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Sun Jun 9, 2024, 10:52 PM Jun 9

Do you own or plan on owning an electric car in the near future? [View all]

If you own one now, which one do you have? I just got a 2024 Tesla Model 3 and I'm loving it so far.

168 votes, 9 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I own an electric car
28 (17%)
Not yet, but I plan on getting one in the next couple of years or so
48 (29%)
No, I am sticking to my gasoline-operated car for the foreseeable future
62 (37%)
I drive, but I don't have a car at the moment
1 (1%)
I don't drive at all
5 (3%)
I own a hybrid
24 (14%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I've been driving electric since 2010 tinrobot Jun 9 #1
Fifth? Holy cow. They don't last long. jimfields33 Jun 10 #15
They last plenty long, but perhaps some explanation is needed tinrobot Jun 10 #21
I understand. I forgot about circumstances in life. jimfields33 Jun 10 #26
I have been driving EVs since 2014 Miguelito Loveless Jun 10 #38
Does a plug in hybrid count as electric? CanonRay Jun 9 #2
I just updated the choices Polybius Jun 9 #3
You seem to have added hybrid, but not plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Silent3 Jun 10 #13
I checked EV because my PHEV mostly runs on electric. n/t Liberal In Texas Jun 10 #65
Me too. n/t Silent3 Jun 10 #75
That will be our next vehicle. Wednesdays Jun 9 #6
We've got a plug in Prius Bettie Jun 9 #9
That's mine as well CanonRay Jun 9 #10
If you charge it every day Miguelito Loveless Jun 10 #39
I got my first one this year. ColinC Jun 9 #4
If I still drove, and could afford it, I probably would sakabatou Jun 9 #5
Wanted one but... ramapo Jun 9 #7
Still a lot of Bolts Miguelito Loveless Jun 10 #40
True but... ramapo Jun 12 #88
Given the number sold, plus their similar Miguelito Loveless Jun 13 #91
My wife and I both drive a Chevy Bolt Tom of Temecula Jun 9 #8
Are Chevy Bolts available with solar panels? lindalou65 Jun 10 #25
No they don't have significant power solar panels WA-03 Democrat Jun 10 #29
The solar panels are on the roof of our house Tom of Temecula Jun 10 #36
There are a few cars that tried that Miguelito Loveless Jun 10 #45
Bolt and Bolt EUV Miguelito Loveless Jun 10 #44
Gas engine and no plans to... Xolodno Jun 10 #11
Yes, me too Unwind Your Mind Jun 10 #79
Cars are paid off long since, one is over 30 y.o. & the other is 17 y.o. Both chosen for good mileage... Hekate Jun 10 #12
I'm close to 400,000 miles on my 2009 Honda Civic Iris Jun 10 #18
Holy Honda Civic! That's remarkable vehicle mileage! Niagara Jun 10 #60
Wow. 400,000? Easterncedar Jun 10 #67
I live in the South so that helps with holding it together Iris Jun 10 #86
Owned a 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 (early adopter) truthisfreedom Jun 10 #14
Here in NYC Dorian Gray Jun 10 #17
I live in NYC Dorian Gray Jun 10 #16
I live in NYC too (SI), and also don't have home charging Polybius Jun 10 #69
That doesn't take into account Dorian Gray Jun 10 #82
I recently purchased a gasoline only vehicle about a month ago Niagara Jun 10 #19
I'm staying with gas and Tickle Jun 10 #20
Those cheeseburgers True Dough Jun 10 #52
😂😂 NT Tickle Jun 10 #84
No plans, but HAB911 Jun 10 #22
Think I'll stick with my (gas) Smart Car Nittersing Jun 10 #23
None of the above edhopper Jun 10 #24
Sort Of Where We're At ProfessorGAC Jun 10 #71
Unless the charging station situation changes here Ontheboundry Jun 10 #27
Mecedes makes a EV Sprinter tinrobot Jun 10 #31
Yes they do Ontheboundry Jun 10 #35
It's $72k for the base model tinrobot Jun 10 #37
And again, where I live Ontheboundry Jun 10 #42
I am interested. When they develop safer, more dependable batteries with 400 mile range with a 2hr charge ... marble falls Jun 10 #28
You can go 400 miles for $20 in a gas car? tinrobot Jun 10 #34
Electric energy is cheaper (as well as cleaner) than petroleum based gasoline. I see no reason to give excess profit ... marble falls Jun 10 #48
I'll let you in on a little secret... tinrobot Jun 10 #73
My home charger and hiring an electrician to put in an extra 220 volt line cost WAY LESS than $1000. Liberal In Texas Jun 12 #90
No solution rewally fits me here. Happy Hoosier Jun 10 #30
Other. H2O Man Jun 10 #32
At my age, no. But I do own a Hybrid pwb Jun 10 #33
I'm waiting for the price to come down to something I can afford FakeNoose Jun 10 #41
Not yet. Very interested in a Kia EV6. Initech Jun 10 #43
Covid moved it back a couple years Johnny2X2X Jun 10 #46
I am waiting for a Rivian dealership to emerge locally. GreenWave Jun 10 #47
I just want our automobile culture to go away. hunter Jun 10 #49
2007 Prius 2015 Chevy Volt 2023 Tesla Model 3 Hybrid, PHEV, EV CoopersDad Jun 10 #50
Never thought I would buy a battery operated push Emile Jun 10 #51
I'll likely purchase a gas vehicle, but haven't given it much thought. LeftInTX Jun 10 #53
Coincidentally, True Dough Jun 10 #54
Keep us posted will you, True? Niagara Jun 10 #61
Well, True Dough Jun 10 #83
Yes, take your time and keep looking Niagara Jun 10 #85
Range and charging speed not yet great enough...so we bought a traditional hybrid within the last year. JT45242 Jun 10 #55
I'm 80 years old. I have 2013 Toyata Rav 4. It's never been repaired. Ping Tung Jun 10 #56
i would own one if someone gave me one..but im leaning toward a samnsara Jun 10 #57
I drive around miles to my favorite places. greymattermom Jun 10 #58
Remote worker...I spend more on car insurance now than I do on gas. PeaceWave Jun 10 #59
2004 Honda Insight (hybrid) Ms. Toad Jun 10 #62
I have a PHEV. Drive all over town in the summer and don't use gas. Liberal In Texas Jun 10 #63
Hard to answer wryter2000 Jun 10 #64
Bought a Hyundai Kona EV earlier this year AZSkiffyGeek Jun 10 #66
I'd like one of our next cars to be a hybrid Freddie Jun 10 #68
I own (lease) a Tesla 2023 Model 3. Prior to that I had a 2020 Model 3 Dual Motor. beaglelover Jun 10 #70
I tend to drive my cars into the ground. bottomofthehill Jun 10 #72
I live in the boonies where there are very few charging stations Kaleva Jun 10 #74
Maybe not in the near future, since I hope to keep my current car running Ocelot II Jun 10 #76
Maybe once the government stops making them more expensive Jose Garcia Jun 10 #77
I own a Nissan Leaf. It is a commuter / around town car. I would 100% not take it on a road trip over 100 miles. nt LexVegas Jun 10 #78
I'd be tempted DFW Jun 10 #80
Drive less than 2000 miles a year and have a low mileage PufPuf23 Jun 10 #81
My next car will be electric, but I don't see myself replacing my current car for another 15-20 years. meadowlander Jun 10 #87
... Crepuscular Jun 12 #89
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