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Think it's best to wait until after election. Silent Type Jun 11 #1
I agree. Need to focus on the election. LiberalFighter Jun 12 #67
Confirmation hearings between now and election day are not a good idea. RockRaven Jun 11 #2
Just appoint an interim like asswipe did. boston bean Jun 11 #3
not just 'not a good idea' bigtree Jun 11 #7
attacks on Biden's AG should come with more than just an anti-Biden administration AG screed bigtree Jun 11 #4
If there are people "criming" and garland isn't doing anything about it.... Think. Again. Jun 11 #10
but, that's just sophistry bigtree Jun 11 #14
I have not heard of Biden expressing any support, or non-support, of garland.... Think. Again. Jun 11 #18
That is not what happened MorbidButterflyTat Jun 11 #34
Are you saying garland ISN'T in charge of the DOJ? Think. Again. Jun 11 #36
No. MorbidButterflyTat Jun 11 #51
Your post clearly implies that you think garland... Think. Again. Jun 12 #58
of course, you provide zero receipts for that untruth about Congress and Smith bigtree Jun 11 #37
There is no untruth in the known fact that garland made no... Think. Again. Jun 11 #41
that's just bullshit. And it comes with ZERO receipts. bigtree Jun 11 #48
Thank you for this important information. niyad Jun 12 #54
Washington Post says YOU got it wrong asm128 Jun 12 #56
Leonnig left out almost everything I posted bigtree Jun 12 #60
Why? H2O Man Jun 11 #5
He needs to be replaced in January... Mark.b2 Jun 11 #6
I'd imagine that would be music to the Trump cultist's ears bigtree Jun 11 #9
Along with Sec. of Treasury and DOD... Mark.b2 Jun 11 #20
all I hear is anti-administration bigtree Jun 11 #28
Biden wins this November... Mark.b2 Jun 11 #39
When did you join the Marge Greene fan club?? agingdem Jun 11 #11
Why? orange jar Jun 11 #19
Is there any specific reason he should resign? TexasDem69 Jun 11 #8
This is just an honest question... Think. Again. Jun 11 #15
DOJ has been prosecuting lots of people. Mad_Machine76 Jun 11 #17
Because there are people on here that were celebrating a few weeks ago and and saying.. DemocratInPa Jun 11 #21
Hunter literally admitted to committing a felony TexasDem69 Jun 11 #25
If you're referring to me, perhaps you missed a post I wrote... Think. Again. Jun 11 #27
I asked specifically about... Think. Again. Jun 11 #24
Who are "all" those people TexasDem69 Jun 11 #26
I admit I wasn't in the rooms to be able to give a list... Think. Again. Jun 11 #30
I guess I can't really opine on something so amorphous TexasDem69 Jun 11 #32
Yes, it would be up to the DOJ to... Think. Again. Jun 11 #35
So which Congresspeople are those? TexasDem69 Jun 11 #45
Nope, I do not recall the names... Think. Again. Jun 11 #46
Well fuck TexasDem69 Jun 11 #47
Are you saying that your and my awareness of people's names... Think. Again. Jun 12 #57
Congress members led 'reconnaissance tours' of Capitol before attack, evidence suggests Celerity Jun 11 #49
Was that a crime? TexasDem69 Jun 12 #71
No way to know if there is not a deep dive into it. I was just putting out info that the other poster said they couldn't Celerity Jun 12 #72
Got it, thanks! TexasDem69 Jun 12 #73
It wasn't even a functioning bomb, was it? MorbidButterflyTat Jun 11 #38
All those convicted bankrobbers who didn't actually have a real gun thank you. Think. Again. Jun 11 #42
What's that mean? That makes no sense. MorbidButterflyTat Jun 11 #53
Are they not still investigating and finding people? Mad_Machine76 Jun 12 #61
Yeah, they definitely are going after... Think. Again. Jun 12 #62
Unless you count Trump Mad_Machine76 Jun 12 #63
Ha! yeah, as if trump... Think. Again. Jun 12 #64
"Catch and kill"? Mad_Machine76 Jun 12 #70
Hundreds of people have gone to jail/prison TexasDem69 Jun 11 #22
I asked specifically about... Think. Again. Jun 11 #31
That would be stupid. TwilightZone Jun 11 #12
This Stuckinthebush Jun 12 #65
How would ForgedCrank Jun 11 #13
Not a fan of Garland but gab13by13 Jun 11 #16
Agree, and if he refuses to resign at that point, Biden hopefully sacks him. Celerity Jun 11 #50
Thats something Trump would do Mountainguy Jun 11 #23
The New York trial concluded four years after the crimes occurred... brooklynite Jun 11 #29
Yes, all of THOSE prosecutions have begun. Think. Again. Jun 11 #33
Not until after the election. He does need to go though as he hasn't done a good job. brush Jun 11 #40
Agreed. (nt) Paladin Jun 12 #59
Rec. nt LexVegas Jun 11 #43
Me too. triron Jun 11 #44
Hell No - Absolute hottest of the hottest takes. Next you'll be calling for Jack Smith to resign "for reasons." emulatorloo Jun 11 #52
Agreed budkin Jun 12 #55
This posting brought the cheer leaders out republianmushroom Jun 12 #66
Apparently the armchair prosecutors were here already? brooklynite Jun 12 #68
Yup, and their numbers seem to be growing and they are getting more vocal. republianmushroom Jun 12 #69
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