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Actor Donald Sutherland has died. [View all] Tommy Carcetti Jun 20 OP
NO! Aristus Jun 20 #1
He scared this living hell out of me in the Body Snatchers. Probatim Jun 20 #6
My childhood fear. After that movie, I never watch tv with my feet on the floor. LakeArenal Jun 20 #45
We grew up watching Chiller Theater with Bill Cardille (in the Pittsburgh area). Probatim Jun 20 #61
Yes, The Flesh Eaters--wild! dexdah Jun 20 #101
And a 'thumbs up!' for 'Chilly Billy'.......... MyOwnPeace Jun 20 #107
The first years, in monochrome with the laboratory setting, were terrific. John1956PA Jun 20 #111
Scared me to death too and that was probably the 1st Dave Bowman Jun 20 #65
Same here MustLoveBeagles Jun 21 #120
An actor that really could play a character well by going over the top where no other actor would dare go. marble falls Jun 20 #2
Great Actor. FalloutShelter Jun 20 #3
RIP Mr.WeRP Jun 20 #4
Rest in peace. sheshe2 Jun 20 #5
RIP Mr. Sutherland KT2000 Jun 20 #7
Kelly's Heros role was epic LW1977 Jun 20 #8
RIP Homer Simpson and Hawkeye Pierce RockRaven Jun 20 #9
Great actor. R.I.P. sinkingfeeling Jun 20 #10
Oh, that hits hard. mnhtnbb Jun 20 #11
The movie M*A*S*H PJMcK Jun 20 #12
The movie wouldn't make it by the censors today but it was great for the time. twodogsbarking Jun 20 #38
Sad to hear. Incredible actor in tons of roles... Wounded Bear Jun 20 #13
He first caught my attention in M*A*S*H EYESORE 9001 Jun 20 #14
Ordinary People Sneederbunk Jun 20 #15
Me too DENVERPOPS Jun 20 #78
Just saw his son's tweet and was going to post it. Such sad news. He was a great actor. highplainsdem Jun 20 #16
RIP , Mr. Sutherland debm55 Jun 20 #17
Another great one has passed. Liberal In Texas Jun 20 #18
Been a fan ever since M*A*S*H* & Kelly's Heroes KS Toronado Jun 20 #19
From Klute to The Italian Job DFW Jun 20 #20
Wrong Donald shelshaw Jun 20 #21
One of the good ones Botany Jun 20 #22
Funny story underpants Jun 20 #39
He said not taking the points Xavier Breath Jun 20 #91
I'm not kidding.... this is my job. yardwork Jun 20 #43
I just watched him in a movie yesterday. bif Jun 20 #23
RIP Ohio Joe Jun 20 #24
He was a flag bearer for Canada. 2010 Winter Olympics. maveric Jun 20 #25
IMBD lists him in 135 film titles dweller Jun 20 #26
Oddball! ZZenith Jun 20 #27
I ADORE him in that role! bedazzled Jun 20 #34
Huge talent..... Bayard Jun 20 #28
Oh, man. R.I.P. Great actor. Joinfortmill Jun 20 #29
Start the Revolution Without Me Easterncedar Jun 20 #30
The original Hawkeye Pierce, among other amazing roles. I'm heartbroken. ms liberty Jun 20 #31
Aw, and in the last month I've rewatched M*A*S*H Abolishinist Jun 20 #32
Klute is an excellent film. not as well known as some of his other roles. SharonAnn Jun 20 #108
Thanks for the rec, Abolishinist Jun 20 #109
So very sad. RIP you talented, gifted soul!! Coventina Jun 20 #33
Just take my money!! Beartracks Jun 20 #103
You're too kind! Coventina Jun 20 #112
The last movie I saw him in was Moonfall, a great movie; he played a secret keeper for NASA. ancianita Jun 20 #35
That's an absolutely insane movie... Tommy Carcetti Jun 20 #62
He was in it because it is so amazing & plausible that I've never looked at the moon the same way since. ancianita Jun 20 #64
OMG Space Cowboys! bedazzled Jun 20 #36
RIP Sergeant Oddball edbermac Jun 20 #37
Yep, my favorite too. I quote this all the time. marked50 Jun 20 #81
Wow!! bdamomma Jun 21 #123
My favorite DS movies... Mr. Evil Jun 20 #40
I saw part of the Eye of the Needle, was trying to remember the title. captain queeg Jun 20 #63
Yup... Mr. Evil Jun 20 #95
Agree about eye of the needle. Really great film. WheelWalker Jun 20 #68
Another good one has left us rockbluff botanist Jun 20 #41
, crickets Jun 20 #42
Klute was his best role. Tarzanrock Jun 20 #44
Mr. Sutherland and Julie Christie starred in "Don 't Look Now" (1973). John1956PA Jun 20 #46
One of my favorite movies. Blaukraut Jun 20 #84
I feel the same about the movie. John1956PA Jun 20 #86
I saw this movie recently MustLoveBeagles Jun 21 #121
Great actor of my time. Seems like a nice human as well. LakeArenal Jun 20 #47
very sad to see him go. he was a fantastic actor! here's a couple things that might be a bit obscure that he did orleans Jun 20 #48
Eye of the Needle Tarzanrock Jun 20 #49
That one's on my favs list, too. He goes from ruthless cold murder to being in love.... allegorical oracle Jun 21 #117
He and Paul Newman were my all time leftyladyfrommo Jun 20 #50
OMG Paul Skittles Jun 20 #98
Rest in Peace Donald Sutherland and May your Memory be a Blessing. n/t iluvtennis Jun 20 #51
"Woof, Woof" Oddball you will be missed. Ellipsis Jun 20 #52
The Hawkeye Pierce! Grumpy Old Guy Jun 20 #53
Awhhh...great actor...makes me sad PortTack Jun 20 #54
That face, that voice TexasBushwhacker Jun 20 #55
He and I go back to "Castle of the Living Dead", 1964. Harker Jun 20 #56
I remember him from "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" (1965) nuxvomica Jun 20 #82
I missed that one somehow. Harker Jun 20 #85
Is that the movie with the four vignette's? John1956PA Jun 20 #92
Also, I have to add: "The Dirty Dozen" (1967) wherein his character was allowed . . . John1956PA Jun 20 #93
Yes. The tarot deck was the "house of horrors" nuxvomica Jun 20 #99
I saw that movie in the theater in the mid-1960s. John1956PA Jun 20 #100
Klute, Little Murders, Kelly's Heroes, Space Cowboys, and of Course MASH. Ford_Prefect Jun 20 #57
Damn it!! chowder66 Jun 20 #58
Damn.... Talitha Jun 20 #59
Damn. Rest in Paradise, Donald. Niagara Jun 20 #60
Such a loss. greatauntoftriplets Jun 20 #66
That was the best scene in "JFK" dflprincess Jun 20 #67
Never heard of it. lpbk2713 Jun 20 #69
Such a loss geardaddy Jun 20 #70
He had so many great roles true, but he'll always be Hawkeye Pierce to me. Xavier Breath Jun 20 #71
RIP forgotmylogin Jun 20 #72
What a Sweet Tribute to his Father Cha Jun 20 #73
Enjoyed his movies including Kelly's Heroes, Don't Look Now, and Ordinary people. Martin68 Jun 20 #74
The last two we saw in the theater when they came out. Martin68 Jun 20 #75
Goodbye to one of the finest actors oasis Jun 20 #76
President snow larwdem Jun 20 #77
RIP liberalmuse Jun 20 #79
the amount of talent between Donald and Kiefer... WarGamer Jun 20 #80
Hopefully, TCM will plan a fitting tribute to him. Different Drummer Jun 20 #83
I was thinking the same thing. BigmanPigman Jun 20 #88
He was incredible in "Ordinary People". TSExile Jun 20 #87
My husband just told me Lulu KC Jun 20 #89
As a fairly younger person (31 years) I haven't watched MASH, Body Snatchers, etc bearsfootball516 Jun 20 #90
R.I.P. Mr. Sutherland WestMichRad Jun 20 #94
So very sad to hear the news! I recently saw him in "The Leisure Seekers" (2017) with Helen Mirren. It was brilliant. LaMouffette Jun 20 #96
So many roles to remember. TNNurse Jun 20 #97
RIP area51 Jun 20 #102
Always loved seeing him in a film. Beartracks Jun 20 #104
One of the very best. Dem2theMax Jun 20 #105
righteous age Skittles Jun 20 #106
My favorite Donald Sutherland role is as "Oddball" in 'Kelly's Heroes', DemocraticPatriot Jun 20 #110
Aw DAMN. Another one gone. calimary Jun 21 #113
He was great in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, too. C Moon Jun 21 #114
Loved, loved, loved him...my favs were perhaps lesser known... allegorical oracle Jun 21 #115
RIP Donald. BobTheSubgenius Jun 21 #116
He had a sweet temperament Beringia Jun 21 #118
RIP 😔 MustLoveBeagles Jun 21 #119
RIP bdamomma Jun 21 #122
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