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48. Welcome to DU, jinx1!
Sun Dec 30, 2012, 07:42 PM
Dec 2012

Glad you're here! Good question! We all need that help! The only time I can even vaguely remember that the answer would have been "yes" is some commemorative thing upon the passing of some public figure or other. Completely non-essential, and utterly irrelevant regarding the hard realities of policy-making and law-making.

What I remember in detail is this wall of "No" that we kept banging into, with untold numbers of attempts to break through that wall, or at least bore a hole in it. These assholes were HORRIBLE. Just take a moment to imagine what kind of nay-saying the enemy would say if OUR side did nothing but turn up its collective nose at ANYTHING the President wanted.

And we all know why, don't we? Because the republi-CONS are being led around by their own noses by the teabaggers. And what pumps through their veins, in far greater numbers and proportions, is racism.

It seems there's one really remarkable thing about racism: its staying power. We supposedly declared it over and done with about - how long ago? From somewhere in the middle of the 19th Century? Isn't that somewhere around 150 years ago? Haven't we been able to get over it by now, as a country? Why is this still a problem? Why is it still an issue in this country? What's been done to perpetuate, or even reinforce it so effectively? And what HASN'T been done to bring it to a complete, stale, closed-and-locked, body's-gone-cold, end-of-discussion END? What HASN'T been done to make sure this is SECURELY and in TOTAL FINALITY over and done with? Dead and buried and just a bad memory? Why has racism been allowed to continue? Actively? Passively? Both, probably?

We need to look at this seriously, and ask ourselves some pretty serious self-examining questions, seems to me. WHY is racism still a problem? Why have we not been able to conquer it? If a generation is about 20 - 25 years, how many generations is that since Abraham Lincoln's day? One hundred and 47 years works out to five to seven generations. Give or take. I mean, it just seems to me that it's time we grew up as a nation.

All I see when I observe teabaggerism - whether it's what they're saying on radio/tv/cable or writing in editorials, books, and blogs, or shouting and stamping their li'l feet at rallies, protests, and town hall meetings and hoisting their poorly spelled protest signs - is a bunch of adult-size three-year-olds throwing temper tantrums, because mom or dad didn't take them to Kiddie Land today. I see a bunch of spoiled brats yelling and screaming in the cereal aisle at the store, because mom wouldn't buy them all the Count Chocula they demanded. They embarrass me as an American, and humiliate themselves. These people has insisted they're not growing up at all, stuck on a world view that extends no farther out from them than the tips of their noses (or pot-bellies, whichever is larger).

We weren't born yesterday, as a nation, or as a reunited nation. We should be asking ourselves seriously, as a nation, isn't it time we grew up?

at last, Obama is being completely forthright about repug bullshit samsingh Dec 2012 #1
"Completely"? I wish he was. Towlie Dec 2012 #23
near completely? samsingh Dec 2012 #39
the republicans GETTINGTIRED Dec 2012 #2
Not centrist-- they refuse to accept what used to be fairly extreme right-wing positions. Marr Dec 2012 #3
I don't understand how the "liberally-biased media" allows ANY Republican zbdent Dec 2012 #20
k&r...that must have hit david gregory in the gut..... spanone Dec 2012 #4
I would have preferred a kick to his crotch Generic Brad Dec 2012 #9
Ditto on the kick to the crotch... johnfunk Dec 2012 #12
How 'bout a kick to his vocal cords? malz Dec 2012 #32
I've been seeing a lot of false equivalence here on DU today greenman3610 Dec 2012 #41
That's just not funny gasser85 Dec 2012 #50
yep bigtree Dec 2012 #5
Say it loud & Say it Proud! That is My President!! Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2012 #6
What was the first thing to clue you in after all these years Mr President? Bluenorthwest Dec 2012 #7
Of course we've seen it all along, intheflow Dec 2012 #13
Or maybe.... AlbertCat Dec 2012 #34
Maybe Sasha got to him. pangaia Dec 2012 #51
maybe he waited until after the election to get tough alp227 Dec 2012 #30
You have to cut him some slack here Kennah Dec 2012 #57
Obama is now doing what he promised Boner he would do... johnfunk Dec 2012 #8
Hmmm.......looking at facts Proud Liberal Dem Dec 2012 #10
So many Republicons today would find Ronald Reagan too liberal AndyA Dec 2012 #11
Ronald Reagan wouldn't be able to win a GOP primary for a local race, let alone President PennsylvaniaMatt Dec 2012 #22
Yep. He'd have to run as a Democrat n/t leftstreet Dec 2012 #26
Which is where he started from n/t Nevernose Dec 2012 #33
And where he ended up is where the Dems are now. :( n/t cui bono Dec 2012 #58
Ronald Reagan wouldn't be able to win a GOP primary for a local race, let alone President AlbertCat Dec 2012 #35
Reagan was an actor playing the part of a president. WHEN CRABS ROAR Dec 2012 #47
From the same interview: LuvLoogie Dec 2012 #14
Just a wild guess, he's referring to those of us who don't want him to throw forestpath Dec 2012 #16
Thanks for pointing this out for those of us who didn't see the interview. senseandsensibility Dec 2012 #17
FYI, you can get a podcast app for your pc or phone and download MTP for free. cui bono Dec 2012 #60
He actually said 'knee-jerk ideological positions' ?? leftstreet Dec 2012 #18
Maybe he's ProSense Dec 2012 #19
I have seen no Democratic representative spouting NRA talking points AgingAmerican Dec 2012 #24
Prove that's what he meant n/t leftstreet Dec 2012 #25
you first. bigtree Dec 2012 #42
LMFAO-- right. Marr Dec 2012 #45
Can you show how that can be? In context? cui bono Dec 2012 #59
Where do you get the 2nd Amendment and the NRA from all that? TiberiusB Jan 2013 #63
Obama hates us. JoePhilly Dec 2012 #28
And we found his letter to Santa when he was a toddler asking to make him POTUS to destroy SS. Yup! freshwest Dec 2012 #54
Of course n/t Leopolds Ghost Dec 2012 #15
Exactly! Not only reject "centrist" policies, but rejecting THEIR OWN policies. mountain grammy Dec 2012 #21
Check out Mitch McConnell's response. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2012 #27
Working.....I don't believe it for one minute young_at_heart Dec 2012 #29
Thank you, Don! AlbertCat Dec 2012 #37
Oh, noes! Mitch says Obama is insensitive to the Republicans! freshwest Dec 2012 #55
Why would McConnell do that? He already said the only one who could solve this is PBO. n/t cui bono Dec 2012 #61
All the GOP has to do is to accept what Democrats are proposing Rosa Luxemburg Dec 2012 #31
Help me please jinx1 Dec 2012 #36
Welcome to DU, jinx1! calimary Dec 2012 #48
Never, but the media is owned by conservatives, so we have to go to the UK to find out... freshwest Dec 2012 #56
Republicans are big time the problem right now. limpyhobbler Dec 2012 #38
Indeed! Scurrilous Dec 2012 #40
Starving Seniors to prop up Big War, is also extremist. grahamhgreen Dec 2012 #43
Impeach the criminal gang out of the house libodem Dec 2012 #44
No, it's everyone. n/t DeSwiss Dec 2012 #46
he should have said that the day he was inaugurated Skittles Dec 2012 #49
Spot on, and EXACTLY what I have been saying for YEARS and YEARS in this forum BanTheGOP Dec 2012 #52
Kind of a water is wet statement, JoeyT Dec 2012 #53
Then why is HP reporting that PBO is about to "cave"? RT_Fanatic Dec 2012 #62
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