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Fri Sep 27, 2013, 07:06 PM
Sep 2013

Fifty years from now, there will probably be statues of heroic patriot Mark Klein peppered about the USA. Klein, you may remember, revealed the NSA's secret room in San Francisco and the man that helped trigger the dismantling of the overblown police state apparatus that had been under construction for many years prior. We honor a patriot that steered America back to check and balance Democracy.

-90% Jimmy

HE WAS NEVER THE NOMINEE! rhett o rick Sep 2013 #1
*lol* Hydra Sep 2013 #3
So nice that you provide your own trolling and distractions. Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #5
I dont know what came over me. nm rhett o rick Sep 2013 #6
"We do NOT have a Domestic Spying Program!" bvar22 Sep 2013 #7
Wellll I guess it all hinges on the definition of "not". nm rhett o rick Sep 2013 #18
Beat me to it. WilliamPitt Sep 2013 #17
... Enthusiast Sep 2013 #32
Silence was their best weapon on this Hydra Sep 2013 #2
history 90-percent Sep 2013 #4
History belongs to the victors. riderinthestorm Sep 2013 #8
The problem they have is that they never will make whistle-blowers extinct. rhett o rick Sep 2013 #20
Maybe statues quakerboy Sep 2013 #9
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #10
Is the Internet 'background' made of 'tubes'?... n/t PoliticAverse Sep 2013 #11
KNR. DirkGently Sep 2013 #12
Opps. Rex Sep 2013 #13
Well why not admit it? zeemike Sep 2013 #14
I think we are close to a terrible tipping point. I think the NSA is at some point going rhett o rick Sep 2013 #21
And you could be right. zeemike Sep 2013 #29
They dont really have to have anything on Pres Obama. They just have to explain to rhett o rick Sep 2013 #31
When asked what surprised him most when he became president, tblue37 Sep 2013 #38
NATHAN HALE formercia Sep 2013 #15
So, I googled "Internet Background" PowerToThePeople Sep 2013 #16
You have to look behind the pictures to see what's really going on... n/t PoliticAverse Sep 2013 #22
So is this stuff still classified? Conium Sep 2013 #19
From the name Prism, it was pretty clear that's what was happening mythology Sep 2013 #23
Bookmarking. n/t myrna minx Sep 2013 #24
I can do selective quotes, too! jazzimov Sep 2013 #25
It's almost to the point where I say 'Why bother?' randome Sep 2013 #27
"Upstream from the backbone" is venacular for the NSA taps into CALEA-compliant switches. leveymg Sep 2013 #26
Deja DU: This information was on DU a long time ago. We have known this all along. Coyotl Sep 2013 #28
Dianne Feinstein has no more idea than a two-year-old about what goes on with the internet. JDPriestly Sep 2013 #30
That's why the NSA is so pleased she's Chair of the Committee. leveymg Sep 2013 #34
Blah blah blah. Didja hear about Kanye? progressoid Sep 2013 #33
Leaks are Espionage! kenny blankenship Sep 2013 #35
I bet we will find "pole dancing" in her past. Not that there is anything wrong with that. nm rhett o rick Sep 2013 #36
Proof the NSA is not good WovenGems Sep 2013 #37
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