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43. Sorry, that won't fly. The schools generally EXPELL any student found
Wed Feb 1, 2012, 07:17 PM
Feb 2012

to have given prescription meds to other students on school grounds.

The school go so far as to deny students the the right to supervise their own meds on the campus. The parents have to bring the meds in to the school office or clinic along with copius paperwork inclduing the doctor's signature. Then when it is time for the student to take the meds, the student presents him/herself to the office and the nurse or appointed school personnel dispenses the meds to the student.

Ergo, if the student had prescription meds in school, it would be the parent's fault, not the school's.

Someone is always trying to appropriate serious money needed for the kids education without any thought to the consequenses of the kids.

why is the school responsible for what you/your daughter's friends do? nt msongs Feb 2012 #1
They are supposed to be supervising while on school grounds. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #2
That would surely involve the use of surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE on campus.. left coaster Feb 2012 #5
It would depend how obvious it was. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #9
So you expect a gym teacher Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #64
Read the OP. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #65
Your definition of "out in plain sight" is vague Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #70
I believe plain sight has a pretty specific definition. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #73
Something a mile away is in plain sight Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #79
Definition Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #80
Thanks! Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #83
If you say so. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #86
How are they supposed to know everything that goes on on school grounds? montanto Feb 2012 #7
So if it happened in your daughter's bedroom, you'd blame yourself? muriel_volestrangler Feb 2012 #13
If it happened in my living room while we were watching TV then yes. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #17
If they were supervising in a manner that would guarantee that such a thing could not happen... HuckleB Feb 2012 #29
You know how many kids have sex in middle schools and high schools every day? XemaSab Feb 2012 #31
During class? If they're missing that then I can see the problem. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #41
Sorry, that won't fly. The schools generally EXPELL any student found 1monster Feb 2012 #43
That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #46
Deep pockets. ohiosmith Feb 2012 #3
I agree completely. nt madmax Feb 2012 #27
Exactly. HuckleB Feb 2012 #28
So you would sue a school girl for being ignorant while trying to help your daughter? yellowcanine Feb 2012 #4
Ignorance is not an excuse. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #6
Bad examples. Plumbers and doctors are paid professionals. A school girl is .....a school girl. yellowcanine Feb 2012 #57
Then it's even worse because they have no technical skills. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #58
You are a seriously confused person. yellowcanine Feb 2012 #59
Try opening a DU thread saying that you are having strange symptoms and ask Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #60
Some people see dollar signs in everything. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #11
Yes. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #14
You mean like the ignorance your daughter demonstrated Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #66
And I would take that into account. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #72
And then I assume you would also then compensate Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #77
Doesn't quite work that way. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #78
Drunk driving is illegal Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #81
They might. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #85
If they had time to react and didn't Kellerfeller Feb 2012 #96
Not necessarily. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #98
Yeah... ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #8
And sometimes that is how OP's are born. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #10
Not really. But we can disagree. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #15
Is there really ever a net? Can you quantify emotional damage? nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #18
Can you quantify the crappy state of existence that your world of constant lawsuits would create? HuckleB Feb 2012 #32
I can form an opinion. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #34
That's fine. Until it happens to the next person with different results. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #37
The world you want would lead to some rather horrific results and costs. HuckleB Feb 2012 #39
Sounds like libertarian bullhockey to me. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #40
Hardly. HuckleB Feb 2012 #42
I believe in accidents. Sorry, but I am not sue crazy. And there is no ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #48
So you at lease required a review of the prep nurses procedures by the hospital? Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #50
What happened to me was sorry enough. Thank you for caring. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #52
Suing someone will definitely force the hospital to fire someone who is not competent. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #53
We will have to agree to disagree on this. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #54
I hope so and I hope it was not a training issue. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #55
It was an oversight, due to rushing in the early AM, which they acknowledged. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #56
Umm... oh never mind. PotatoChip Feb 2012 #61
You can ask anything. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2012 #62
No PotatoChip Feb 2012 #63
i would sue if and only if actual damage resulted slackmaster Feb 2012 #12
Agreed. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #16
Why not tell people the facts of your hypotheical. That this thread was influence by this one; Justice wanted Feb 2012 #19
If the young girl 1 asked for something because she didn't feel well and the girl 2, gave it southernyankeebelle Feb 2012 #20
True. I would hold them partially responsible. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #21
If girl 1 didn't feel well she should of asked her teacher if she could go to the nurse. southernyankeebelle Feb 2012 #22
Absolutely. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #23
Most schools don't have nurses, or anyone who fills that role. CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2012 #24
Go to the office ask the adminstrator at the front if you can call your parent because you are ill. southernyankeebelle Feb 2012 #25
That would probably work. CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2012 #26
I think so also. However, if the school wouldn't let her call her parent and my child got southernyankeebelle Feb 2012 #30
You ever had an asthma attack? JoePhilly Feb 2012 #82
If I saw a child having an attack and struggle to breath you bet I'd southernyankeebelle Feb 2012 #88
Yes, but you are an adult. JoePhilly Feb 2012 #107
Well being a 12 yr old and not even knowing she had asthma I didn't know the signs southernyankeebelle Feb 2012 #108
How does it being in gym class make it any different than any other time? HuckleB Feb 2012 #33
You don't see any difference between being in a supervised class setting and Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #36
Gym class can be spread out a great deal. HuckleB Feb 2012 #38
True, but I believe this was out in the open during the class. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #47
How would anyone know? HuckleB Feb 2012 #49
I changed my OP because you convinced me. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #51
I think you should also burn the buildings and salt the fields REP Feb 2012 #35
What a wierd OP! Am I missing something? PotatoChip Feb 2012 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author Tesha Feb 2012 #45
My granddaughter is 8 Horse with no Name Feb 2012 #67
Unlikely hypothetical --- prescription meds generally would not do anything FarCenter Feb 2012 #68
This is a sad and empty way to approach life DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2012 #69
I guess it comes down to what kind of people we are inside. LanternWaste Feb 2012 #71
I assume you were an adult? Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #74
Aged sixteen. Pomegranates and pomegranates... LanternWaste Feb 2012 #91
How did you consume penacillin while unconscious? Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #97
Cool thing called the reflexive responses... LanternWaste Feb 2012 #100
You cannot cough or swallow if you had "blacked out" Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #103
Attitudes like yours lead to people not willing to be Good Samaritans MicaelS Feb 2012 #75
No student mainstreetonce Feb 2012 #76
A student who suffers from asthma should not be permitted to carry an inhaler? morningfog Feb 2012 #102
There may be mainstreetonce Feb 2012 #106
LOL. You would lose both suits, too. morningfog Feb 2012 #84
No results yet, but I believe these have held up in court. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #90
Not close to the same fact pattern or same legal question. morningfog Feb 2012 #92
By your logic it was her fault for getting into the car. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #95
How do you know my logic? morningfog Feb 2012 #101
Yes, but it is still illegal. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #105
Why? It would be your fault. Gold Metal Flake Feb 2012 #87
LOL. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #89
That is no where near the same case you are wanting to bring. morningfog Feb 2012 #93
Fairly similar in concept. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #94
Actually, there have been successful tort cases where people morningfog Feb 2012 #99
Very interesting. Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #104
Let's put it another way. Gold Metal Flake Feb 2012 #109
LOL. nt Snake Alchemist Feb 2012 #110
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