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Tue Sep 24, 2013, 09:27 AM Sep 2013

Congressman collects millions in food aid, but says poor people should get no food aid. [View all]


I know, most DUers are hip to this scam, but here's a blog post for the Fundagelicals in your life, referencing bible verses and pointing out the BS in the Wingnut "fuck the poor, Jesus said so" argument.

Hypocrisy, thy name is “Republican”: Congressman Stephen Fincher, who has collected over three million dollars of funds from the farm bill, wants poor folks to get nothing from that same farm bill: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/05/us/as-debate-reopens-food-stamp-recipients-continue-to-squeeze.html?pagewanted=1&smid=tw-share
Not only that, he says Jesus wants poor people to starve. Really.

He gets this, as so many Fundagelicals do, from a single out-of-context quote from Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians: “Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.” And, like many Fundies, he glosses over the “unwilling to” part. You see, even a hard-case like the Apostle Paul knew that some people couldn’t work, through no fault of their own. But Fincher, who can’t tell the difference between Jesus and Paul, also can’t see the difference between those who cannot work, and those who will not work.

But then, how can a man who gets $174,000.00 a year to rarely show up at work, and barely works when he does show up; who pocketed millions of tax dollars in exchange for doing nothing; how can such a man know what work is? He cannot, and clearly does not.

Just another day in Wingnut Land, where Congressional millionaires destroy the lives of non-millionaires, and laugh all the way to bank.

Here’s another relevant quote (actually from Jesus himself) from the Gospel of Matthew: And Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24“Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Mr. Fincher might want to give that one a passing thought, when he isn’t busy trying to starve little kids to death.

I'm the author, so no worries on copyright infringement, or the three-para rule. Nothing else at the link.
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Congressman Stephen Fincher is from Tennessee Vanje Sep 2013 #7
If you aren't from his district, you can't send him email. riqster Sep 2013 #8
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Google his district zip code Fawke Em Sep 2013 #11
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I can't quite decide if I'm a traitor or a fan of the movie. Fawke Em Sep 2013 #22
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Republicans luv the writings of Paul, and the book of Leviticus. Thav Sep 2013 #12
Call them "Paulians" sometime. riqster Sep 2013 #14
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For emphasis... xocet Sep 2013 #17
It's all Greek to me. riqster Sep 2013 #18
My Dear Congressman Fincher is fastly making himself one of Congress's most pious, indepat Sep 2013 #19
Indeed. Would that he were unusual. riqster Sep 2013 #20
I know it is an out of context quote... awoke_in_2003 Sep 2013 #21
S'truth. riqster Sep 2013 #23
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