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15. Welcome to DU, hopemountain!
Sat Dec 29, 2012, 06:16 PM
Dec 2012

Glad you're here! And it's sad but true - he was not a good man at all, at least as far as his policies that foisted all kinds of bad things upon this country. You want to know where the anti-union/screw the worker stuff started? When reagan fired the unionized air traffic controllers. Their union was PATCO. He sure took care of that. And how unfair of all those greedy ol' air traffic controllers to want a little bit bigger pay checks, considering all the ungodly stress that comes with that job.

He was the one who chose james watt as Interior Secretary. One bastard picks another bastard. james watt once testified on some panel, wide-eyed and sincere as all hell, that "when the last tree is felled, Jesus will come back." He was dead serious. When I saw that, I wanted to scream!!!!! He's the one who went around the country speechifying about how our precious natural lands and unspoiled wildernesses and national forests and public lands needed to be opened to "ALL THE PEOPLE!!!" And it sounded sooooooooo goooooooood. Sold that one to hundreds of thousands of gullible reagan-worshippers. What he REALLY meant when he said "ALL THE PEOPLE!!!" was the people who you would WANT shut out of our precious natural lands and unspoiled wildernesses and national forests and public lands: oil drillers, lumber clear-cutters, strip-miners, and more. THAT was the "ALL THE PEOPLE!!!" that he was talking about. Now mind you, he was careful NOT to spell out what he meant, and who that nameless, faceless, anonymous group of "ALL THE PEOPLE!!!" actually was. There was a REASON why those "wrong elements" were locked out of our national parks and forests and wetlands and wilderness areas. TO KEEP THEM FROM DESTROYING EVERYTHING, THAT'S WHY!!! Earth rapists, every last one of them.

Dear GOD, I hated james watt. I was SO glad when - of all people - nancy reagan did him in. She didn't like how he dissed the Beach Boys, who were supposed to headline a 4th of July concert on the Washington Mall, I think it was. He disinvited them because he said they attracted the "wrong element." That was evidently just a little too much for Queen Nancy, who professed in public to like the Beach Boys a lot and took great umbrage at what he'd said. And then she set about her own lethal sneaky little stab-in-the-back whispering campaign within the White House, and he was dead meat in short order. She also did it to donald regan and drove him from his job also. She thought he was making her precious ronnie look bad. No loss there, either.

What a bunch of ruthless scheming jerks that whole sorry lot of them were. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM ALL!!!!!! I ground my teeth for eight long miserable years while they were in power. It took every bit of professionalism I could summon to speak of them in my newscasts with any semblance of objectivity.

I'm glad you made this an OP. Good analysis of the Reagan legacy. iemitsu Dec 2012 #1
It was said at the time of his election... ewagner Dec 2012 #9
Well, you were a darned sight smarter than those who became republicans iemitsu Dec 2012 #41
Thank you for adding your great writing as their own Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2012 #2
I would recommend this a thousand times if I could. cordelia Dec 2012 #3
the man was the republican anti-kennedy. unblock Dec 2012 #4
If Ronnie Raygun's name is on a cesspool somewhere, you have my permission not to change it. WhoIsNumberNone Dec 2012 #5
the shrine to the false god hopemountain Dec 2012 #6
That, too... IthinkThereforeIAM Dec 2012 #13
Welcome to DU, hopemountain! calimary Dec 2012 #15
yes! i'd forgotten about hopemountain Dec 2012 #22
Thanks! calimary Dec 2012 #27
He taught this country Mr.Bill Dec 2012 #7
Please, No! Jackpine Radical Dec 2012 #10
Jackpine... ewagner Dec 2012 #11
I couldn't agree more! calimary Dec 2012 #28
He was always lauded by the media as the "great communicator"... SunSeeker Dec 2012 #12
He was good at reading speeches Mr.Bill Dec 2012 #14
I always said he was lost without his script. k8conant Dec 2012 #34
"great communicator" my ass. More like poster boy for the banality of evil hunter Dec 2012 #36
Yes, if there is a hell, he's there. nt SunSeeker Dec 2012 #42
re:ronald reagan. The "legacy" (from the depths of HELL). allan01 Dec 2012 #16
I also despise Reagan. PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #17
it is no wonder hopemountain Dec 2012 #26
Thank you and welcome to DU hopemountain. PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #33
Every time Chris Matthews on MSNBC says how much he admires him I hit the mute button. libinnyandia Dec 2012 #18
I knew, even as a young boy, that this man was a phony. I kept wondering why people thought... BlueJazz Dec 2012 #19
He was horrible. Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #20
Reagan was a democrat until roughly 1954 Rain Mcloud Dec 2012 #21
666 St. Cloud Road, Bel Air, CA green for victory Dec 2012 #23
I, too, am old as dirt... LibertyBell7 Dec 2012 #24
Welcome to DU, LibertyBell7! calimary Dec 2012 #31
If you've seen one redwood, you've seen them all, don't you know? Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #37
He made crapping The Wizard Dec 2012 #25
I never thought I'd hate a president Unknown Beatle Dec 2012 #29
Isn't that true? Horrible that both plus Bush I Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2012 #32
K&R! Lugnut Dec 2012 #30
I've always said on here (and other places) that he was the worst president ever. TroubleMan Dec 2012 #35
Yet, deification is indepat Dec 2012 #38
I have always thought this. Matariki Dec 2012 #39
When reagan was politicking in the early 70's for governor, maybe president..he stood behind a large Tikki Dec 2012 #40
Thank you! Most excellent OP! nt Mnemosyne Dec 2012 #43
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