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80. I really miss Gore Vidal. I think he was the finest essayist of the 20th century. Smart man & witty
Wed Jul 24, 2013, 10:21 AM
Jul 2013
He don't need our votes now. Autumn Jul 2013 #1
No kidding. The house and senate need our votes but, like last time, Obama demoralizes the base. PSPS Jul 2013 #3
Who he's pissing off are the younger voters who no one thinks are paying attention. matthews Jul 2013 #16
Ray Kelly, head of the vile NYPD and who will always be remembered for his attacks on sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #47
Well said. They blamed the 2010 losses on the non-turnout of the young. matthews Jul 2013 #55
I agree, mostly. My son, age 30, is a Dem and has always told me Obama is a Pub. He Nay Jul 2013 #69
My experience also byeya Jul 2013 #77
Murdoch's also a big fan of Kelly suffragette Jul 2013 #62
Murdoch is also a gun banner. Coming into focus? nt Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #85
Yes, it does. Murdoch's NY Post, tabloid, propaganda and good friends of Ray Kelly. He uses sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #92
Surely every action, policy, and appointment has its own purpose indepat Jul 2013 #91
God, I hope you're right. Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #84
^^this^^ Puzzledtraveller Jul 2013 #72
It is a foul, disgusting choice. MotherPetrie Jul 2013 #2
Whaaaaaaat!!?? abelenkpe Jul 2013 #4
Here's the link... markpkessinger Jul 2013 #5
Thank you abelenkpe Jul 2013 #12
he doesn't have to pretend he cares anymore. He can do what he wants. Very disappointing roguevalley Jul 2013 #23
Well, you see...you don't understand politics.... nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #30
You got it "close enough for government work" as the old saying goes Dragonfli Jul 2013 #33
Yeah, but I have that thing called morals nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #34
Morals are an impediment to success, you appear to be doomed to a life of honest reporting Dragonfli Jul 2013 #37
I know... nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #38
Edited. I get it now. :D I am tired tonight from all the bullshit going on in the country. roguevalley Jul 2013 #45
Parody nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #46
You too...I must hit bed myself. nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #52
No surprises any more. morningfog Jul 2013 #6
I think the game has been rigged for a long, long time. The "joke" is on we, the people.... NRaleighLiberal Jul 2013 #7
+1 Rex Jul 2013 #11
Oh good God, he's a pure plutonomy shill... Fire Walk With Me Jul 2013 #8
I feel kind of like someone just spit in my face. nt Zorra Jul 2013 #17
He did. nt Nay Jul 2013 #70
There are those of us that know the players, the history, the neoliberal views Dragonfli Jul 2013 #19
"Hopium addicts"! love it! kath Jul 2013 #24
Me, too. Entirely accurate explanation.... villager Jul 2013 #86
your bitter tears are nectar to my soul. dionysus Jul 2013 #81
That's nice, I do suggest you learn about these people however Dragonfli Jul 2013 #89
"Hopium Addict": great turn of phrase! deurbano Jul 2013 #90
Yes, as your name says - I'm OK with what you write. delrem Jul 2013 #48
Don't forget , Summers also thinks women are genetically inferior octoberlib Jul 2013 #9
He's just not that into us. tblue Jul 2013 #10
Summers... roamer65 Jul 2013 #13
Summers' history of bad calls . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #14
Thanks for the list and lesson. I suspect that this is only the most obvious of his errors. byeya Jul 2013 #79
Obama's not a Trojan Horse. Really. He's not. honest. kath Jul 2013 #15
I remember watching an interview with Gore Vidal . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #18
Oh and what big teeth you have wilsonbooks Jul 2013 #26
I remember that. We sure could use some of his wisdom now. LuvNewcastle Jul 2013 #58
+1 nt markpkessinger Jul 2013 #59
I really miss Gore Vidal. I think he was the finest essayist of the 20th century. Smart man & witty byeya Jul 2013 #80
Indeed! n/t markpkessinger Jul 2013 #82
As Michelle Obama once said, being president reveals who you are. forestpath Jul 2013 #20
Ray Kelly & Larry Summers star in "Change We Can Believe In" MinM Jul 2013 #21
would we prefer Janet Yellen? hfojvt Jul 2013 #22
I think most would. I stated that preference as an OP earlier this week cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #44
Awful choices. bigwillq Jul 2013 #25
How does a man who has been so spectacularly wrong so often . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #27
That's changalicious. progressoid Jul 2013 #28
Well lookie there. The dirtbag "women can't do math" prick Triana Jul 2013 #29
Not inspiring choices. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #31
A complete and total tool for big banks taught_me_patience Jul 2013 #32
Not to worry . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #35
That's the most frightening thing of all -- that there can be any dem who could Nay Jul 2013 #73
Change? Yeah, screwing the 99% out of every last nickel, that change. Brewinblue Jul 2013 #36
another blatantly "bought and paid for" appointment... dtom67 Jul 2013 #39
I have been reading a couple of books about the history of China during and after WWII. JDPriestly Jul 2013 #41
What??????? How sad! JDPriestly Jul 2013 #40
Neither has been named to anything. OP is making shit up. nt geek tragedy Jul 2013 #43
I hope! JDPriestly Jul 2013 #49
Both would be awful choices. nt geek tragedy Jul 2013 #50
I didn't say they had yet been named, so no, I'm not "making shit up" markpkessinger Jul 2013 #56
You were blaming him for media speculation re: Summers? geek tragedy Jul 2013 #65
The Washington Post, Bloomberg and Chris Hayes all seem to think this is more . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #71
I agree Summers would be a terrible pick, especially since he would need Senate confirmation. geek tragedy Jul 2013 #74
Neither has yet been named . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #60
The base doesn't soil their undies based on interview questions and media rumors. nt geek tragedy Jul 2013 #42
You speak from the favored benches of those who haven't been disappointed. delrem Jul 2013 #51
I have been disappointed with some regularity by the president. geek tragedy Jul 2013 #53
I see. You don't see a fuckin' pattern. delrem Jul 2013 #54
That's the MAGIC of the Third Way. woo me with science Jul 2013 #61
Nailed it n/t markpkessinger Jul 2013 #63
Enforced ignorance bobduca Jul 2013 #78
Get back to me when the actual nominations happen. nt geek tragedy Jul 2013 #66
Yeah, far better to wait until it's a done deal . . . markpkessinger Jul 2013 #57
That's pretty much been the MO since January 2009. nt matthews Jul 2013 #75
Don't forget, if we don't raise objections now, way before actual nominations, it will be Nay Jul 2013 #83
Bwahahaha .... thanks for a good laugh this morning. JoePhilly Jul 2013 #68
K&R woo me with science Jul 2013 #64
Those aren't trial balloons, Le Taz Hot Jul 2013 #67
Upgrading Clipboards..... bobduca Jul 2013 #76
Unregulated capital & gun bans in one package. Makes sense. Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #87
Same old, same old, Blue_In_AK Jul 2013 #88
Ray Kelly was never on the short list. Bolo Boffin Oct 2013 #93
you better believe it nt geek tragedy Oct 2013 #94
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