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11 Bravo

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Sat Jan 4, 2014, 09:19 PM Jan 2014

Whos is the best lead singer in Rock history? [View all]

I'm talking only the voice, no credit for songwriting or creative chops. Who had the best pure vocal instrument?

38 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Burton Cummings
2 (5%)
Freddie Mercury
21 (55%)
Chuck Negron
0 (0%)
Other (Because I'm old, and most of my choices are no longer performing)
15 (39%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Freddie Mercury. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #1
I screwed up and hit post prior to creating the poll. Please go back and vote. 11 Bravo Jan 2014 #2
That's where my vote goes too (nt) Captain Stern Jan 2014 #6
I'd say Freddie takes the all around rock musician too, if not all-time musician. brewens Jan 2014 #32
Freddie Mercury by far! avebury Jan 2014 #3
Please go back and vote. (I effed up and hit post before creating the poll.) 11 Bravo Jan 2014 #4
Done avebury Jan 2014 #10
Dio baby!!! U4ikLefty Jan 2014 #5
Nice top three! Skip Intro Jan 2014 #112
I was fixing to throw Dickinson out. Super underrated though Mercury is more than worthy TheKentuckian Jan 2014 #145
I want to agree with you but Geoff Tate turned out to be a huge douchebag. Initech Jan 2014 #159
We now call him "the Vest" in metal circles U4ikLefty Jan 2014 #189
Yeah I want to see the real QR sometime. Initech Jan 2014 #194
Mercury and Cummings are strong picks. However... cthulu2016 Jan 2014 #7
Hubs and I play the "make up a Rock Band" game when traveling/driving a long way mtnester Jan 2014 #8
+1 on Lindsey Buckingham. n/t lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #28
+2! arcane1 Jan 2014 #35
Lindsey Buchingham is awesome. I just recently became a fan after watching a live concert sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #75
Ronnie James Dio John1956PA Jan 2014 #9
Not a bad choice 1000words Jan 2014 #20
Best metal voice, no doubt. Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #93
Freddie Mercury... Shandris Jan 2014 #11
Such a short list... for sure Robert Plant should be there. DCBob Jan 2014 #12
I agree vt_native Jan 2014 #19
RP gets my vote. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2014 #122
My wife and I figured Freddy Mercury before we saw the choices. Deep13 Jan 2014 #13
Out of those, Mercury sakabatou Jan 2014 #14
Why bother with more than one option? Scootaloo Jan 2014 #15
The poll wasn't up when I first responded... Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #29
Now there's a reason to pursue a career as a groupie! Scootaloo Jan 2014 #42
I'm going to say, with supreme confidence: 1000words Jan 2014 #16
Robert Plant PeteSelman Jan 2014 #17
+1 .. sendero Jan 2014 #23
Absolutely!! KT2000 Jan 2014 #39
yep kentuck Jan 2014 #43
He would be my choice. Blue_In_AK Jan 2014 #89
YES! Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2014 #170
Mick Jagger has to be up there....Also, Bon Scott nt Teamster Jeff Jan 2014 #18
Freddie had way too much vibrato/tremolo in his voice for me. busterbrown Jan 2014 #26
good post NoGOPZone Jan 2014 #79
Ann Wilson from Heart Beaverhausen Jan 2014 #21
+1. And her sister, Nancy, i.e., "These Dreams". And Janis Joplin. closeupready Jan 2014 #61
Great choices. I'd add Annie Lennox and David Bowie suffragette Jan 2014 #119
Damn, I forgot about Nancy Wilson. U4ikLefty Jan 2014 #157
Nancy has a good voice, Ann has the best voice of all time Beaverhausen Jan 2014 #177
Doh!!! I meant Ann...silly me. U4ikLefty Jan 2014 #188
Jim Morrison of the Doors, by far and away. kwassa Jan 2014 #22
Cummings - Guess Who, Negron - Three Dog Night (Check out "One") 11 Bravo Jan 2014 #33
Most rock singers have no vocal instrument .... it wasn't the point of rock singing. kwassa Jan 2014 #48
Roger Daltry was barely adequate? MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #103
You're not missing anything. Roger Daltry is definitely in the top echelon of lead singers. gtar100 Jan 2014 #128
Roger Daltry is barely adequate. He has zero vocal power ... kwassa Jan 2014 #143
You obviously have poor taste in music. gtar100 Jan 2014 #162
actually, my favorite is Live at Leeds, a great live album kwassa Jan 2014 #167
I vote Roger Daltry Enthusiast Jan 2014 #182
He's the first one that popped into my head, too! nt MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #184
Elvis Dirty Socialist Jan 2014 #24
Absolutely. nt LumosMaxima Jan 2014 #45
I think we're all arguing over #2. I'd say Mercury is far ahead of #2 Joan Jett lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #25
Freddy Mercury, hands down, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #27
Mercury - but I'd give second TBF Jan 2014 #30
Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey are tied. NYC_SKP Jan 2014 #31
Amen. A woman after my own hart. I support and Agree. n/t vaberella Jan 2014 #165
EDDIE VEDDER! Violet_Crumble Jan 2014 #34
Linda Ronstadt? BootinUp Jan 2014 #36
I would agree on Linda. House of Roberts Jan 2014 #50
She is my choice too HarveyDarkey Jan 2014 #77
Rob Pilatus Jenoch Jan 2014 #37
Robert Plant won most of the other online polls. nt Quixote1818 Jan 2014 #38
Roy Orbison. . . Journeyman Jan 2014 #40
No shit! Range without falsetto! hootinholler Jan 2014 #52
+10000000000000 Tom Ripley Jan 2014 #113
Freddie Mercury madaboutharry Jan 2014 #41
Maynard James Keenan. opiate69 Jan 2014 #44
Good call. civillawyer Jan 2014 #105
Yikes, I forgot him. Yes. TwilightGardener Jan 2014 #154
Darlene Love or Roy Orbison immoderate Jan 2014 #46
Ian Gillan of Deep Purple fame AND of Jesus Christ Superstar fame Le Taz Hot Jan 2014 #47
I was considering him, incredible singer, but I think Plant had more MAGIC. nt Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #69
I must agree n/t Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2014 #102
definitely Ian Gillan choie Jan 2014 #110
Roger Waters DJ13 Jan 2014 #49
Best singer? Naw.. Best front man, best lyricist, best progressive, SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #151
Mick Jagger peacebird Jan 2014 #51
Bonnie Raitt Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #53
David Gilmour CAG Jan 2014 #54
Freddy, no contest Skittles Jan 2014 #55
Going with Freddie, but Rob Halford and Chris Cornell should be on the list as well. n/t sweetloukillbot Jan 2014 #56
kate bush dembotoz Jan 2014 #57
Joe Strummer TomClash Jan 2014 #58
+1 n/t FSogol Jan 2014 #131
Jim Morrison FarPoint Jan 2014 #59
Paul Rodgers spanone Jan 2014 #60
Freddie by far Prophet 451 Jan 2014 #62
You all know that music has happened since the 70s right? Bennyboy Jan 2014 #63
There's no who didn't at least start in the 70's that I'd put in contention... Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #106
No way can I pick a fave Mopar151 Jan 2014 #64
It's hard to say who has, or had the best vocal instrument, because judging Zorra Jan 2014 #65
Well, since Chad Kroeger isn't on the list I'll have to choose Freddie Mercury. Liberal Veteran Jan 2014 #66
I said Freddie, but a case could be made for David Clayton Thomas. WillowTree Jan 2014 #67
BS&T were amazing! If I had remembered I woukld have included him. 11 Bravo Jan 2014 #70
There you go! Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2014 #73
Robert Plant. Nuff said. Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #68
No Axl Rose?! Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #71
Axl Rose was/is a medicore singer and I'm a big GnR fan Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #100
Shirley Manson is my favorite ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2014 #72
Michael McDonald Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2014 #74
Steve Marriott and Little Richard are the first that came to mind NoGOPZone Jan 2014 #76
"Tin Soldier," OMG klook Jan 2014 #88
Steve Marriot gets the award for most sufrommich Jan 2014 #136
Roy Orbison riverwalker Jan 2014 #78
Ike Willis with the Mothers of Invention (n/t) klook Jan 2014 #80
Way too many .. of course Mercury was way ahead of his time but just one of the greatest YOHABLO Jan 2014 #81
Meatloaf WhoWoodaKnew Jan 2014 #82
Oh WOW... I got it right before I even opened the thread. KentuckyWoman Jan 2014 #83
Ian Hunter Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #84
I don't get Queen's appeal. Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #85
Roger Daltry, for range and longevity. RGinNJ Jan 2014 #86
Linda Ronstadt's voice gives me goosebumps and makes my eyes water. PearliePoo2 Jan 2014 #87
Peter Case, Dave Swanson, Steve Allen, John Doe, Ben Orr, Robin Zander, Dave Hidalgo... Tikki Jan 2014 #90
Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention) HERVEPA Jan 2014 #91
Mike Patton or Ian Astbury. flvegan Jan 2014 #92
Robin Zander. Period. Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #94
+ like a million... Tikki Jan 2014 #120
Yes, Bun E. is awesome (may he return to the band). Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #178
my neighbor is a professional musician AngryAmish Jan 2014 #190
And even in his advancing years, while he has definitely lost some of his range and oomph, Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #191
A question with no answer Glassunion Jan 2014 #95
'Tis true. All anyone can advocate for is a current favorite. . . Journeyman Jan 2014 #98
+1 donheld Jan 2014 #111
Is Chris Isaak considered "rock?" 1000words Jan 2014 #96
NO. nt DevonRex Jan 2014 #114
Cage Match Zo Zig Jan 2014 #97
Freddie Mercury, but this list is ridiculous without Robert Plant and several others in contention Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #99
Roger Daltry, hands down. catbyte Jan 2014 #101
Love me some Who. Mz Pip Jan 2014 #109
My God you're old. And the answer is Vince Neil (nt) Recursion Jan 2014 #104
I love Freddy Mercury and all, but Robert Plant would be my vote. phleshdef Jan 2014 #107
Grace Slick and Mz Pip Jan 2014 #108
other H2O Man Jan 2014 #115
Tina Turner countryjake Jan 2014 #116
Robert Plant FTMFW!!! VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #117
Dio. It's not even a contest. LeftyMom Jan 2014 #118
What happened to Rod Stewart? Warpy Jan 2014 #121
Yup...any doubters can listen to Truth/Beck to hear how good Stewart was from the get-go BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #176
You list Burton Cummings, Chuck Negron, & Freddy Mercury and add a choice disparaging old people? Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #123
Steve Perry Egnever Jan 2014 #124
I voted for Freddy Mercury, however..... yuiyoshida Jan 2014 #125
Art Garfunkel. n/t bluedigger Jan 2014 #126
Petra Haden, because she vocalizes all the instruments bananas Jan 2014 #127
This guy right here jmowreader Jan 2014 #129
CCR's John Fogerty polichick Jan 2014 #130
Lotta names I figured people would like. Inkfreak Jan 2014 #132
Rob Halford, dude has serious pipes. KG Jan 2014 #133
Not really rock but R&B is close justiceischeap Jan 2014 #134
Roger Daltrey was the best rock singer ever. nt sufrommich Jan 2014 #135
That is correct. n/t DefenseLawyer Jan 2014 #164
Best Lead singer! The Jan 2014 #137
David Bowie Tree-Hugger Jan 2014 #138
I agree to Bowie DJ13 Jan 2014 #156
Oh God Tree-Hugger Jan 2014 #180
I like Paul Rodgers voice n/t Tveil Jan 2014 #139
Wow do I feel old, I've only heard of one on your list treestar Jan 2014 #140
Mark Slaughter L0oniX Jan 2014 #141
Yes! PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #172
Best voice was Harry Nilsson, and of those I've seen listed here, Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #142
Trent Reznor otohara Jan 2014 #144
Interesting. Given all day I wouldn't have considered him for best lead singer but best performers, TheKentuckian Jan 2014 #146
My mom liked all those guys. I'd choose Morrissey, Orbison, Cornell, or Codeine Jan 2014 #147
Don Henley sad-cafe Jan 2014 #148
Grace Slick, clearly. OilemFirchen Jan 2014 #149
And for proof: OilemFirchen Jan 2014 #152
Ann Wilson of Heart. Or Leslie West of Mountain. Waiting For Everyman Jan 2014 #150
Newer: Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Zach De La Rocha, Eddie Vedder. TwilightGardener Jan 2014 #153
Recording engineers will agree that Ann Wilson and Robin Zander are the only 2 singers where blm Jan 2014 #155
Mick Jagger Generic Brad Jan 2014 #158
Karen Carpenter FreeJoe Jan 2014 #160
Aretha Franklin n/t Shrek Jan 2014 #161
Johnette Napolitano... Chrissie Hynde.... Janis Joplin... Gladys Knight... WillyT Jan 2014 #163
Steve Marriot should have been on the list Boudica the Lyoness Jan 2014 #166
Oh yessss Fumesucker Jan 2014 #187
It's all too beautiful.. Boudica the Lyoness Jan 2014 #193
I'm surprised that more haven't listed Bono mackerel Jan 2014 #168
Jim. dionysus Jan 2014 #169
Dennis DeYoung. Kevin Cronin. Steve Perry PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #171
Another good one, Tommy James PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #174
Voted for Freddie Mercury Leith Jan 2014 #173
Udo Dirkschneider beevul Jan 2014 #175
I saw Accept open for Dio once OriginalGeek Jan 2014 #179
I think he's Patton Oswalt's illegitimate father. Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #192
You are all wrong! VMA131Marine Jan 2014 #181
In history? Gotta be Paul. nt Romulox Jan 2014 #183
Janis Joplin MissMillie Jan 2014 #185
Roger Daltry, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, HappyMe Jan 2014 #186
No one mentioned Greg Lake or David Gilmour ArnoldLayne Jan 2014 #195
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