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Great post. Exactly. LakeArenal Feb 2021 #1
I hate to nitpick, since I agree with all of this. But I feel compelled to point out that ShazzieB Feb 2021 #2
He is an Amfibbinagain. dameatball Feb 2021 #9
Qrump had being an Amfibbinagain down to an art form KS Toronado Feb 2021 #15
Oops, my bad.🤷🏼‍♂️ Magoo48 Feb 2021 #24
Reptile ... not an amphibian. Laelth Feb 2021 #3
It is worse than that - he can continuously break any law and not be held accountable Under The Radar Feb 2021 #4
Agree and: SayItLoud Feb 2021 #5
I wouldn't go that far.... paleotn Feb 2021 #16
Prosecutors judges and juries will be threatened by the MAGA mob Under The Radar Feb 2021 #32
And they will be arrested, tried and convicted. paleotn Feb 2021 #41
At the moment you are correct, but if they allow Trump to be boss Under The Radar Feb 2021 #47
We don't know if he issued himself a "secret pardon." LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2021 #35
It will still have to be adjudicated publicly. paleotn Feb 2021 #39
I read that because he drew up the pardons himself, they were so narrowly written that LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2021 #45
Yes, those are the Electoral College and the Fillibuster Escurumbele Feb 2021 #6
But But But... Tommymac Feb 2021 #8
to get rid of them destroy RW radio first - everything else will be easy certainot Feb 2021 #22
You are correct, and...improve the educational system in the USA Escurumbele Feb 2021 #28
Hugely important. summer_in_TX Feb 2021 #50
use AI to automatically record, transcribe, and analyze it - expose it, and boycott it until the certainot Feb 2021 #53
Excellent suggestion and one I hadn't thought of. summer_in_TX Feb 2021 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author dameatball Feb 2021 #7
Senate and Electoral College Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #10
Taking the cap off of the House Bettie Feb 2021 #40
That's a good idea. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #44
Yes, and raising the number would Bettie Feb 2021 #46
If you're going to build a political system that's hinged... MrScorpio Feb 2021 #11
Time for the Dems to play some serious f'ing hardball. MASW Feb 2021 #12
Welcome to DU! Delphinus Feb 2021 #21
We need a drip campaign of ads on tv and radio HariSeldon Feb 2021 #31
Keep it simple and repeat a unified message ad nauseum. Label Maru Kitteh Feb 2021 #48
The wheels of justice turn slowly..... the_sly_pig Feb 2021 #13
This. All of it, except that Oldem Feb 2021 #23
That is an important point. When you talk of the GOP training their sights on state level, BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #33
Contrary to popular myth, our founders were not "gods".... paleotn Feb 2021 #14
That is the other big point I was going to make, but you were ahead of me. BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #34
It's the GQP that is the problem pandr32 Feb 2021 #17
Any institution of rules, law, order bucolic_frolic Feb 2021 #18
I'm with you, Sly_Pig. MASW Feb 2021 #19
I think that this is one instance where you can hate both the player and the game. Initech Feb 2021 #20
so true llashram Feb 2021 #25
An election that went 57% - 43% would be called a landslide. TheRickles Feb 2021 #26
About the amphibian/reptile error. Sorry about that. I taught science for crying outloud. Magoo48 Feb 2021 #27
Right on! Pepsidog Feb 2021 #29
I suggest as time passes certain types of people learn of game the system, any system. TryLogic Feb 2021 #30
Minority rule is baked into the system... Jon King Feb 2021 #36
+1 leftstreet Feb 2021 #43
The "something" is people, Magoo. The dangerous flaw of Hortensis Feb 2021 #37
It's fucked up dalton99a Feb 2021 #38
The very definition of dysfunctional Blue Owl Feb 2021 #42
Yep, all the things you said. msfiddlestix Feb 2021 #49
Hell, I'm not sure. Magoo48 Feb 2021 #51
Well I've been thinking about this question of how to proceed to clean it up msfiddlestix Feb 2021 #52
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