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Fri Jun 28, 2013, 02:53 PM Jun 2013

How Much Are You Bothered by Spelling, Grammar, Capitalization, and Punctuation Errors [View all]

on the Internet?

This seems like a reasonable question, and may give us some idea of how much of a problem such errors are or are believed to be by people.

53 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Extremely Bothered - They make me discount the content completely.
4 (8%)
Very Bothered - They make me seriously question the validity of the content.
18 (34%)
Moderately Bothered - Such errors are very annoying, and indicate poor thinking.
12 (23%)
Somewhat Bothered - I get annoyed at this, but try to look past them and at the content.
10 (19%)
Not Very Bothered - It's the Internet. People aren't as careful with their writing.
5 (9%)
Hardly Bothered at All - I not really concerned about people making such errors.
1 (2%)
Knot Botheered at Awl - Whut errurs?
2 (4%)
I'm Repulsed by This Poll.
1 (2%)
I Always Vote in Polls.
0 (0%)
Dingbats Rule!
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Less bothered since smartphones came out jberryhill Jun 2013 #1
this^^ nt arely staircase Jun 2013 #11
I have to 'speak' some of my posts with my smartphone, since sometimes I cannot write. msanthrope Jun 2013 #46
Posting to DU while driving is tough! jberryhill Jun 2013 #146
I've found myself pulling over to the side of the road more than once to answer a DU post. nt msanthrope Jun 2013 #147
I just drive with my knees.... jberryhill Jun 2013 #148
Ah--but I have the 10 year old in the car! And I drive a boat--a big Dodge. msanthrope Jun 2013 #149
I used to drive a stick jberryhill Jul 2013 #155
Leaf off the puns, will ya? nt msanthrope Jul 2013 #157
I guess texting doesn't bother anyone? nt kelliekat44 Jun 2013 #61
Texting doesn't bother me. MineralMan Jun 2013 #75
Texting makes Jesus cry. NoPasaran Jun 2013 #81
dere jesis, MineralMan Jun 2013 #90
The one that bugs me the most is "lightening" instead of "lightning" hobbit709 Jun 2013 #2
I'm always entranced by the lightening sky at dawn. MineralMan Jun 2013 #3
For me it's 'seperate' instead of 'separate'. randome Jun 2013 #12
My fifth grade English teacher, among other things, MineralMan Jun 2013 #16
I'll admit that for many years, I spelt it "seperate" Fortinbras Armstrong Jun 2013 #150
Reminds me of something Mark Twain said: Fortinbras Armstrong Jun 2013 #105
Mine is "loosing" for "losing" treestar Jun 2013 #115
BUT I CAN'T STAND ALL CAPS!!!!!! FarCenter Jun 2013 #4
i dON'T bLAME yOU! MineralMan Jun 2013 #5
Lose vs. loose narnian60 Jun 2013 #6
You can't lose if you maintain a loose interpretation MineralMan Jun 2013 #8
And its variant.. Scurrilous Jun 2013 #17
A 'looser' is someone I don't want to stand behind. nt msanthrope Jun 2013 #47
Especially 'hugh looser.' Scurrilous Jun 2013 #62
My biggest pet peeve! louis-t Jun 2013 #97
I went for a pass because Xyzse Jun 2013 #7
This, exactly. kiva Jun 2013 #13
Yes. This. (nt) Control-Z Jun 2013 #31
It only bothers me if I spot them in regular articles.......... thelordofhell Jun 2013 #9
^^^this^^^ Freddie Jun 2013 #127
I've become more tolerant. Wait Wut Jun 2013 #10
Then he will be "hoist by his own petard," MineralMan Jun 2013 #14
Of course. Wait Wut Jun 2013 #19
It bothers me especially when ........ oldhippie Jun 2013 #15
It is always wise to proofread any rant you write about MineralMan Jun 2013 #18
Double points awarded for this post. ^ TheCowsCameHome Jun 2013 #24
Yeah, I agree with that. TDale313 Jun 2013 #43
I Collect Examples of Errors On the Road Jun 2013 #153
That is so true ..... oldhippie Jun 2013 #154
Thanks for posting this pole TheCowsCameHome Jun 2013 #20
Ewe our wright. MineralMan Jun 2013 #22
"To err is human; to forgive, ovine" pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #41
It doesn't bother me too much. TDale313 Jun 2013 #21
Nearly all my posts will show a 'Last Edited' time on them. randome Jun 2013 #27
What bothers me more is that after decades of reading on the internet csziggy Jun 2013 #23
I believe that should be "apostrophe's." MineralMan Jun 2013 #25
!'!'!'''''' csziggy Jun 2013 #42
Yeah, that drive's me crazy. nt Link Speed Jun 2013 #93
It drives me up a tree when posters use apostrophes with plural nouns. n/t RebelOne Jun 2013 #106
I'm worried that the logic of our language is dis-integrating. It troubles me that it seems patrice Jun 2013 #26
It's a sign of a poor education customerserviceguy Jun 2013 #28
Even well educated people make typing MineralMan Jun 2013 #34
Well, there's education customerserviceguy Jun 2013 #45
It is however, rather easy in most cases to see the difference between a typo and a poor spelling... LanternWaste Jun 2013 #91
I don't disagree with you on those points. MineralMan Jun 2013 #95
In resumes, very much bothered. Elsewhere, not so much. Scuba Jun 2013 #29
I once did not hire a programmer, because MineralMan Jun 2013 #39
As long as he was consistent, the compiler doesn't care usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jun 2013 #107
Misspellings can be significant in computer code Fortinbras Armstrong Jun 2013 #109
Ah, BASIC and its undeclared variables. MineralMan Jun 2013 #113
Extremely bothered. Distracts from content I may not wish to discount. aquart Jun 2013 #30
I don't care that much, but... tridim Jun 2013 #32
Depends where on 'the internet'... RedCappedBandit Jun 2013 #33
This is my stance too. surrealAmerican Jun 2013 #122
I come from a family of editors. RevStPatrick Jun 2013 #35
Poor grammar is the sign of a lazy mind. MrSlayer Jun 2013 #36
Hardly bothered...what they SAY is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than some writing errors... Tikki Jun 2013 #37
Content is what counts. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #38
Indeed it is. MineralMan Jun 2013 #64
Were you asked to go somewhere? No, you were not. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #116
None of that has anything whatsoever to do with this thread. MineralMan Jun 2013 #118
It has everything to do with this thread. Does X annoy you? No, Y annoys me. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #123
Ignore is also a function on DU. MineralMan Jun 2013 #125
So what? Why announce it? Why not just do so? Does the fanfare stoke your jets? Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #152
I LOL at "Knot Botheered at Awl - Whut errurs?" MotherPetrie Jun 2013 #40
It depends on the context WilmywoodNCparalegal Jun 2013 #44
If there's one or more errors in the subject line, I usually skip the post entirely. nt planetc Jun 2013 #48
I only hold journalists to that high standard. kentauros Jun 2013 #49
The state of editing these days is very poor. MineralMan Jun 2013 #52
That's true. kentauros Jun 2013 #70
I had to turn off the automatic substitution feature MineralMan Jun 2013 #73
I'm the same way with Word and autocorrect. kentauros Jun 2013 #86
You are so correct. RebelOne Jun 2013 #108
Their, there, they're, Mineral Man. Everything will be just fine!! madinmaryland Jun 2013 #50
I won't count on that, as is my wont. MineralMan Jun 2013 #53
I am bothered by the miss use of RC Jun 2013 #51
I must not comment. I must not comment. MineralMan Jun 2013 #54
miss use - misuse moondust Jun 2013 #57
I do know that - Honest! RC Jun 2013 #60
Ok, I screwed up RC Jun 2013 #59
I think the word you want is "betterer." MineralMan Jun 2013 #63
More betterer. narnian60 Jun 2013 #130
Let me add a few: Nay Jun 2013 #139
Using completely the wrong word stands out more. dipsydoodle Jun 2013 #55
That's an excellent example. MineralMan Jun 2013 #58
Also seems to be unique to US posters. dipsydoodle Jun 2013 #68
Well, I'm smarter then they are, I guess. MineralMan Jun 2013 #69
That's a mute point. tridim Jun 2013 #71
Good point. It's just not exceptable. n/t TheCowsCameHome Jun 2013 #82
lol dipsydoodle Jun 2013 #100
Not really. MelungeonWoman Jun 2013 #56
My biggest concern is lack of commas and periods in posts. House of Roberts Jun 2013 #65
Yes. That's a real issue, too. MineralMan Jun 2013 #66
Other: LWolf Jun 2013 #67
30 years a high school teacher... Bigmack Jun 2013 #72
Well, since we are just primates with thinner hair, MineralMan Jun 2013 #74
It says a lot about IQ and attitude Coyotl Jun 2013 #76
Attitude more than IQ, I think. MineralMan Jun 2013 #77
Moran guy is a good example Coyotl Jun 2013 #126
I put on my ignore list anyone ridiculing another just because of spelling. It shows their ... JackN415 Jun 2013 #78
OK. MineralMan Jun 2013 #80
I 100% agree. Assholes mostly. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #141
Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? Gravitycollapse Jun 2013 #79
Now, that's funny, hilarious and amusing, MineralMan Jun 2013 #85
Significantly less bothered than I am by people who focus on or correct those errors wickerwoman Jun 2013 #83
Extremely bothered. MicaelS Jun 2013 #84
I have noticed of late the alarming xxqqqzme Jun 2013 #87
Some people have a truly difficult time discerning between the two. Gravitycollapse Jun 2013 #88
There was a brief discussion of that earlier in the thread. MineralMan Jun 2013 #89
I sometimes have to individually damn my fingers kentauros Jun 2013 #144
In newspapers, they bother me a lot Yo_Mama Jun 2013 #92
My therapist says I am obsessed about it.... geckosfeet Jun 2013 #94
I could care less... ileus Jun 2013 #96
We all could, I'm sure. MineralMan Jun 2013 #99
rut roh In_The_Wind Jun 2013 #102
You COULD care less, kentauros Jun 2013 #143
Welllllll....I used to teach the stuff, so I get moderately annoyed. But I HATE "LEAD" for "LED"! WinkyDink Jun 2013 #98
I can't help but be somewhat bothered once I see an error gvstn Jun 2013 #101
There's at least 40 folks here azurnoir Jun 2013 #103
What a completely asinine remark. I hate the condescending "folks," too, so thanks for playing. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #114
asinine? it was hardly condescending but a point in fact azurnoir Jun 2013 #117
I am extremely bothered because I worked as a copy editor 16 years RebelOne Jun 2013 #104
I have had dealings with copy editors. MineralMan Jun 2013 #111
I have a book which infuriates me because of sloppy copyediting Fortinbras Armstrong Jun 2013 #121
The AP style book was our bible for the copy editors at the publishing company where I worked. n/t RebelOne Jun 2013 #136
Makes me crazy, but I don't correct SheilaT Jun 2013 #110
The kindest, wisest and most talented man I have ever known was practically illiterate siligut Jun 2013 #112
This country needs a bag grammar lobby in Washington npk Jun 2013 #119
What you said... MineralMan Jun 2013 #120
LOL. I am the worse offender. npk Jun 2013 #124
Little or no concern bigwillq Jun 2013 #128
the purpose of communication is to be understood Johonny Jun 2013 #129
Not very bothered unless a poster is criticizing my errors with a post full of errors. BlueCaliDem Jun 2013 #131
I had to pass. While the mistakes others make hardly bother me at all, MY mistakes stand out cherokeeprogressive Jun 2013 #132
I am more bothered by those who think savalez Jun 2013 #133
+1000 n-t Logical Jun 2013 #142
It drives me demented. nt sibelian Jun 2013 #134
Mine- A LOT! loyalsister Jun 2013 #135
Never. hunter Jun 2013 #137
I can forgive one or two errors as everybody makes mistakes. mythology Jun 2013 #138
I think anyone who is very bothered is someone I would not enjoy spending time with. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #140
I can forgive people online for the most part, kentauros Jun 2013 #145
Ever since the advent of smart phones, I gave up caring... Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #151
may i share why i type in all lower case? hopemountain Jul 2013 #156
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