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Mon Jan 6, 2014, 05:12 PM Jan 2014

I. Am. Not. Your. Enemy. [View all]

I believe that there are some natural remedies better than pharmaceuticals. That does not mean I am your enemy.

I believe that a few feminists go too far. That does not mean I am your enemy.

I believe the ACA is a mediocre solution to a hard core problem. That does not mean I am your enemy.

I am a smoker. That does not mean I am your enemy.

Occasionally I shop at Wal-Mart. That does not mean I am your enemy.

I will vote for the candidate who I believe is most in line with my liberal philosophy. That does not mean I am your enemy.

I know white privilege exists, but when I am struggling to keep a roof over my family's head I really don't need to be lectured about it. That does not mean I am your enemy.

As much as many of you seem to want me to be, I. Am. Not. Your. Enemy.

Rush is your enemy. Hannity and O'Reilly are your enemy. Apathy is your enemy. Ignorance is your enemy. Austerity is your enemy.

I am just a guy with an opinion, and while it may differ from yours, I still want the same things you do. Health, Happiness and Prosperity for all the citizens of this nation. Peace, Justice, fairness, and a chance to make a better life for those who come after me. So unless you are against those things, I Am Not Your Enemy.

Thanks for your time.

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I. Am. Not. Your. Enemy. [View all] SomethingFishy Jan 2014 OP
We are not clones. Wait Wut Jan 2014 #1
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2014 #77
Even if we were clones we'd have clone wars. Kablooie Jan 2014 #83
"Occasionally I shop at Wal-Mart." PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #2
I have "re-thought" it SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #4
The problem isn't me. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #6
+1. Dawgs Jan 2014 #10
I think it is cheaper to shop at Costco. You have to shell out to get large amounts Maraya1969 Jan 2014 #63
Costco has the best pharmacy prices that I have seen and... Walk away Jan 2014 #99
Oh yea, I had a prescription that wasn't covered by insurance and Costco was 1/2 the price of Maraya1969 Jan 2014 #117
Sometimes there's not a Costco nearby. BuelahWitch Jan 2014 #110
This is why we need regulation BarackTheVote Jan 2014 #64
^^ THIS ^^ nt TBF Jan 2014 #97
Wal-Mart ProSense Jan 2014 #12
You know I tried my best to get along with you during the ACA rollout SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #16
I think she is talking about people scorning you. And there's nothing wrong with your linked post. freshwest Jan 2014 #21
perfect. Phlem Jan 2014 #22
I thinks she's supporting you. n/t Ms. Toad Jan 2014 #23
Dead on the money Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #31
You know, ProSense Jan 2014 #36
+1,000. It's not a crime to be poor to Democrats, and it never was. n/t freshwest Jan 2014 #17
I would not do that - the poor and disadvantaged have enough to bear without getting knocked here. freshwest Jan 2014 #19
I understand. You're not 840high Jan 2014 #44
Amén. I beLieve you are not my enemy LukeFL Jan 2014 #68
For people who live in rural areas, sometimes it is Wally...or nutthin. MADem Jan 2014 #81
Some folk have no choice Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #29
I do not believe in "no choice" PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #33
Don't know where you live Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #34
I do live in a more urban environment PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #37
Just because you live in a community where Walmart has a lock on the market pnwmom Jan 2014 #47
I do not agree PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #49
Okay, as long as you accept that by your reasoning pnwmom Jan 2014 #52
I do not, but.. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #54
So, the sins of the father may be visited on the children? Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #58
We will be to blame when pro-NAFTA gets elected PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #59
I haven't given up Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #67
I agree with everything you have said PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #70
You and I have a choice of how we spend our dollar Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #102
It's poverty-shaming mixed with urban elitism. eom TransitJohn Jan 2014 #92
I grew up and have worked in the South most of my life Kelvin Mace Jan 2014 #98
I don't have a smaller 840high Jan 2014 #45
Somehow pecwae Jan 2014 #86
there lies the choice PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #88
Right - waste gas to save 04.cents lol 840high Jan 2014 #113
See, I told pecwae Jan 2014 #96
Hugs. I decided 840high Jan 2014 #114
Must be nice to own such a tall horse. alphafemale Jan 2014 #87
classy. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #89
Right, because driving a hundred miles to where there is anything other than WalMart is a TransitJohn Jan 2014 #91
I hope all your judgment calls JackInGreen Jan 2014 #94
I am quite sure it already has. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #95
I've got to agree with SomethingFishy Stonepounder Jan 2014 #56
Why the cost differential? PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #61
I asked the same question of my regular pharmacist. Stonepounder Jan 2014 #65
I wonder how low of a price PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #66
Well said. Common Sense Party Jan 2014 #3
Kickity, kick, kick, kick RC Jan 2014 #5
"Differences of opinion are what make horse races." Mark Twain Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #7
Just because people disagree with you kcr Jan 2014 #8
With over 5000 posts I would think you have been on DU long enough to know better SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #11
Well, now, that's different from your OP kcr Jan 2014 #15
Really? daleanime Jan 2014 #24
dots. between. each. word. kcr Jan 2014 #28
When used in conjunction with words..... daleanime Jan 2014 #48
It's spelled they're when you're joining the words they and are kcr Jan 2014 #51
One of the many problems with on line disscussions..... daleanime Jan 2014 #71
To me that reads as seething. kcr Jan 2014 #72
None of those were ever meant to be personal. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #9
And I get that, but last night I wandered into a thread about Iraq.. SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #13
It IS manufactured. That is why I LOL at it - silliness. closeupready Jan 2014 #32
Woo is just the latest troll topic. I think it was pee oh are en before that. nt valerief Jan 2014 #42
You thought wrong n/t kcr Jan 2014 #43
Goodness, those screaming about Tumbulu Jan 2014 #73
"It all just seems so manufactured." ctsnowman Jan 2014 #107
Excellent OP. Thank you. reflection Jan 2014 #14
I am cool with that. longship Jan 2014 #18
Thanks fishy. Well said. Cleita Jan 2014 #20
I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. But you shouldn't take message board threads so personally. nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #25
Thank you n/t wryter2000 Jan 2014 #108
No, you're not. But neither are you one of those obsessed with bullying and controlling Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #26
. rhett o rick Jan 2014 #39
Good post Gothmog Jan 2014 #27
Except for the smoking.... mercymechap Jan 2014 #30
You`re definitely not my enemy. democrank Jan 2014 #35
Good post. zeemike Jan 2014 #38
There is a very small group here that are not interested in decent discussions. rhett o rick Jan 2014 #40
Ha, you sound like me with some RW acquaintances. I've said the same thing, that I'm not valerief Jan 2014 #41
Thank you! And I am not yours! n/t pnwmom Jan 2014 #46
Opponents and enemies are two different things. DemocraticWing Jan 2014 #50
thank you. diabeticman Jan 2014 #53
Too many times obxhead Jan 2014 #55
Thank you. Blue_In_AK Jan 2014 #60
I would never think of you as my enemy! colorado_ufo Jan 2014 #62
I don't know what this is about, but I don't consider anyone here an enemy. Beacool Jan 2014 #69
I am not your enemy either Tumbulu Jan 2014 #74
"Streitsüchtig" A great German word for you to learn DFW Jan 2014 #75
did anyone say you were? La Lioness Priyanka Jan 2014 #76
I love shopping at Costco Not Sure Jan 2014 #78
I don't see enemies or allies according to party lines BainsBane Jan 2014 #79
You didn't mention how you feel about cats and dogs. Laffy Kat Jan 2014 #80
you smoke and you vote 3rd parties? hfojvt Jan 2014 #82
Just because someone disagrees with you Notafraidtoo Jan 2014 #84
Pretty much right on Titonwan Jan 2014 #90
Shake, Friend, We Are Not Enemies psiman Jan 2014 #85
Welcome to DU wryter2000 Jan 2014 #109
Thank you JackInGreen Jan 2014 #93
Do you drink from the empty acorn cup? nt Bonobo Jan 2014 #100
Make no mistake. Walmart IS your enemy, my friend:) grahamhgreen Jan 2014 #101
Well said get the red out Jan 2014 #103
K&R quinnox Jan 2014 #104
You should definitely re-think the shopping at Walmart thing brush Jan 2014 #105
Excellent post. WilliamPitt Jan 2014 #106
Well said. Hopefully it doesn't fall on deaf ears. Jester Messiah Jan 2014 #111
Well said grantcart Jan 2014 #112
yep Zorra Jan 2014 #115
AMEN! Unca Jim Jan 2014 #116
The only true enemy we all have is... ReRe Jan 2014 #118
An excellent post there. NaturalHigh Jan 2014 #119
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #120
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