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72. ok, i'm not a lawyer, but rly? when the jury is sworn?
Thu May 23, 2024, 07:29 AM
May 23

i always thought it was after a verdict. any legal eagles care to comment?

Can someone tell me why Jack SMith hasn't Johnny2X2X May 22 #1
Jack's boss at DOJ doesn't want to rock the boat. comradebillyboy May 22 #5
Garland has been a disaster Johnny2X2X May 22 #8
Totally agree! ananda May 22 #47
Believe you have nailed it. republianmushroom May 22 #65
She really hasnt given him an opening..... getagrip_already May 22 #20
If she waits to dismiss the case until after the jury is seated it would put T***p LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 22 #41
ok, i'm not a lawyer, but rly? when the jury is sworn? mopinko May 23 #72
I was an attorney, so this might help: LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 24 #74
doesnt answer my question. mopinko May 24 #75
It is difficult for a prosecutor to get a judge removed Fiendish Thingy May 22 #30
Canon isn't "crafty"... she is being coached Mr.WeRP May 22 #45
Yep, coached by the Federalist Society... IthinkThereforeIAM May 22 #48
Exactly. Dark n Stormy Knight May 23 #71
Different venue wryter2000 May 22 #52
99.99% of people in DU most probably have that same question...What is going on? Escurumbele May 22 #50
Aren't you 'sposed to ask that two times? DoBW May 22 #56
WTF Johonny May 22 #2
When a request for dismissal is brought forward, you have a hearing. jimfields33 May 22 #9
How many requests for dismissal is this now? Diraven May 22 #10
Might as well get the hearing in before the Supreme Court decision comes out. jimfields33 May 22 #11
Because edhopper May 22 #21
The judges were not Aileen Cannon. hadEnuf May 22 #31
Did they actually hold hearings for every trump/ny motion to dismiss? Hassin Bin Sober May 22 #54
IIRC, Reality Winner spent a year in prison for ONE document. OMGWTF May 22 #49
The federal government needs to tighten the procedures of classified documents especially at the jimfields33 May 22 #63
WTAF???!!!! FalloutShelter May 22 #3
Trump lawyers file for dismissal all the time wryter2000 May 22 #53
Biggest act of treason in history of the country Arne May 22 #4
We executed 2 people (the Rosenbergs) and FBI agent (Robert Hansen) died in the Colorado Super Max .... Botany May 22 #18
It seems our government doesn't know what's missing Arne May 22 #24
And probably sold some. TheRickles May 22 #29
for much less than Trump has done. rurallib May 22 #25
Both the Rosenbergs and Jim Hansen were very dirty. Botany May 22 #37
As a side note coprolite May 22 #39
I used to believe the story that the Rosenbergs were the victims of the right wing but .... Botany May 22 #46
Another bit of background... Roy Cohn was on the prosecution for the Rosenbergs. Hugin May 22 #58
All this and more is covered in a great documentary film, "Where's My Roy Cohn?". TheRickles May 22 #67
Wasn't the story about finding four more classified docs in Trump's bedroom a recent one? CrispyQ May 22 #6
The Washington post newspaper! jimfields33 May 22 #12
One article said FOUR (4) SETS of classified documents Captain Zero May 22 #42
I don't see her dismissing the whole case............................. Lovie777 May 22 #7
If she dismisses then anyone can take secret documents home. BradBo May 22 #13
Better, he can appeal the decision.... Happy Hoosier May 22 #61
If Cannon dismisses the case, can it be refiled? KS Toronado May 22 #14
Smith could appeal that decision.... getagrip_already May 22 #23
It's good he can appeal at least. BlueKota May 22 #28
Anything short of jeopardy can be appealed.... getagrip_already May 22 #36
Of course she's going to dismiss it Farmer-Rick May 22 #15
Wouldn't doubt it at this point. BlueKota May 22 #27
How about dismiss the frigging judge?! KPN May 22 #16
If she dismissed the charges couldn't the DOJ file again? Add the new docs they've discovered? -nt CrispyQ May 22 #17
Can't refile same charges. The new docs yes but only 4 are involved. We lose again! machoneman May 22 #19
Thanks. -nt CrispyQ May 22 #22
I personally think those four documents are grounds for revoking bail. lastlib May 22 #32
4 SETS Captain Zero May 22 #43
I don't believe that's correct. Happy Hoosier May 22 #62
Yes you can Zeitghost May 22 #69
Following with interest malaise May 22 #26
We have to realize we have no more Rule of MOMFUDSKI May 22 #33
How long before the American people see through this obvious bullshit and get the torches & pitchforks? hadEnuf May 22 #34
Cannon & Chutkan trial schedules duckworth969 May 22 #35
Not sure if smith can request a delay or not.. getagrip_already May 22 #38
That's an absolute certainty! Wuddles440 May 24 #76
And just like that.. poof. onecaliberal May 22 #40
She sucks. Joinfortmill May 22 #44
"fails to clearly articulate a crime"?! William Seger May 22 #51
She is going to agree to give cover to the Fascist court. onecaliberal May 22 #64
So Alito has been whispering in her ear? Ford_Prefect May 22 #55
Routine. H2O Man May 22 #57
Makes me sick to my stomach!! PortTack May 22 #59
WTF? Martin68 May 22 #60
This is a travesty bdamomma May 22 #66
If TFG's dismissed of charges, there's going to be an uproar sakabatou May 22 #68
I will believe "uproar" when I see it dwayneb May 24 #77
These threads are good for a laugh Zeitghost May 22 #70
Sure hope she doesn't have to . . . MAKE A DECISION!!!! SCARY!!!!! hatrack May 23 #73
The puppet judge, watch her dance to his tunes ! republianmushroom May 24 #78
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