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Wed Jan 8, 2014, 10:35 AM Jan 2014

Agree or Disagree - Religious DUers are "satisfied with not understanding the world." [View all]

They may also have "relinquished their power and become sheeple."

This is in reference to another post.


32 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Totally Agree
6 (19%)
Somewhat Agree
1 (3%)
Neither Agree nor Disagree / Everybody is Different
1 (3%)
Somewhat Disagree
1 (3%)
Totally Disagree
17 (53%)
I think we can all agree that this is a bullshit poll, but that other post is fine
2 (6%)
I think we can all agree that this is a bullshit poll, like that other post
2 (6%)
I like to vote!
2 (6%)
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How about "Bullshit Poll" - period? badtoworse Jan 2014 #1
Why is it a bullshit poll? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #2
Because it's the same kind of question as "Have you stopped beating your wife?" badtoworse Jan 2014 #4
No it isn't. el_bryanto Jan 2014 #6
What other one? badtoworse Jan 2014 #7
OK - than the other post was insulting as well? el_bryanto Jan 2014 #8
Dwakins quote is about the religions, you ask about the people, not about the religions. Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #12
I think that comes close to saying that el_bryanto Jan 2014 #14
No, what I am saying is that discussing what is taught by a faith not the same as Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #21
I'm just repeating a quote by Richard Dawkins el_bryanto Jan 2014 #27
But Bryant, you are not repeating his quote, his quote is about the religions, yours is about Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #37
That's your assertion; I'd comment that many look at it differently than you el_bryanto Jan 2014 #38
I'm talking about the verbiage of your post, about people on DU and the verbiage Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #41
Two seperate but interesting points el_bryanto Jan 2014 #45
You're wasting your time skepticscott Jan 2014 #160
I think it would have helped if you provided more information in your OP. badtoworse Jan 2014 #52
Did you know you are literally made up of stardust? snooper2 Jan 2014 #10
Wow, you are blowing my mind! Puzzledtraveller Jan 2014 #26
I believe Sagan's term was hfojvt Jan 2014 #50
Did you mean the "Big Bang"? badtoworse Jan 2014 #53
No LOL, our solar system is only about 4.6 Billion years old snooper2 Jan 2014 #55
There was a book published by Scientific American that described the whole Big Bang sequence badtoworse Jan 2014 #61
We know how our Sun was formed, you are correct snooper2 Jan 2014 #63
Thanks, Looks like a good read. badtoworse Jan 2014 #67
Because it assumes a point and leads the response toward that assumption. /nt demwing Jan 2014 #34
I chose "totally disagree" TroglodyteScholar Jan 2014 #3
I agree ... LisaLynne Jan 2014 #5
Other - the SOP is useless. /nt pintobean Jan 2014 #9
Ain't that the truth. Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #13
What does SOP stand for? Standard Operating Procedure? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #15
Statement Of Purpose of General Discussion excludes both religion and complaints about Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #16
Ah yes; well I agree that this should be off topic el_bryanto Jan 2014 #19
I'm all for getting religious subjects out of a political forum, including the other one Bluenorthwest Jan 2014 #39
Agree, though at least sarisataka Jan 2014 #40
There are many non-religious people "satisfied with not understanding the world." hack89 Jan 2014 #11
Well said!! Puzzledtraveller Jan 2014 #22
And it's a shitty thing for a Du'er to say about another DU'er Marrah_G Jan 2014 #17
This sort of thing get the red out Jan 2014 #18
If you are going to say it about religious folk in general el_bryanto Jan 2014 #23
No, all religious people are not of the same mind get the red out Jan 2014 #28
So you disagree with the Dawkins quote? you think it goes too far? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #30
Sounds like it get the red out Jan 2014 #32
are there really more than six "religious DUers"? hfojvt Jan 2014 #20
Now that would be a good subject for another poll. As long as the doors are open el_bryanto Jan 2014 #25
Depends on the definition of "religious" get the red out Jan 2014 #29
Please tell me that is a joke. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #42
a joke? hfojvt Jan 2014 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author hrmjustin Jan 2014 #44
Thank you for responding. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #46
See you haven't figured out the difference whistler162 Jan 2014 #24
No, not at all. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #31
ANYONE who thinks the world can be so simplistically divided between the smart atheist and Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #33
Well stated loyalsister Jan 2014 #147
Silly straw man skepticscott Jan 2014 #187
that is the implication of what is being implied when someone suggest "- Religious DUers are Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #189
In the first place, no one suggested that skepticscott Jan 2014 #190
19 people so far have voted that they completely agree with that statement and several Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #191
I think many individuals are satisfied with not understanding the world. Xyzse Jan 2014 #35
"Einstein diasassociated himself from the label 'atheist'......." Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #36
agnostic though, is NOT an alternative to atheist hfojvt Jan 2014 #47
"Agnosticism, in fact, is not a creed, but a method," Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #51
Why? Certainly they are admitting hfojvt Jan 2014 #54
"I don't know" is very different from "I don't care" (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #62
but if a person cared then hfojvt Jan 2014 #64
I agree with a) LostOne4Ever Jan 2014 #179
Deeply flawed definition skepticscott Jan 2014 #188
I am an atheist, hard core one. "I KNOW there is no god" doesn't describe me or atheistm. idwiyo Jan 2014 #134
Atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #122
In other words LostOne4Ever Jan 2014 #181
not a religious person myself, but i'm certain i'm going to die before "understanding the world" 0rganism Jan 2014 #48
I am a religious DU'er. hamsterjill Jan 2014 #49
I think we can all agree that this is a bullshit poll, but that other post is fine. ieoeja Jan 2014 #56
That is a fine line isn't it? el_bryanto Jan 2014 #58
Yes, if your definition of "fine line" includes the width of the Mississippi River at St Louis. n/t ieoeja Jan 2014 #59
So "Atheists are assholes" is not the same as "Atheism teaches people to be assholes?" nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #60
Yes. Those are two clearly different statements. n/t ieoeja Jan 2014 #66
No, it's not, for several reasons. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #80
The latter LostOne4Ever Jan 2014 #184
Winner! cleanhippie Jan 2014 #78
Well, that saved me some typing. Thanks. n/t LadyHawkAZ Jan 2014 #96
No, I don't agree CrawlingChaos Jan 2014 #135
Thank you. nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #136
This poll is petulant cthulu2016 Jan 2014 #57
"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." el_bryanto Jan 2014 #68
Is there something wrong with that quote, its true isn't it? Humanist_Activist Jan 2014 #70
It appears your personal definition definition deviates from both the classical and the contemporary LanternWaste Jan 2014 #69
I don't check my brain at the door when I go to church, nor do I feel like my religion is against hrmjustin Jan 2014 #65
You've stated that you believe a man was literally resurrected from the dead. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #71
My crtical thinking is just fine. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #73
Even when you think a person literally rose from the dead? cleanhippie Jan 2014 #74
How does what work? hrmjustin Jan 2014 #75
Using critical thought and thinking a person literally rose from the dead? cleanhippie Jan 2014 #76
It works just fine. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #77
Yet you are unable, or unwilling, to show just how that works. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #79
How do you want it explained? hrmjustin Jan 2014 #81
Just use your own words. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #83
God did it. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #85
Right. That's not critical thought. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #88
That is a matter of faith and a mystery of faith. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #90
I agree. It's not critical thought, it's faith. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #97
Then kindly demonstrate just how well, won't you? cleanhippie Jan 2014 #82
My silence? hrmjustin Jan 2014 #84
Apparently you are satisfied with not understanding the post you reference. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #72
DU Atheists are such cowards when it comes to this sort of thing, I've noticed. nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #86
Have you really? cleanhippie Jan 2014 #89
"Your religion teaches you to be satisfied with not understanding the world." el_bryanto Jan 2014 #92
I have no idea whether you are satisfied with not understanding the world. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #94
What? No distinction between spiritual and religious? Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #87
The quote was about religion, not spirituality. nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #93
But your poll is about people, not religion. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #95
People make up a religion el_bryanto Jan 2014 #98
It's apparent that you understand very little. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #99
I think I understand pretty well el_bryanto Jan 2014 #100
If you say so... cleanhippie Jan 2014 #104
Way to go keeping it about issues, not people. rug Jan 2014 #106
Just following your lead. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #107
That must be why you chastised him. rug Jan 2014 #109
That must be why. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #110
OK - thank you for responding to what I said el_bryanto Jan 2014 #113
Anything to make you feel better about yourself. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #143
Glad to see that those who scream the loudest and insist on demeaning others liberal_at_heart Jan 2014 #91
I love that this bigoted thread only has one rec. n/t Skip Intro Jan 2014 #101
How is this thread bigoted? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #102
That you don't understand why is the problem. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #108
Let's turn to the dictionary el_bryanto Jan 2014 #115
It's backwards jberryhill Jan 2014 #103
Stupidest. Flamebait. Poll. Ever. 99Forever Jan 2014 #105
Thanks for your contribution el_bryanto Jan 2014 #114
You're welcome. 99Forever Jan 2014 #116
Yep - because attacking religion at DU is just fine and dandy el_bryanto Jan 2014 #117
Exactly. 99Forever Jan 2014 #119
Thanks for clearing that up. el_bryanto Jan 2014 #120
I do what I can. 99Forever Jan 2014 #124
What do you think of us that defend our religions? hrmjustin Jan 2014 #121
Ya mean ... 99Forever Jan 2014 #123
What is your opinion of progressive people of faith? hrmjustin Jan 2014 #125
Nunya. 99Forever Jan 2014 #127
I am not familiar with that response. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #129
Magic isn't real. 99Forever Jan 2014 #130
You don't have to believe it. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #131
I don't. 99Forever Jan 2014 #132
Thank you for you responses and time. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #133
+1 mahina Jan 2014 #154
The only way for me to know for sure about this is to read everyone's palms. Zorra Jan 2014 #111
I thought it was a good poll. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #112
Religious DUERs seem to be a grounded group of people. nt bluestate10 Jan 2014 #118
I'm sure glad some of my fellow DUer's who are atheist fully understand the world. CAG Jan 2014 #126
you can be religious and understand the world Niceguy1 Jan 2014 #128
Oh good! More division! JNelson6563 Jan 2014 #137
I'd say most religious people want to understand the world... MellowDem Jan 2014 #138
So most religious folk are intellectually dishonest? or did I misread? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #139
Yes, by definition... MellowDem Jan 2014 #141
That's just bullshit; people don't mind being called intellectually dishonest? el_bryanto Jan 2014 #142
It's possible they know it and don't care... MellowDem Jan 2014 #146
Can people literally be resurrected from the dead? cleanhippie Jan 2014 #148
Explain your reasoning to me? el_bryanto Jan 2014 #149
One that believes that the laws of physics and the natural laws if the universe can be magically cleanhippie Jan 2014 #150
The kind of intellectual dishonesty explained above el_bryanto Jan 2014 #152
Thank you for your response. I'll stand by my post above. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #155
It does seem that to a number of DU Atheists to be a believer is to be intellectually dishonest el_bryanto Jan 2014 #156
I've noticed you using "DU Atheists" quite a lot. cleanhippie Jan 2014 #157
I think it's because of the way they act el_bryanto Jan 2014 #158
Why are you making shit up? skepticscott Jan 2014 #161
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to to your satisfaction either. el_bryanto Jan 2014 #163
No need to "pretend" that you've missed the point skepticscott Jan 2014 #169
Actually you do make a strong case el_bryanto Jan 2014 #171
The fact that you seem to spend skepticscott Jan 2014 #175
I'm sorry el_bryanto Jan 2014 #177
I don't assume that nothing has been accomplished skepticscott Jan 2014 #183
OK - well i can't exactly wish you good luck, but I hope you find it satisfying. nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #185
I agree with El Bryanto kwassa Jan 2014 #182
His alert failed 0 - 6. rug Jan 2014 #164
Thanks for the heads up. nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #165
I don't know where to vote, I am agnostic. Rex Jan 2014 #140
Equivocation. Orsino Jan 2014 #144
Atheists want to pretend there's a huge difference between the two el_bryanto Jan 2014 #145
MORON FreakinDJ Jan 2014 #151
I am not interested in making general assertions abou DUers to pick a fight. mahina Jan 2014 #153
Why do the religionists in DU skepticscott Jan 2014 #159
This is in response to another thread el_bryanto Jan 2014 #162
I've noticed you using "religionists in DU" quite a lot. rug Jan 2014 #166
He likes that term. I hate it. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #168
I'm an atheist and I love not knowin' stuff! leeroysphitz Jan 2014 #167
Religious people don't want their beliefs challenged, even if those beliefs are shown to be false. Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #170
DO you believe that GD is the place to challenge those beliefs? nt el_bryanto Jan 2014 #172
No. Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #173
I generally agree; but was responding to a post in GD el_bryanto Jan 2014 #174
I would say that is true with a good number but not all. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #180
I think religious and non-religious would both say... shenmue Jan 2014 #176
I am catholic and a liberal... So there LukeFL Jan 2014 #178
I was going to vote "Totally Disagree," ZombieHorde Jan 2014 #186
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