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Given she is still garnering around 20% of vote in a lot of state primaries.... hlthe2b May 22 #1
Those aren't her votes... lame54 May 22 #19
+ 1 Botany May 23 #51
She didn't come out with a statement. Garden Grove May 22 #2
You know, the guy who gave all our national security secrets to Russia. onecaliberal May 22 #13
It's even worse than that (well maybe equally bad)... Garden Grove May 22 #15
Nope, serial liar. She knows what she is doing she wants power. onecaliberal May 22 #18
I don't think he'll ever pick her. Garden Grove May 22 #20
I'm thinking he'll pick Kristi Noem, despite her dog killing ways. LudwigPastorius May 22 #36
What is "wahla?" Wednesdays May 23 #55
What's the f'ing difference? She's just another puke. FSogol May 22 #32
I mean it changes the narrative of the whole post. That's the difference. Garden Grove May 22 #33
Donnie is always transactional. So my guess is he dangled it in front of her unblock May 22 #3
I think it's already decided to give it to her. ificandream May 23 #52
doubtful, just imho... getagrip_already May 22 #4
If that were in the cards, the Kushners would not have moved to Florida karynnj May 22 #11
They both still have an apartment in nyc... getagrip_already May 22 #12
Yes. Nikki only cares about Nikki. GoCubsGo May 22 #35
Ivanka is now a FL resident, like he is NanaCat May 23 #42
She has a new york residence still.... getagrip_already May 23 #46
I wonder if those personalities who were vying for the VP slot no_hypocrisy May 22 #5
she has a body part trump wants nnt msongs May 22 #6
Yep. My thoughts as well. Irish_Dem May 22 #7
Aaaannnnddddd, she will do the actual work he has an aversion to even pretending to do Attilatheblond May 22 #29
Trump is lazy. Yes she will do the heavy lifting. Irish_Dem May 23 #44
Her primary votes are far more anti Trump votes than pro Haley votes. Celerity May 23 #53
I think Trump is playing her like Romney in 2016 JustABozoOnThisBus May 22 #8
Yes this is possible too. Haley is too smart a move for Trump. Irish_Dem May 23 #45
I agree. She is pulling votes from him in the MOMFUDSKI May 22 #9
Sounds logical. applegrove May 22 #10
He will treat her like he did Romney. Freethinker65 May 22 #14
She would be foolish to do it. SarahD May 22 #16
She has attached herself. Done. And ALBliberal May 22 #21
His magat base hates women, Blacks, Latinos, AAPI... TSExile May 22 #17
I think there is something like this going on behind the scenes Raven123 May 22 #22
Kinda what I was thinking. He needs her voters. tblue37 May 22 #23
I'd be shocked if she was not his pick Bristlecone May 22 #24
I'd be double shocked if he picked Scott. Scott wants it sooo badly BlueWaveNeverEnd May 22 #26
then she is a sucker because he's not picking her. Period. ecstatic May 22 #25
Oh I think he would pick her, he needs her voters more. His supporters will forgive him Bev54 May 22 #28
Her voters MorbidButterflyTat May 22 #31
Yeah and I doubt they will go to him but he is too stupid to understand that. Bev54 May 23 #41
She could cost him votes NanaCat May 23 #43
I really doubt it, they will stick with him no matter what. Bev54 May 23 #54
I think you may be right. He wants her voters. Bev54 May 22 #27
Or Nikki wants his voters Kaleva May 23 #38
If you're right and she trusts him to keep his word MorbidButterflyTat May 22 #30
I don't think so videohead5 May 22 #34
She may be thinking Trump will be forced out of the race Kaleva May 23 #37
Nah. He just dangles the prospect to a buncha people to see if they'll do what he wants... Hekate May 23 #39
Major Haley will have an opinion on this. tirebiter May 23 #40
No, we will know that she's in the VP "hunt" maxrandb May 23 #47
Or more like she's waiting in the wings for when he's carted off to prison Chakaconcarne May 23 #48
Has she stated that the 2020 election was stolen? shrike3 May 23 #49
Maybe. But, I think that another cabinet seat would be enough to get her in his lap. Ping Tung May 23 #50
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