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35. Wasn't feeling well or paying attention at the store and almost picked up a box.
Tue Nov 5, 2013, 01:17 PM
Nov 2013

My daughter said "Mom, put that back. Let's buy this one. Buying Barilla pasta is just like buying gas from BP."

Good girl!!!

Maybe they could try giving away lots of boxes of rainbow colored pasta... n/t PoliticAverse Nov 2013 #1
and donate proceeds to a GLBT youth outreach program. KittyWampus Nov 2013 #25
They are just sorry they lost business. Lex Nov 2013 #2
Kind of like the tearful Jimmy Swaggart "I'm so sorry I got caught" display! n/t brewens Nov 2013 #16
Exactly Heather MC Nov 2013 #19
You're absolutely right. The week that he said that crap we had decided on pasta and winterpark Nov 2013 #26
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RKP5637 Nov 2013 #55
One step further... krkaufman Nov 2013 #61
Mental note to me. Never buy from these fuckers again. They don't give a damn about LGBT. Also, RKP5637 Nov 2013 #52
YEP! BillyRibs Nov 2013 #80
Actually it's PENinsular..... n/t radhika Nov 2013 #84
Too late.... JeffHead Nov 2013 #3
Being hit in the wallet is the only pain these people feel. But they feel it viscerally like a kick Ed Suspicious Nov 2013 #4
Their section of the shelf in the Safeway barely had any holes in it this weekend Starry Messenger Nov 2013 #5
My wife and I almost always bought their brand, ZombieHorde Nov 2013 #6
Same here. Not much difference in taste with commercial pasta and Barilla was usually the cheapest. adirondacker Nov 2013 #7
Yes, I liked Barilla and usually bought it. gvstn Nov 2013 #9
Ronzoni has a smoother texture KurtNYC Nov 2013 #22
Garafalo pasta at Costco! The best... Pretzel_Warrior Nov 2013 #32
Good rec. I shop at Costco - I'll try Garafalo n/t stanwyck Nov 2013 #40
Ours still has the barilla... Phentex Nov 2013 #75
We love Creamette brand. Not sure about their politics but I like it better than Barilla. Ed Suspicious Nov 2013 #36
Same here matt819 Nov 2013 #72
They only want their profits back... CoffeeCat Nov 2013 #8
Yep, Oh shit we damaged the brand! Rambis Nov 2013 #27
Oh, the poor homophobic bigots. We hope they sink outta sight. They don't give a RKP5637 Nov 2013 #54
I'll believe them when they fire Chairman Barilla. Gravitycollapse Nov 2013 #10
what do you expect? Homophobic fuckers!!!! gopiscrap Nov 2013 #11
The story got bolstered beyond the original info... Decaffeinated Nov 2013 #77
Easiest fix is the chairman resigns, but... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #12
Americans, as well. krkaufman Nov 2013 #62
...Used to buy Barilla... That was clearly a mistake that need not be repeated. n/t xocet Nov 2013 #13
"Italy is a very insular country, and in cities like Parma it's even more so..." rocktivity Nov 2013 #14
Yes, "We're a bunch of inbred country fucks" isn't exactly a visit to the morality carwash hatrack Nov 2013 #24
"We'd heard rumors about this thing called the Worldwide Web, but we'd thought it was mythological.. Arugula Latte Nov 2013 #42
Galileo tried to tell them about the global thing in the 1600's Lex Nov 2013 #50
uh...yep. We have marketing, and distribution around the world... BUT dballance Nov 2013 #53
Knowing Italy is the home of the world's biggest asshole Buddha_of_Wisdom Nov 2013 #56
I prefer DeCecco. Lugnut Nov 2013 #15
Yes. Expect to see Barilla on sale a lot more in the future n/t Quasimodem Nov 2013 #69
It's down at our Publix... Phentex Nov 2013 #76
Had they not lost money, they wouldn't have given a rats behind AllyCat Nov 2013 #17
Shoulda never said it... ReRe Nov 2013 #18
Shocked! Shocked, I tell you! liberalla Nov 2013 #20
I don't think anyone could have predicted this. nt Javaman Nov 2013 #21
Perhaps, if you are in commerce, you should just STFU about your personal beliefs SoCalDem Nov 2013 #23
^^ this ^^ Myrina Nov 2013 #33
I have never understood that behavior. whopis01 Nov 2013 #37
Very bigoted, and they are focused on supporters of their bigoted views IronLionZion Nov 2013 #59
Another pasta company should air a commerical during Modern Family... Phentex Nov 2013 #28
I think you're right and I'm a little surprised no one has done it yet. liberalla Nov 2013 #39
maybe they could team with Chick-fil-a rurallib Nov 2013 #29
Nobody cares, Guido!... TeeYiYi Nov 2013 #30
There will be little chance of recovery. I would never purchase another box. byronius Nov 2013 #31
I am with you on that Egnever Nov 2013 #47
I'll never voluntarily eat Barilla Renew Deal Nov 2013 #34
Saw VII krkaufman Nov 2013 #63
Wasn't feeling well or paying attention at the store and almost picked up a box. woodsprite Nov 2013 #35
Made me laugh... krkaufman Nov 2013 #64
Saw a pile of that shit on sale in my grocery store at discount prices....they cannot give it away. MADem Nov 2013 #38
Barilla is 10 for $10 at my King Soopers ellie Nov 2013 #41
just passed on barilla EC Nov 2013 #43
I am all for redemption and forgiveness. tblue Nov 2013 #44
Pasta la vista, baby Blue Owl Nov 2013 #45
You can't un-ring a bell - asshole. nt. Blue Idaho Nov 2013 #46
Barilla was the first brand in our area to sell whole-wheat pasta greatlaurel Nov 2013 #48
K&R DeSwiss Nov 2013 #49
Yeah, only concerned about $$$$$. They don't give a fuck about LGBT! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2013 #51
Too little too late. As if he cared about LGBT people. He cares about $$$. OregonBlue Nov 2013 #57
I still don't buy nestle products, barilla is in that same "just say no" category for me now Coexist Nov 2013 #58
F*CK them Lithos Nov 2013 #60
List of Pasta Companies pro gay advertisments in reaction to Barilla pitbullgirl1965 Nov 2013 #65
I did not know.... AnneD Nov 2013 #68
Good old sexism at play too. pitbullgirl1965 Nov 2013 #66
Growing up in the Cleveland suburbs... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2013 #67
I think of white socks ... Auggie Nov 2013 #73
it started with Ghoulardi... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2013 #83
We stopped buying Barilla LibertyLover Nov 2013 #70
I actually sent them an email about this... penultimate Nov 2013 #71
FU, Barilla. We don't need you. nt valerief Nov 2013 #74
Soooooooooo many pasta options. Iggo Nov 2013 #78
Amazing how a whack to the pocketbook changes a public tune. Shame it does not change the private appleannie1 Nov 2013 #79
Barilla. blkmusclmachine Nov 2013 #81
Who knew that a company that sells boring processed carbs johnd83 Nov 2013 #82
I haven't bought any since, and I'm not likely to go back. Hugin Nov 2013 #85
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