having a gun doesn't prevent one from catching bullets. Iggo May 22 #16
What a great point. In fact, carrying a gun may make you a lead magnet. erronis May 22 #19
An armed combatant at the least. littlemissmartypants May 22 #26
Fuck with our pizzas Babdong, er Babprong, er Babcock and you fuck with America, buster! GreenWave May 22 #2
"I swear to God, officer..the Ford truck was threatening me!" chouchou May 22 #3
"it's coming right for us!!!" ret5hd May 22 #5
"Stop Resisting" JoseBalow May 22 #22
Babcock's actions are becoming more and more a standard Torchlight May 22 #4
Shoot first, eat second. Or maybe bury the evidence depending. erronis May 22 #20
Why did it take a grand jury to charge him properly? Mosby May 22 #6
Yes, I also thought that was weird. mountain grammy May 22 #34
It's a paperwork thing. NanaCat May 22 #37
I'll say it: shooter white, victim big floppy afro lindysalsagal May 22 #7
Geeze, how does he react when they screw up his order? Xavier Breath May 22 #8
I'll bet he doesn't order pizza from them. No telling what special toppings will be added. erronis May 22 #21
Tennessee gun humper Skittles May 22 #9
MADGA B.See May 22 #10
Egads, scared of a pizza delivery driver. Emile May 22 #11
Yeah. When you're glued to some loudmouth on the radio yelling about how "they're coming to get everything you own!" peppertree May 22 #18
Is Tennessee a stand your ground state? If so, I have to wonder how the jury will rule. Jim__ May 22 #12
Even in stand your ground states you can't execute someone for breaking in your truck JohnnyRingo May 22 #25
Especially if it isnt even your vehicle.... getagrip_already May 22 #30
This guy shouldn't even be allowed to own a slingshot n/t JohnnyRingo May 22 #31
Give an idiot a gun, don't be surprised when they do something stupid with it. Initech May 22 #13
Gun nuts think society is a John Wayne movie. Oneironaut May 22 #14
The solution to this problem is more guns, obviously IronLionZion May 22 #15
Seven shots and the best he could do is one shot nearly hit Wheeler? keithbvadu2 May 22 #17
Yes NanaCat May 22 #38
He emptied the gun!!! JohnnyRingo May 22 #23
Tennessee has a stand your ground law Diraven May 22 #24
No one is more terrified than a white male gun owner Orrex May 22 #27
Are you sure of that? JohnnyRingo May 22 #28
In most cases the shooter has to claim that the "assailant" was terrifiyingly brown Orrex May 22 #32
More like a gang of thoughts. Dude sounds paranoid. littlemissmartypants May 22 #36
"his" car?? are you saying the owner did not know what his own car looked like before he riversedge May 22 #39
He had every opportunity to asses the situation but chose not to, and from that Torchlight May 22 #42
Guys like this spend a lot of time fantasizing about being able to shoot people with impunity. sop May 22 #29
I don't spend all that money on guitars just so I can look at 'em. Iggo May 22 #41
Our "well-regulated militia" again.... NM Grins May 22 #33
Thoughts now qualify as proof of fact? littlemissmartypants May 22 #35
Quick! Have the case tried in TX so Abbot can pardon you. keithbvadu2 May 22 #40
He feared for his life. budkin May 22 #43
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