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28. I'm just glad you're back!
Sat Dec 29, 2012, 06:21 PM
Dec 2012

Besides, yours is one of my favorite screen names of all time! How could you possibly forsake us?

Happy New Year to you as well! I personally am BEYOND gratified and thrilled that 2012 is almost over. It was a tad bit hellish at casa de calimary. We got through it alright, but it wasn't easy. The new year looks to be much better. AND we can all look forward to another four years with our President, Barack Obama, and myth wrongney gets to fade into obscurity along with his Queen of Entitlement, her ladyship ayn of dressage. Sure won't miss her one bit! The old year is taking them with it, thankfully enough. That's good news for all of us!!!

As 2013 approaches, know this. [View all] SalmonChantedEvening Dec 2012 OP
You embody the very best of DU! CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2012 #1
Seconded!! Cooley Hurd Dec 2012 #18
Thirded blm Dec 2012 #59
heeeyyyy.... BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2012 #61
fourthed! heaven05 Dec 2012 #72
thirded!!!!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2012 #60
Super-Susquequadrupleded!!! 2naSalit Dec 2012 #92
Purr-Purrr - hugs 840high Dec 2012 #89
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! - K & R !!! WillyT Dec 2012 #105
Oh, this is about your cat pictures. I'm glad you feel appreciated. You have made us smile and that The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #2
Thanks. russspeakeasy Dec 2012 #3
They're building spaceships, man. Electric Monk Dec 2012 #4
Awww..... babylonsister Dec 2012 #5
Silliness and mirth are about the only things that get me through these days. LeftofObama Dec 2012 #6
To SCE NJCher Dec 2012 #7
Happy New Year SCE!!! Lady Freedom Returns Dec 2012 #8
(((hug))) WilliamPitt Dec 2012 #9
Remember the affection, forget the incident... Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #10
Happy New Year, Bob. Panasonic Dec 2012 #11
Thanks for the many smiles and chuckles you cause every week.....we need them to survive. northoftheborder Dec 2012 #12
Happy New Year to you KT2000 Dec 2012 #13
We love you, but... pinboy3niner Dec 2012 #14
Silliness is a sacrament with me. Thanks for the laughs. nt valerief Dec 2012 #15
me too! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2012 #62
Happy New Year. Thanks for the silliness! GoneOffShore Dec 2012 #16
BACK AT YOU MY SWEET Skittles Dec 2012 #17
You are a beloved DUer malaise Dec 2012 #19
Happy New Year, SCE! Granny M Dec 2012 #20
I don't always look at LOLcats... bluesbassman Dec 2012 #21
Yep. i see SCE post at the greatest... alp227 Dec 2012 #94
you had no way of knowing the many like myself that could not wait for Sunday oldhippydude Dec 2012 #22
Folk like you keep me coming here SCE. nolabear Dec 2012 #23
You are a good egg. wendylaroux Dec 2012 #24
Happy New Year. I wish you all the best in the coming year mulsh Dec 2012 #25
K&r... SCE spanone Dec 2012 #26
That was beautiful! babsbunny Dec 2012 #27
I'm just glad you're back! calimary Dec 2012 #28
Thank you. Chellee Dec 2012 #29
On Sunday mornings the coffee gets made and the cat is fed lickity split! snappyturtle Dec 2012 #30
I bragged about your posts to my family at Christmas. They are so much fun. JDPriestly Dec 2012 #31
You're the cat's meow! graywarrior Dec 2012 #32
Happy New Year, SCE! gademocrat7 Dec 2012 #33
I didn't participate in the thread you mentioned AndyA Dec 2012 #34
My Best Friend! H2O Man Dec 2012 #35
You sure do post some cryptic posts sometimes, Salmon. But no matter, we lub you, anyway! Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #36
Dream DakotaLady Dec 2012 #37
Awww... that's so sweet. AmBlue Dec 2012 #38
SCE ..... you are so thoughtful and giving, to put your time into.... meti57b Dec 2012 #39
May your kindness be returned to you a thousandfold. In_The_Wind Dec 2012 #40
Thanks for the laughs tinymontgomery Dec 2012 #41
Thanks for this & all the light hearted pics & for You!! hue Dec 2012 #42
Happy New Year and Thank You! GoCubsGo Dec 2012 #43
Thank you, SCE! Lugnut Dec 2012 #44
HNY SCE!! NMDemDist2 Dec 2012 #45
WE love your posts!!! robinlynne Dec 2012 #46
Love to you! we can do it Dec 2012 #47
Most of us love your cat pictures.They bring light on a dark day for some of us.Don't listen to the judesedit Dec 2012 #48
Salmon, its more than the pictures I assure you. Hugs, honey. roguevalley Dec 2012 #49
Hi SCE...I never even thought about cats until you started posting cute pictures of them. Tikki Dec 2012 #50
We need the kittehs! QED Dec 2012 #51
Here's to a wonderful 2013! ... mrsadm Dec 2012 #52
Did you say kittehssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss DainBramaged Dec 2012 #53
"Winter is coming". Game of Thrones Season 3 starts soon, doesn't it? SharonAnn Dec 2012 #67
Omnia vincit amor derby378 Dec 2012 #54
And a fantastic new year for you, too! :hug: Beartracks Dec 2012 #55
I, for one, am kind of glad about that little kerfuffle Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #56
I thank you, brother. ret5hd Dec 2012 #57
Not too many I would miss - but you, I would. So glad you stayed. Booster Dec 2012 #58
Happy New Year, SCE lillypaddle Dec 2012 #63
And my thanks to you. JaneFordA Dec 2012 #64
Happy New Year ashling Dec 2012 #65
Happy New Year, Salmon. surrealAmerican Dec 2012 #66
K&R! And kudos to you, my friend! Rhiannon12866 Dec 2012 #68
Happy New Year, SCE Canuckistanian Dec 2012 #69
Happy New Year to you, too. See ya tomorrow. Curmudgeoness Dec 2012 #70
Your post is the second thing I look at online on Sunday mornings PCIntern Dec 2012 #71
to all heaven05 Dec 2012 #73
I always look forward to your posts, SCE. thank you for brightening my days! catbyte Dec 2012 #74
You simply bring out the best in each of us. asjr Dec 2012 #75
Best to you as well nt trocar Dec 2012 #76
SCE, you're a good guy. Happy to put in a good word for you. CreekDog Dec 2012 #77
Appreciating being appreciated is appreciated! You're good for DU SalmonChantedEvening! patrice Dec 2012 #78
Hi SalmonChantedEvening, I hope you had a great Christmas & that you'll have a ralps Dec 2012 #79
Just honored to know you SCE rosesaylavee Dec 2012 #80
:o) Solly Mack Dec 2012 #81
What you give is so much more than "silliness and mirth". siligut Dec 2012 #82
We value your humor and look on life Smilo Dec 2012 #83
Salm!!! Iggo Dec 2012 #84
Much love to you, SCE. Happy New Year, friend. freshwest Dec 2012 #85
happy new year riverbendviewgal Dec 2012 #86
You make my Sunday a good day, always. murielm99 Dec 2012 #87
you're a sweetie! renate Dec 2012 #88
You still have one more Lilma Dec 2012 #90
Silliness and Mirth in dark days in which we live is just what is needed. donheld Dec 2012 #91
:) shanti Dec 2012 #93
May we all remember that we can fight the good fight but stop for a giggle or two along the way. Jim Lane Dec 2012 #95
Nice is underrated lovemydog Dec 2012 #96
The work you put in for our Sunday LOL Cats... love_katz Dec 2012 #97
Here's to new beginnings, each day! Mnemosyne Dec 2012 #98
all that our hearts never dare hope for? hopemountain Dec 2012 #99
(((Hugs)))! Surya Gayatri Dec 2012 #100
more (((((HUGS))))) and another great, big THANK YOU!!!!! for the LOLZ. meti57b Dec 2012 #101
Same goes here hotrod0808 Dec 2012 #102
Happy New Year, Bob. DinahMoeHum Dec 2012 #103
Health and happiness to you my good friend. sellitman Dec 2012 #104
We love you! crim son Dec 2012 #106
A very happy 2013 to you Beaverhausen Dec 2012 #107
You are welcome.... CherokeeDem Dec 2012 #108
I think your situation taught us some things. We tend to take each other for granted rhett o rick Dec 2012 #109
It's a wonderful life, isn't it rocktivity Dec 2012 #110
Happy New Year, SCE! Kadie Dec 2012 #111
Salmon ... Arugula Latte Dec 2012 #112
And a Happy New Year to you also. kiva Dec 2012 #113
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