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38. So many things about our gov't turns out to be custom and gentlemen's agreement.
Tue Jun 11, 2024, 06:44 PM
Jun 11

It is just the honor code.

Loud and clear. Passages Jun 10 #1
He could care less about the law, justice, the Constitution. Irish_Dem Jun 10 #2
Ayatolla Alito needs his halo clipped by Congress. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #35
Yes where is the check and and balance feature of our US constitution? Irish_Dem Jun 11 #36
That feature is currently held at bay by brainwashing... Hermit-The-Prog Jun 11 #37
So many things about our gov't turns out to be custom and gentlemen's agreement. Irish_Dem Jun 11 #38
make him miserable Historic NY Jun 10 #3
How? Maraya1969 Jun 10 #34
I'd like to hear the tape, or transcripts of it. Ms. Toad Jun 10 #4
I think this might be the tape you wanted to hear... Think. Again. Jun 10 #7
Thank you! Ms. Toad Jun 10 #13
Quick off-topic note birdographer Jun 10 #21
Thank you! Ms. Toad Jun 10 #22
You might be able to click 'History', then click on "Recently closed' or 'Reopen Last Closed Tab', too. ancianita Jun 10 #25
That was where I was headed - Ms. Toad Jun 10 #26
Thank you for educating me maspaha Jun 10 #27
The tape makes his comments sound less formal and serious. ancianita Jun 10 #24
Is there an oath or something he agreed to... Think. Again. Jun 10 #5
There are only 3 ways a SCOTUS Justice can leave their seat DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 10 #9
I guess I'm questioning ... Think. Again. Jun 10 #19
It's true, there is no other remedy DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 10 #28
I see, so it IS explicit that those are the only 2 options, Thanks! Think. Again. Jun 10 #29
knr UTUSN Jun 10 #6
Alito won't resign, he won't be impeached AND convicted. Reality is a harsh master. elocs Jun 10 #8
Deciding where the Nation goes is the Legislature's job, not the Courts sanatanadharma Jun 10 #10
The party wanting to hold him accountable NanaCat Jun 10 #17
He doesn't have to "admit" that. It has been obvious for decades. DFW Jun 10 #11
Mr. Alito would do well to remember Torchlight Jun 10 #12
The only way he's leaving the USSC NanaCat Jun 10 #16
Tomorrow never knows. Torchlight Jun 10 #18
He needs to be recused and forced to resign. Or be thrown off the bench. Initech Jun 10 #14
You really think the GQP House will impeach him? NanaCat Jun 10 #15
Maybe we can offer him some incredible new job... Think. Again. Jun 10 #20
Let's take the Congress and the White House Dan Jun 10 #23
I recall W trying to nominate his own White House Counsel SleeplessinSoCal Jun 10 #30
Then a reporter needs to ask him who in the hell Emile Jun 10 #31
He is saying "fuck you America" . twodogsbarking Jun 10 #32
Job one of a judge LiberaBlueDem Jun 11 #39
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